Best Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Top 11 Tips

Best Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Relationships may get sour to the point of wanting a break up. Sometimes the thoughts of breaking up may be as a matter of necessity and not necessarily because things are getting sour. All the same, the end-point is that the thoughts of breakup are being nurtured. Some people might be pushed hard and they find themselves breaking up in a harsh way, while some people are just thoughtless about their partner’s feeling. Breaking up with one’s partner can be emotionally hurtful for both parties.

This is a breakup with a person to whom you were personally indebted to; whom you share your secrets with and so on. It would be best to have your break up done most respectfully regardless of the circumstance surrounding it. This raises another question as to which ways exactly are considered respectful. It is also possible that certain ways may be respectful but not suitable in the given circumstances. Whichever way, both must therefore go together.

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Here are the best ways to break up with your girlfriend:

1. Tell her in person: If you are nurturing the thoughts of breaking up with your girlfriend, you should also include the thoughts of informing her in person and most preferably face-to-face. Even if it is a long distance relationship, if there is a way you can meet her in person then do it.

How to Break up With a Woman
How to Break up With a Woman

Although it may sound somehow to travel a long distance just to break up with your girlfriend, but then, you are doing the right thing. Do not inform her through another person. Also do not inform her through media, or text or letter it is possible for you to meet her in person.

2. Find the perfect time: There are some truths in saying that there is no perfect time to break up with your girlfriend because whichever time it is, she is receiving hurtful news. But there are better times to unleash such news. You do not break up with your girl at anytime you feel like. You have to strategize, nurture the thoughts and the right time to do so.

How to break up with your Girlfriend over the phone
How to break up with your Girlfriend over the phone

Assuming she is having an examination or that she took ill at the relevant time, or that it was a time of celebration it would be an inconsiderate act to break up with you girl at such periods. There can’t be a specifically recommended time that is perfect for breaking up with your girlfriend, but just make sure it is within a period when nothing significant is going on in her life.

Certainly, she would feel the pain at whichever time, but then the impact would not be as harmful as it would be should the time be exceptionally wrong. Worthy of mention also is that early in the morning is not a perfect hour as well as at late nights.

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3. Give her signs: The literature students would call this foreshadowing. There might be need to give hints to your girlfriend that a break up is being anticipated. This will always work out fine except for such circumstances that are so sudden and warranted the guy to take an abrupt decision to break up. It is however not recommendable to take break up decisions abruptly. If the love you claim to have for your girl is a genuine one, it warrants that you care for her feelings as well even when you guys are parting ways.

ways to make her leave you
ways to make her leave you

Giving her early signs will help her in withstanding and managing the shock of the news. You should make her to sense that things are beginning to go sideways. It’s that simple to give her signs. The signs should even arise naturally unless you are such that hoard feelings and attitudes. The signs will also depend on the circumstances giving rise to the break up thoughts.

Take for instance, if you both found out that your genotypes are unmatched for marriage, the circumstance speaks for itself, but there might still be need to initiate or chip in some talks and attitudes as the days keep going by. Where the break up thoughts were given rise to by indifferences between you and your girl, you could start to chip in that you are tired of tolerating her coupled with attitudes. These are simply hints before the official break up.

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4. Tell her you need a break temporary: It is normal for people in a relationship to take a temporary break and see if they find more peace alone or with people or another person.

How to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her
How to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her

This is also a chance to sneak away from the relationship in a pleasant manner, but then, you should not be a coward. After taking a temporary break and you intend to take the break further or permanently, it is best to call of the deal unequivocally by informing her accordingly.

5. Seek her opinion: You can initiate a break up by seeking her opinion in that regard. Who knows? She might also want a break up. You could go buy asking her if she is cool with a break up. Whatever response or reaction you get is totally up to handle.

How to break up with a girl and make her want you more
How to break up with a girl and make her want you more

Seeking her opinion sets in an aura of utmost respect from you to her. Her response or reaction will also help you to know how best to approach the break up.

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6. Break up amicably: The best way to break up is by doing it amicably. In fact, this is the trend now. After break up, you would see the partners still maintain a cordial relationship. This is a benefit of an amicable break up. Breaking up amicably is a very mature thing to do.

Best Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend
Best Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

One is that it gives you peace of mind and you do not increase the number of your enemies. The break up will certainly hurt but an amicable one gives you satisfaction and no sense of grudges from either sides. You would be surprised at how much value your ex will contribute to your life and even to your enterprise even after you both have separated.

7. Be honest: Breaking up with your girlfriend? Courtesy demands that you present to her honest reasons why you are breaking up with her. She deserves an explanation, that is, if she does not know already.

What is the best way to break up with a girlfriend?
What is the best way to break up with a girlfriend?

Even if she does, there is still need to have a few talks with her. If there are things she needs to do better in her next love life, it is awesome to tell her in a very suitable manner.

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8. Suggest Friendship instead: A very pleasant way to break up with your girlfriend is by suggesting that you both switch back to mere friendship and nothing more pretentious. As ridiculous as this sound, people do it and it works.

How do you end a relationship?
How do you end a relationship?

If it does not work for you, then you are unlucky maybe due to the circumstances surrounding the break up. Instead of an outright separation, suggest a friendship.

9. Not in the public space: In all you do, do not break up with your girl in the public. Break up is a horrible experience not to be had in the public space. It is embarrassing, selfish, wicked and disrespectful. It would be an inconsiderate act to break up with your girl in a public space.

It is also possible that matters will arise and it will bounce back at you on the spot. If you want to break up with your girl, you should consider a very pirate space for that. More reasons why you should not opt in for a break up via phone call or text. At least you should be sure that she is in a right private space; more reason why you should break up with her face-to-face.

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10. Accept Blames: It is normal for blames to be apportioned at break ups. Try to take responsibilities where it behoves on you. Also, try not to play a blame game throughout.

Depending on the circumstance surrounding the break up, you can accept blames to make her feel that she is not entirely the reason. You can give her better futuristic reasons and hopes to accept the break up and deal with it. You could tell her how much of better guys are out there.

11. Appreciate her worth and time with you: Remember how you both started; how you wanted her with all your life. Remember, that’s still her worth. Now that you both have had a memorable time together, you owe her an honest appreciation on how positively she has impacted on your life. Appreciate her worth and the time she has spent with you. Also, you should assure her confidence over the secrets you shared.

If you have got another girlfriend already, do not reveal it to her yet. It is very disrespectful.

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Now that you have broken up with her, you should minimize contact for the meantime. Break up is a horrible emotional experience. The horrible experience can be made better with the recommendations in this article.

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