How To Find Your Purpose In Life: 12 Tips

How to Find Your Purpose In Life: Every existing being is saddled with a purpose in life. The discovery of these purposes may pose a challenge to individuals who are intentionally conscious of their existence, and those who are goal driven to achieve success.

This very challenge starts at the very birth of a child, where a newly born child is naturally oblivious of its existence at the very early stage. At then, a child is at the receptive end. He is neither capable of self help nor understanding anything. He merely lives at the mercy of the parents and guardians. A child continues to remain at this very receptive end for a long while. He is incapable of making an independent decision.

Every single thing is done for and on his behalf. A child having grown up through these lines may only be faced with those purposes which he had been walked through during the early years. Getting to know and understand one’s purpose in life may then demand an intentional approach.

The purpose of human existence is to be useful. Just like nature has created numerous things so that they can be used for the benefit of the rest, each human being is created to be useful to the world. It is our purpose of life to discover the best way we can contribute to the world and then get riches in return.

Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life and achieving it
Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life and achieving it

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12 Tips To Know Your Purpose in Life

1. Voyage of Discovery: In discovering your purpose in life, one may one to consider going an extent to discover life problems to be solved. Discovering life problems is the first step to being innovative.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life
How to Find Your Purpose in Life

The economic setting of the society is structured in a pattern that people are to give and take. When one offer services to the society, the society pays them in heights. So it is important to find out those which they society will willingly find acceptable.

2. Positivity: Positivity ignites success. Staying positive and being surrounded by positive people is a bold step towards discovering one’s purpose in life. We are to be intentional about the association we keep. When there is mixture of positivity and negativity, the negative aspect has a tendency to be more influential.

How to achieve your purpose in life
How to achieve your purpose in life

Therefore, a person particular about discovering his purpose in life should do away with every pinch of negativity in mind and in persons. This does not suggest that the risk factors of certain purposes should not be considered.

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3. Talents Discovery and Development: Talents are marked natural skill or ability found in persons. Talents may also extend to the skills and abilities which are acquired. In fact, even naturally acquired talents are needed to be developed by intentional constant practicing and involvement.

Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose
Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose

In discovering one’s purpose in life, utmost regard should be had to the natural place of calling of such individual. These include those areas he or she has less difficult inclination to. One is most likely to foster easily in such areas, and such could be person’s purpose in life. Although this is not always the case, but it can always be the case.

4. Have a Role Model: Most purposive people had or have a role model at one point and at the other. A role model is simply a person at the top of a career whose height you admire and aspire to attain. Having a special admiration for someone of a higher class has a tendency to make one get driven by his or her own purpose, and in fact, this is a shortcut to discovering one’s purpose in life.

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5. Exploration of New Skills and Areas: Are you uncertain as to what exactly is your purpose in life? There is enough time to explore various area of interest following a calm assessment. So many successful people found themselves in fields and areas which they never expected to be their life purpose. Well, life has its way of pushing people towards their purpose.

Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life and achieving it
Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life and achieving it

If you are already in one field, you may choose to remain persistent and continue to be productive as you can in that field, and on the other hand, you may one to consider having your legs put into one or two other baskets by exploring new additional skills. Yes, this of course I would recommend. It is a route to getting oneself more equipped. In fact, the acquisition of additional skill in other areas may boost one’s relevance and purpose in an instant field because it is simply an additional feather to the cap.

6. Being in Charge: As noted at the introduction, certain interferences may contribute to one being confused as to his purpose in life. These are interferences such as that of parental, guardians, peer group, etc. certain bold decisions are to be taken without some sort of interference.

Although risk factors are to be considered, parental interference may be there to checkmate these risks. The truth however is that certain risks must be taken. Therefore, a purposive person is advised to be and remain in charge of his life. Being in charge extends to observing due diligence while making decisions, as well as attaching less value to negative criticisms.

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7. Remain Steadfast and Focused: While on the voyage of discovering one’s purpose in life, it is important to remain steadfast and focused. Steadfastness suggests being steady, constant and consistent. It should not be a game of trying one today and another tomorrow. Being focused implies that fewer distractions should be entertained. In other words, distractions is to be entertained at its minimal.

8. Conduct of Visualization Exercise: Visualization exercise is a form of meditation. The visualization exercise involves having a private moment to imagine one’s goal (as the case may be) being put into action, and then perceive the possible outcome of one’s intended purpose in life. This is more of a mental process.

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9. Be Intentional about getting informed: Being informed aids a person seeking to discover his purpose in life to be known to several available options to consider. Not just the options, but also the detail of things obtainable in a particular field. Information is power. A person seeking to discover his purpose must be intentional about acquiring knowledge. He must invest a lot on getting information. Knowledge cometh from reading and most vital information do not come free of charge.

The journey to discovering ones’ purpose in life is a continuous process and demands steadfastness. In the course of satisfying these processes, living a purposeful life demands questioning oneself as to the areas of interest and as to what positive changes one could make.

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10. Search Inward: The answers to the questions “What is my purpose in life?” and “How can I be happy?” are actually the same. By listening to other people’s ideas and looking for outside acceptance, you can never truly comprehend how to establish your purpose.

What is your purpose in life as a student
What is your purpose in life as a student

You already possess all you require. Your own limiting thoughts are the only thing keeping you back. You gain more self-awareness with each limiting thought you recognize and replace with an empowering idea. You can govern your life when you have control over your emotions.

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11. Consider what makes you happy: Consider your life’s history and note the moments that brought you the most happiness. Was it at the time you two were interacting? delivering an effective presentation at work? Making art or giving back? You typically find your passions when you learn what makes you happy.

How to find your purpose and passion in life
How to find your purpose and passion in life

Examine your skills as well because they are related to that feeling of joy: Can you create a realistic portrait with a pencil? Do those who know you well say that you have a good ear? You’ll probably discover passions that you may turn into a successful job when you pay close attention to the activities or abilities that come naturally to you and also make you happy.

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12.  Make a vision statement for your own future: Finding harmony in your life and managing your stress are both benefits of creating a personal vision statement. Additionally, by determining your fundamental beliefs and what’s significant to you, it acts as a road map that will lead you to your mission.

What is your purpose in life answer
What is your purpose in life answer

You may make judgments that are more easily in line with your beliefs when you have a purpose statement, and it also keeps you motivated as you pursue your individual objectives.

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It is important also to have a diary to create a vision. Procrastination must be avoided because it is the graveyard where success is buried. Then, in all you do, have a target plan. You do not necessarily need to meet up with your target plan within the marked period of time. It is simply a standard to keep the actual plan in mind and maintain fewer distractions.

When targeting a goal, discovering the purpose of that goal first is a long term technique. Also being flexible is necessary because it is an acceptance of the past and present and an appreciation of the fact that change is certain and that certain changes are to be welcomed at all cost.