Which Country Is More Powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA? (Comparison)

Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA? The world is aware that the United States and Russia do not get along. Every century, it invariably occurs that these two countries are within inches from from clashing. Let’s compare the military might of each of the headings below.

Russia and USA, Who Is More Powerful?
Russia and USA, Who Is More Powerful?

The year was 1991, sometimes referred to as the Cold War year. The teams at the time were red and blue. But ever since, both nations have only been concerned with enhancing their advantages. Take a look at how the administrations of Putin and Biden compare.

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Military power of USA & Russia


With a geographical size of 9,857,306 km2, the USA is a nation in North America (land boundries: 12,002 km and costline 19,924 km). Washington is the name of the US capital. There are 331,449,281 people living there.

Military power of USA & Russia
Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA?

The United States is a signatory to the North Atlantic Treaty and one of the initial 12 nations to do so in 1949. The majority of the weaponry used by the US military is made domestically by the defense industry, which is able to design, develop, maintain, and produce a wide range of weapons systems. The top exporter of weapons worldwide is the United States.


Russia is a nation in North Asia with a border on the Arctic Ocean that is 17,098,242 km2 (land boundries: 22,407 km and costline 37,653 km). Moscow serves as Russia’s capital. There are 146,171,015 people living there.

Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA?
Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA?

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, sending in an estimated 150 000 troops. In the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Russia is the most important participant. The military of the Russian Federation is furnished with equipment made in Russia. Russia has the greatest inventory of nuclear weapons and is the second-largest supplier of military equipment in the world.

Ukraine and Russia have recently been at war. Despite the warning from NATO and allies, Russia attacked Ukraine.

Understanding NATO is crucial in this. The North Atlantic Alliance is another name for NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Between 28 European and 2 North American nations, it is an international military alliance.

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Strength of the US and Russian Armies in Comparison

There are around 9,00,000 military troops in Russia. Since it invaded Ukraine, there have been some 200,000 of them on duty along the border. Russia’s military power has been demonstrated by the ongoing conflict. The Russian navy has 74 vessels, 51 submarines, and around 6,000 pieces of artillery.

US vs Russia military comparison
US vs Russia military comparison

The Russian military also has access to 13,300 tanks and over 20,000 armored battle vehicles. The Russian air force is made up of more than 1,300 aircraft and 500 helicopters.

Russia is equipped with more than 500 long-range missile launchers. These rockets go faster than Mach 5, and the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile may reach speeds of up to 7600 mph (or Mach 10).

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2020 Defense Budget (in US $) – Russia $62.2 billion, US $715 billion

Active Personnel: 900,000 in Russia, 1,395,350 in the US.

Reserve Personnel: 843,450 in the US and 2,000,000 in Russia

Russia has 339 and the US has 400 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launchers.

Air Power

Russia has 1,172 combat-capable aircraft, whereas the US has 1,574.

Russia has 76 bombers, whereas the US has 66.

Attack helicopters: 399+ in Russia; 740 in the US

Uninhabited aerial vehicles: 416 in the US, several in Russia (under 50).

Russian and US military firepower: A comparison
Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA?

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Land Power

Infantry Fighting Vehicles: 5,180 in Russia, 2,931 in the US

Main Battle Tanks: 2,927 in Russia, 2,645 in the US. US: 5,123 artillery; Russia: 4,894+

Sea Power

Russia has 11 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines; the United States has 14.

Russia has 38 attack/guided missile submarines, whereas the US has 51.

Russian: 1, American: 11 aircraft carriers
Frigates, destroyers, and cruisers: Russia: 31, United States: 113

Amphibious Ships: 49 in Russia, 31 in the US.

Comparison of the military capabilities of NATO and Russia 2022
Which country is more powerful/Stronger, Russia or USA?

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Nuclear weapons


The first nation in the world to develop and employ nuclear weaponry for military purposes. Everything began with the Manhattan Project, a piece of work whose primary objective was to create the first nuclear weapon. The first nation to use such a potent weapon was America. The Manhattan Project began in 1941, which is when everything began. The United States overtook other nations in terms of nuclear weapon possession after the Second World War, and this dominance lasted roughly until the 1980s. Remembering that the United States is the only country to have ever deployed a nuclear bomb in a military combat is also important.

Americans had more over 30,000 warheads in storage as of 1960. However, it is important to remember that over the whole so-called Cold War, the United States was able to produce about 70,000 nuclear warheads, which is more than all other nuclear-armed nations combined. The USA carried out 1054 atomic bomb tests starting with the first one in 1945 and continuing up to the present.

Nevertheless, the current total has decreased to 6500 warheads as a result of enforced limitations on the number of warheads one state may possess. The fact that the United States only deployed 1600 of them is also noteworthy.

Between America and Russia, which one has the most powerful military?
Between America and Russia, which one has the most powerful military?

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The second-most significant state in terms of producing, manufacturing, and storing nuclear weapons. The first nuclear test performed by the Soviet Union at the time took place only in 1949, despite the fact that the Russians eventually caught up to the Americans. The Western Powers were still extremely shocked since they had assumed that Russia wouldn’t be able to produce nuclear bombs until 1953 or 1954.

The nation in question began to aggressively expand the number of warheads it had after the initial test. They were the dominant power in terms of the overall number of stockpiled warheads by the end of the 1980s. It included around 40,000 warheads.

Russians currently stockpile a total of 6490 warheads, which is barely more than the USA, on par with American storage. In terms of deployed warheads, the amount is the same as it was for Americans, or 1600 deployed warheads. Russia is the second-most significant country in terms of nuclear weapon development, having performed over 700 nuclear tests, which is something we should keep in mind. The largest bomb ever made, however, was a creation of the Soviet Union. Its explosive output was 50 megatons of TNT, and it was known as Tsar Bomba.

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Military service


No conscription; maximum enlistment age of 42 (Army), 27 (Air Force), 34 (Navy), and 28 (Marines); service obligation of 8 years, including 2–5 years of active duty (Army), 2–4 years of active duty (Navy), and 4–6 years of active duty (Air Force, Marines); DoD is eliminating restrictions barring women from assignments in units smaller than brigades or close to combat units.


Males must register for the draft at the age of 17 and must serve for one year (conscripts cannot be sent into combat zones until they have completed six months of training). Non-officers must serve in the reserves until the age of 50. Cadets are enrolled in military schools starting at the age of 16 and are considered members of the armed forces.

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In summary, the US is ranked first in terms of military might, whereas Russia is placed second. In terms of army size, Russia has 142,320,790 soldiers, compared to 334,998,398 soldiers in the US. With Russia, there are 69,737,187 people available, whereas there are 147,399,295 in the United States. Accordingly, the US is more powerful than Russia.

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