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Easiest Countries To Invade In The World 2023: Top 12

Easiest countries to invade: An invasion is a military attack in which numerous enemy soldiers of one sovereign state forcefully enter a region controlled by another. such entity, usually with the aim of either: conquest; exhilarating, or re-establishing power or control over a region; forcing the division of a country; influencing the existing government or obtaining privileges from that same government; or a combined effect of the foregoing.

A war can start because of an invasion, it can end because of an intrusion, or it can start because of an invasion. Invasion-related operations tend to be strategic in both planning and execution considerably in size. Let’s now explore in this essay the countries that are susceptible to invasion.

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Top 12 Easiest countries to invade In The World

1. Somalia: As a nation, Somalia has been struggling with a variety of issues. Once it pertains to military power, it is the weakest. If necessary, a lack of an efficient government would severely impede any defensive attempt. Since the continuing civil war first broke out in Somalia thirty years ago, militia organizations have historically been a distinguishing aspect of the country’s conflict environment. As a key reaction to situations of instability, vulnerability, and contestation, communities form or join such groups.

Easiest and Hardest Countries to Conquer
Easiest and Hardest Countries to Conquer

Armed groups have become the main tool used by Somali power brokers, sub-federal administrations, the national government, and foreign interventionists to advance their goals. However, Somalia’s State-aligned militia organizations are also a major cause of the country’s persistent outside influence, deadly conflict, and harsh control.

2. South Sudan: When it comes to countries with the worst political systems, South Sudan tops the list. Additionally, it ranks sixth among the states with the weakest militaries. With the primary objective of guaranteeing national security, South Sudan has been unable to combine the nation’s armed organizations into a unified force. A militarized political culture that raises the possibility of violent conflict has made the task of reforming the security sector difficult.

How to Take Over a Small Country in 10 Easy Steps
How to Take Over a Small Country in 10 Easy Steps

The armed forces have evolved into potent tools that are aligned with people rather than the state. Instead of being affiliated with the government or the main party institutions, the armed forces have evolved into a potent tool. The leverage that opposing generals have amassed would be lessened if these organizations were combined under a single national framework.

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3. Republic of Congo: The Republic of Congo has two significant issues: a weak political system and one of the world’s weakest armed forces. The nation ranks third on our ranking of the easiest nations to conquer. The tremendous refugee crisis and fallout from the Rwandan genocide of 1994 are to blame for the current bloodshed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Opposing Tutsi as well as other exploitative rebel groups emerged as Hutu genocide survivors fled to the eastern DRC and organized military formations.

Most invaded country
Most invaded country

War finally broke out because the Congolese government was incapable of keeping the numerous armed factions under control and destroying them, some of which seriously threatened populations in bordering countries.

4. Iraq: Iraq has endured numerous wars, similar to Afghanistan. As we witnessed in their most recent struggle with ISIS, its military forces are quite weak as a result of losing the last two conflicts it participated in. The Islamic State has been remarkably resilient despite the efforts of a variety of groups battling the jihadists on the ground, and also a comprehensive operation of U.S. airstrikes as well as commando attacks.

Which is the easiest country to invade?
Which is the easiest country to invade?

Contrastingly, the Iraqi army seems tragically weak, unable to pursue a successful counterinsurgency despite the United States’ massive investment in training and weapons, and easily defeated by the militants’ quick advances. In contrast, the new Iraqi army has a track record of being disorganized, corrupt, having subpar leadership, and having much lower morale.

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5. Libya: Once it comes to nations with the weakest militaries, Libya comes in at number six. The political climate in Libya is also not the best. Since Col. Muammar Gaddafi, the country’s longtime leader was overthrown by NATO-backed forces in October 2011, Libya has been engulfed in rebellion. The oil-rich nation formerly boasted one of the best living standards in Africa, with free medical care and access to education, and was a major departure point for a number of the thousands of migrants traveling to Europe.

Countries Easiest to Invade
Countries Easiest to Invade

As negotiations to establish a post-Gaddafi Libya fail, the calm that contributed to its success has been ruptured, and even the capital, Tripoli, is now the scene of conflict between rival groups.

6. Central African Republic: Third in the world in terms of political instability is the Central African Republic. Its military is also not fully adequate. Any presentation of the CAR must start by pointing out the similarities between the nation Afghanistan and Mali. The 5,200-kilometer-long border of the CAR is mainly unprotected. With a per capita GDP considerably under USD 1,000, CAR is a relatively underdeveloped nation. Four conflict-ridden, unstable countries that differ in violence share borders with the CAR.

Which country would be the easiest to conquer?
Which country would be the easiest to conquer?

The long border of the CAR has not proven to be a barrier to the flow of arms and combatants from nearby nations. Criminal gangs from nearby nations as well as farther away (like Nigeria as well as Uganda) have terrified the people of the CAR. CAV has had 7 presidents since gaining independence in 1960 through the departure of President Djotodia, four of whom held office for more than ten years.

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7. Guinea Bissau: Guinea-Bissau is ranked seventh on our list as a result of its low GDP and unstable political environment. The army had launched 12 coups in the past 40 years, of which three have all been successful. One of the things preventing the country’s progress has been this unpredictability.

Easiest countries to invade
Easiest countries to invade

However, the current environment has never been more favorable for advancing this issue: the military lost its credibility as a direct consequence of the coup in 2012; the 2014 elections introduced to power leaders who are less reliant on the military due to their strong electoral validity and the assistance of international partners; and eventually, the latter is less polarised than they used to be in 2012.

8. Afghanistan: There has been conflicting in Afghanistan for a very long time. This is solely due to its unstable political structure, which also leaves it with one of the world’s most underdeveloped militaries. While gaining control of Afghanistan may not be difficult, as the British, Soviets, and Americans have all discovered, doing so demands a different strategy.

Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries. Afghanistan is plagued by poverty in both its rural and urban areas. Additionally, it has been discovered that hardship in Afghanistan is primarily confined to rural areas. Four out of five poor persons, on average, reside in rural areas. Many young children and babies are underdeveloped or malnourished in these rural areas, and many of them pass away every year because their families are unable to buy nourishing food.

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9. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe, a country in Africa that also made our ranking of the ten nations that are easiest to invade, has one of the world’s weakest military and a very unstable political system. Zimbabwe’s agricultural and mining industries contributed to the expansion of the country’s economy before independence. However, internal corruption, conflict, unemployment, and subpar industrial management are some of Zimbabwe’s present problems.

An in-depth examination of the nation sheds light on the background of poverty in Zimbabwe. The mining industry of the nation is ineffective; its gold output fell by 30% in the first quarter of 2021. The sector is harmed by illegal gold mining, but Zimbabwe’s loose mining licensing laws also permit foreign businesses to mine minerals for years at a time at low rates, leaving little incentive to increase mineral production.

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10. Liberia: Liberia’s political stability and rate of economic growth are both weak. Due in major part to the First Liberian Civil War, Liberia’s economy is relatively underdeveloped, having a gross domestic product of only $3.222 billion as of 2019 (1989–1996).

According to the United Nations, Liberia ranks among the world’s most deprived and least developed nations. Liberia has abundant resources.

They have access to resources such as forest areas, water, minerals, and a climate that is appropriate for farming but lacks stability, infrastructural facilities, and especially human resources. Liberia’s economy frequently serves as a benchmark for Sub-Saharan African economies. The vast majority of people depend on growing crops, and the bulk of the country’s exports consist of raw materials like iron ore as well as rubber.

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11. Comoros: The Comoros islands is a nation located on the Indian Ocean. With little economic diversification, Comoros has a weak economy. Agriculture, remittances, and foreign assistance are the main economic drivers of the nation. Its development is hampered by the lack of economic and resource prospects.

Most invaded country
Most invaded country

Political unrest and numerous changes in the country’s top leadership have plagued Comoros. Governance and general development have been hampered by this volatility, which has made it difficult to adopt consistent policies. Comoros is divided physically across three main islands, which makes it difficult to get basic services and to communicate. The country faces additional development difficulties as a result of this geographic limitation.

12. Sao Tome and Principe: The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, which sits off the western coast of Central Africa, deals with a number of issues that help to define it as a vulnerable state. The agricultural sector, notably exports of cocoa and coffee, is the main driver of Sao Tome and Principe’s economy. The nation must overcome obstacles to diversify its economy and lessen its reliance on these foundational industries.

Easiest and hardest countries to Take over
Easiest and hardest countries to Take over

The country’s infrastructure is poor, particularly its transportation systems and fundamental services. This makes it difficult to reach isolated locations and give the populace necessary services. Sao Tome and Principe has experienced problems with corruption and poor governance, which have made it difficult to run the government efficiently and carry out development initiatives.

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Depending on the objectives of both the invaders and the defenders, the success of the invading and the defense, and the extent to which the parties to the conflict have achieved an agreement, the outcomes of an invasion may vary. The most common outcome is territory loss, which frequently manifests as a change in leadership and frequently ends with the losing party losing total control of that country.

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