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UI News 2020/2021. Update on University of Ibadan (UI) Hostel/school fees, cutoff marks, post UTME and Direct Entry admission.
UI News 2020/2021. Update on University of Ibadan (UI) Hostel/school fees, cutoff marks, post UTME and Direct Entry admission.

About the University of Ibadan (UI)

The University of Ibadan (UI) was the first university to be created in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s top tertiary institutions. The school’s name has kept the top spot in Nigeria for several years running with pride. The school is very amazing. It has given birth to national heroes, trailblazers, and game-changers. among many others, icons like Chinua Achebe, Kayode Fayemi, William Kumuyi, Woke Soyinka, and JP Clark.

Excellent academic standards are a reputation of the University of Ibadan. The beauty of it all is enhanced by the fact that the history of the University of Ibadan is so deeply rooted in uniqueness. Its stringent policy of only accepting pupils based on their merit. Even the strongest will be rattled by UI, therefore getting into the school is not something for the weak-hearted.

The University of Ibadan’s courses are designed and organized to provide students with top-notch information that would enable them to succeed in their chosen fields. In many respects, it is a large area of intellectual strength.

We’ll be walking you through the extraordinary past of the University of Ibadan in this essay today. The University, a significant historical structure in the country, is filled with interesting trivia. Some of them you may not even be familiar with, while others you may have heard of but not truly understood. facts including the university’s founding date and the history of some of its buildings’ names and names. Continue reading to learn 10 things about the University of Ibadan that you probably didn’t know.

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UI Admission News 2024/2025

Update On UI departmental cutoff marks

UI is one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria. The university’s admission requirements are one of the most difficult to meet.

If you wish to read our latest Update on UI departmental cutoff marks, kindly scroll below this page or click here to read our post on the just released UI cutoff marks for this session.

News on UI School fees

As a federal university in Nigeria, UI is one of the cheapest universities in Nigeria. According to the management of the university, students are usually advised to pay their school fees before any academic session begins. This is a very important instruction as failure to comply may attract some punishment.

To read our latest update on UI school fees, check everything you need to know about UI school fees payment here. You can also learn how to successfully pay UI fees online in that page.

Latest news on UI post UTME registration

As you already know, UI post UTME examination is a must for students who wish to gain admission into the university. Thus, it is very important to follow updates from the University on her post UTME form and application date.

I enjoin you to check here for our article on UI post UTME form for this session here. Note that this is very important for every UTME and Direct Entry aspirant of the university.

UI merit/first batch admission list

If you want to know whether UI has release her first batch admission list, or you just want to know more information about the list, i enjoin you to read our post explaining everything you need to know about UI merit admission list for this session.

Accordingly, if you want to know the number of admission list that is released by UI every session, you can also check that here.

Latest Update on UI supplementary admission list

Undoubtedly, UI doesn’t release just one admission list every session. After merit admission list is released, the university will still release more admission list.

Conversely, If you want to be informed whenever UI releases her supplementary list, kindly check here to read all updates on UI supplementary admission list. Trust me; everything you need to know about UI supplementary admission list has already been explained here.

For more information about admission and school activities in the University of Ibadan (UI), kindly scroll down this page for the latest UI News 2024/2025.