Best Job Websites In Canada 2024 (For Free): Top 17

Best Job Websites in Canada 2024: Due to its laws favoring immigration, which makes it a top destination for immigrants, Canada is thus one of the best countries for immigrants. As many foreigners planning to immigrate to Canada will probably be looking for employment that will allow them to live comfortably there, job sites are the best places to look for employment.

One benefit of job sites is that they are easily accessible to the general public. Some of them even list the pay and job description, which will help applicants understand what is expected of them and determine whether they fit the job description. While there are many job sites in Canada, we advise using those that have a solid reputation and have been in operation for a very long time when looking for employment. The best type of websites to use is global job sites like Indeed, which have been in existence for a very long time due to their positive ratings and reputation.

There are many job sites in Canada that foreigners and immigrants can use, as we previously mentioned, but we’ve listed the top 13 below. The user preference was used to select the list.

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Top 17 Best Job Websites in Canada 2024

1. Robert Half: There are countless numbers of sites in their mobile apps as well as on their website, in addition to the extensive list of Hybrid activities for their international partners. Robert Half has a lot of distinctive opportunities, so they stand out. You can submit your resume, apply for a temporary or full-time position, and sign up for a job offer to be informed of new opportunities.

Is there any genuine online job portal to find job in Canada?
Is there any genuine online job portal to find job in Canada?

Additionally, they provide job seekers with annual salaries based on the pay for hundreds of positions in the fields they work in, an index of excellent research in the field, career advice and development consultations on their blog, and other services at their expense.

2. Indeed: No list of the top job sites in Canada would be complete without this. On Indeed, you can conduct local or international job searches. Indeed also compiles job postings from many other websites, such as business career pages and business associations.

Canada's 10 Best Job Search Websites 2024
Canada’s 10 Best Job Search Websites 2024

Indeed asserts that more than 150 million resumes are currently hosted on its website and that ten new jobs are posted there each second. Free resources for job applicants include a resume builder as well as a career blog.

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3. CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is another popular job-search website in Canada. It assists in matching job seekers with the best suitable opportunities using Google AI. It has great resources that can aid in broadening your job search, honing your skills, or enhancing your resume.

Best free and premium job sites in Canada
Best free and premium job sites in Canada

On this career site, you can apply to multiple positions with a single click and funnel your search by location, job title, salary range, and job type. When you return to the site, it will then make job recommendations based on your search results.

4. LinkedIn: In addition to providing a list of employers, the website mentioned above can also assist you in connecting to your broadband network and finding work. Your profile is your profile, so you can easily share information about jobs, apply for leadership positions that are looked at by important figures in your company, and submit proposals or applications.

best job websites in Canada
best job websites in Canada

Additionally, you can participate in professional discussions and follow up on businesses that are both interesting and relevant to your line of work thanks to industry groups. A multitude of search and service features are available with the paid awards.

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5. Eluta: The official job search engine for the project’s Top 100 Employers in Canada is Eluta. You can find unadvertised positions that aren’t offered elsewhere on a job search engine that has more direct-employer jobs indexed than any other Canadian job search engine. Eluta also releases editorially independent reviews of the working environment at particular employers.

Job Search Websites in Canada to Get You Hired in 2024

Additionally, you can look for employment opportunities with companies that share your values, such as Canada’s “greenest employers,” “best diversity employers,” or “most family-friendly packages.” Eluta cares deeply about privacy as well; it is the only significant job search engine in Canada that doesn’t require you to register, log in, or give personal information, and it doesn’t keep a resume database.

6. Jobboom: The largest job board in Quebec, Jobboom, provides services in both of the country’s official languages. This website enables job seekers to upload their resumes, apply for positions directly, or respond to job offer broadcasts that are sent out instantly via e-mail to specific candidates.

Which app is best for finding job in Canada?
Which app is best for finding job in Canada?

Additionally, Jobboom provides career advice and articles on a self-learning, market trends, and popular career paths.

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7. Glassdoor: Glassdoor allows former employees to visit their former employers and share their earnings and knowledge gains, giving job seekers knowledge in advance. It also gives you the freedom to look for employment.

Which site is best for job search in Canada?
Which site is best for job search in Canada?

The company’s professionals who have been interviewed can also offer comprehensive employment information. If all of this information is taken with no bit of skepticism, it might be very clear. On the other hand, Glassdoor gives employers the ability to identify job seekers and promote their businesses to hire new personnel.

8. Monster: Another significant, well-known job board focused on Canadian job seekers is Monster. This platform was both one of the first major job search websites and one of the first commercial websites ever created.

Best Job Sites in Canada currently
Best Job Sites in Canada currently

You can easily upload your resume to Monster, access networking sites, look over company profiles and more. Additionally, it rates how well you might fit a particular role based on your distinctive interests, qualifications, and experience.

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9. Simply Hired: SimplyHired, a job search website, compiles openings from company career pages, job boards, and specialized job websites. According to the company, job search engines are run in 24 different countries and 12 different languages, and job openings are listed from 700,000 different employers.

Employers may want to be aware that for greater exposure, the website posts your job opening to more than 100 job boards.

10. Google for jobs: Tasks Google gathers job postings from various websites, including the majority of list articles. Use both on their search page and when using Google. For a list of open positions, conduct a keyword search using phrases like “counting tasks.” The outcomes also include company ratings and, if applicable, position data. If you see something that piques your interest, click the red button, such as “Apply to LinkedIn,” to access the job list and submit your application.

The fact that Google’s function eliminates multiple effects and only displays one list in each open space is one of its main advantages.

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11. ZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter was initially created as a tool for small businesses to post job listings affordably. There is now an online employment marketplace that uses AI to connect businesses of all sizes with job seekers through mobile, web, and email services.

Use the ZipRecruiter mobile app to search for jobs, apply for them, and receive notifications when your application has been seen. The company has agreements with several prestigious job boards.

12. Workopolis: Another site among the best job search websites in Canada is Workopolis. It offers between 30,000 and 50,000 jobs in both French and English. Searching by salary and finding jobs in nearby cities are useful features. Additionally, everything is mobile-optimized, enabling on-the-go job searching and application. Due to its user-friendly website and fantastic opportunities for career advancement, Workopolis comes highly recommended for disabled job seekers.

13., which has its corporate office in Montreal, Quebec, is a dual-impact job board with a strong presence in the Canadian market and broad recognition internationally. Job seekers can go directly from to a company’s career website page because sources its listings from employer career portals.

We’ve named it one of Canada’s top job sites as a result of this. Jobs can be posted for free by employers. Additionally, they have the choice to buy pay-per-click job advertisements. Additionally, a free app is accessible for download.

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14. GrabJobs: This Canadian website aims to make the process of job-seeking to be as fast and smooth as possible. It is used by over 5,000 companies all over the world. So, it is easy for job seekers to find businesses in their hiring areas.

Do Canadian companies hire foreign workers?
Do Canadian companies hire foreign workers?

Most recently, this website was listed as one of the top job websites in Singapore, but is used by recruiters and job seekers in different parts of the world (including those who seek for jobs in Canada).

Again, Grabjob is a free search tool for job. It offers different impressive features which include automatic profile generation (which allows you to apply for new jobs in a short period of time). This website also offers a robust library for career resources as well as online courses (which help job seekers in expanding their skill sets and knowledge.

As at 2023, this website helps shortlisted candidates to have interviews scheduled for them, and it offers reminders for automated interview appointment. So, the candidates will never have to worry about missing an important date.

15. Snaphunt: This job website is so effective that it allows companies to find, screen, and hire workers from different parts of the world.

How to get job offer in Canada from outside?
How to get job offer in Canada from outside?

Again, in Snaphunt, employers can advertise their job for free by signing for an account and gaining instant access to relevant talents from over 2 million candidates and a sourcing reach of over 650 million profiles from multiple data sources all over the web and still distribute their job postings to over 20 job sites. Today, it is among the best websites for job seeker all over the world.

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16. Ladders: As at 2024, this website focuses on job openings for senior-level professionals, executives and those who aim for positions of upper-management.

Best job sites in Canada for foreigners
Best job sites in Canada for foreigners

Again, candidates who seek for jobs that pay an annual salary of over $100,000 can gain access to vetted openings after paying the fees for subscription.

17. Jobbank: Today, the official job board for Canadian government has two versions. They are the Job Bank in French and the Job Bank in English. It is among the best free job platforms in Canada. It attracts over 2 million special visitors on monthly basis (which makes it a highly trusted resource website).

Best job apps in Canada
Best job apps in Canada

Also, its job ad reaches all the job seekers in all provinces (both in french and English speaking provinces) and you can market it to groups of people such as: indigenous people, veterans, or people with disabilities. Jobbank shows you a list of candidates who match your requirements.

Again, you can reach different audience of potential candidates by posting your job openings on this platform. This Job website also offers a job matching service (which connects registered job seekers with suitable positions) based on their experience and skills. As at 2024, Jobbank trends data and provides information on labour market (which help you to make informed decisions about your efforts on recruitment).

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In 2024, job search websites will be one of the most popular places for job seekers to find opportunities. There are countless online job boards available, in addition to apps, aggregators, search engines, social media platforms, networking organizations, and company websites. The good news is that they offer numerous listings. Is that bad news? The vast array of choices can easily overwhelm you.