Farmer and Doctor, Who is More Important? Answered

Farmer and Doctor, who is more important in the society?: The society operates dependently on individuals and skilled professionals who work hand in glove to ensure that the society thrives forward. While there are a notable number of skilled professionals in the society, Farmers and Doctors are the most notable thanks to their contribution in meeting the needs of members of the society.

The continued contribution of Farmers and Doctors to the growth and well being of our society has sparked off academic debates on who is more important in the society? This work discusses the arguments on both end; highlighting the importance of the Farmers and Doctors to the society and concluding on who is more important in the society.

Farmer and Doctor, who is more important in the society
Farmer and Doctor, who is more important in the society

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Who is a farmer?

A farmer is a person who owns, works on or operates a farm or an agricultural enterprise, either commercially or to sustain himself.

reasons why farmers are more important than doctors
reasons why farmers are more important than doctors

For the context of this work, we shall focus on Commercial Farmers. Commercial farmers are farmers who grow crops and rear animals for Commercial purposes and economic activity. These are the type of farmers who contribute immensely to the society as they produce and supply food for consumption as well as generate revenue for the society through the exportation of agricultural products.

Farming is generally conceptualized as a poor profession, and farmers are often disrespected and disregarded. However, it turns out that farmers are one of the richest and most important professions in our society. Its importance cannot be over emphasized; let’s therefore look at their importance to the Society.

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Importance of Farmers to the society

1. Production of food: Food is as important as life, because you can’t live without it. Just like how a car can’t run without fuel, so is food the fuel that keeps all human going. Every human and even animal in the society are therefore dependent on farmers who produces food by planting, cultivating, processing, and distributing it in places like Market where every person in the society will be able to access them.

2. Provision of basic amenities for our Livelihood: In addition to the production and provision of food for both humans and animals, Farmers further provide basic needs of our livelihood such as Clothes, Medicine, Chairs, but to mention a few. These and more are derived from trees and crops planted by farmers in the society.

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3. Farmers play a key role in the economy of the society: Farmers play a key role to the society’s economy as they contribute immensely to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and income of the society.  This feat is actualized through export and local sales of agricultural products. In Nigeria for example, Farmers through the agricultural sector contributes to 40% of the Country’s Gross Domestic Product. Also in India, agriculture contributes about 17% to the total GDP of India, not to mention the fact it provides employment for over 40% of their population.

4. Provision of Employment: Farmers further contribute to the economy of the society through the creation of employment.

The Agricultural Sector is one of the most cherished sectors in every society, thanks to its immense contribution to the society. The Agricultural sector creates numerous employment opportunities for citizens of a society, most especially in developing societies.

Agriculture currently contributes to 60% employment in Nigeria, 32% in Egypt, 25 % in Brazil, and the list goes on. These employment opportunities provided by the agricultural sector which is largely constituted of farmers serves as a means of livelihood for members of the society and also generates revenue for the society.

5. Farmers are the backbone of the society: Having considered the above importance of farmers to the society, we can conclusively say that farmers are the backbone of the society as the society can’t survive without Food, Clothing, employment, and revenue provided by Farmers.

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Who is a doctor?

Doctors are the most prestigious and well paid professionals in the society. According to Wikipedia, a Doctor is a professional who practices Medicine, and is concerned with maintaining, promoting, or restoring the health of members of the society through the study, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other mental impairments.

reasons why doctors are more important than farmers
reasons why doctors are more important than farmers

This simply means that Doctors are professionals licensed to treat people who are sick in the society. Doctors are equally very important to the society, their importance includes:

Importance of Doctors to the Society

1. Saving Lives: It is said that “You cannot save the world, but you might save the man in front of you.” Doctors are usually responsible for saving the lives of members of the society before them. This is very important to the society as if everyone continues to die, the society may wither away, as the society grows with the growth of its people, strengthens with the strength of its people, and dies away when the people in the society dies.

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2. Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well being in the society: Members of the society now often survive terminal illness or diseases thanks to Doctors in the society whose skill and work is responsible. Also, the development of modern medical technologies has resulted in making a person diagnosed with a deadly illness live longer, this is the reason why people living with HIV/AIDS largely expected to die after 2 years could still live for another 20 years.

Additionally, Doctors are responsible for conducting research, preventing and controlling a pandemic. Hence, as a matter of fact without Doctors a large proportion of the members of the society could have a short life span when a pandemic breaks into the society.

3. Doctors bridges the gap between Science and the society: In Medicine, the application of scientific knowledge is a crucial aspect of clinical practice. Doctors are therefore the agent through which scientific knowledge and understanding is expressed to citizens of a society.

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4. Doctors perform humanitarian services in the society: Humanitarian services are activities done for the well being of the members of the society in order to help those suffering, provide free health care services, amongst others.

Doctors usually perform humanitarian services such as free vaccination of members of the society against an infectious disease, free sensitization and advocacy programs on vital health issues which members of the society should be aware of in order to take proper caution. Doctors also work as volunteers on mission such as providing food and care for the poor, disaster victims, and training medical personnel’s in developing societies.

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Farmer and Doctor, who is more important In the society

Conclusively, having considered the importance of Farmers and Doctors to the society, it is clear that both are of crucial importance in the society, but the question is who is more important in the society? I submit that while the scale weighs heavily in favour of Farmers, both Farmers and Doctors are equally important in the society as while we can’t operate without food,  food won’t prevent us from dying when sick except we are treated by Doctors.

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