Jobs that Will Be Replaced in Future By Artificial Intelligence (Robots): Top 11

Jobs that Will Be Replaced in Future By Artificial Intelligence: A robot is a machine that is capable of doing specified activities on its own. It has the ability to duplicate human efforts and produce superior results. The Luddites of England resisted mechanical weaving gear in the early nineteenth century, and their dread of machines taking our work went back hundreds of years. However, artificial intelligence has acquired a fresh lease of life as a result of the convergence of large data, enhanced algorithms, and sheer processing power (AI).

The thought of being able to replace a human with a computer and robot is appealing to organizations trying to save money. A robot may labor without pay or benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is frequently quicker and makes fewer mistakes than a person.

Employees can benefit from robots since they can easily do repetitive, tedious, or risky tasks while people focus on more exciting tasks. Robots and computers have made enormous advancements in their performance and capacities in recent years, and they have begun to displace more human occupations.

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Top 11 Jobs that Will Be Replaced in Future By Robots and Machine

1. Merchandiser: A shopkeeper’s key tasks include keeping track of goods, collecting payments, and answering queries (with the goal of making sales). Employees are already vanishing from the checkout process, as retailers hand that obligation over to the customers themselves, as every supermarket shopper knows.

jobs that AI will replace in future
jobs that AI will replace in future

The Amazon Go shop in Seattle is a vision of where we’re going. Moving devices that handle products and answer queries are also on the way. Simbe Robotics’ Tally automates the tedious and time consuming process of auditing for out-of-stock products, low-stock items, lost items, and price problems. It can integrate with existing store layouts, and it can follow clients around during shopping hours. the robots will take care of folding the garments and stacking them neatly as well eventually.

2. Deliverymen: Using a 3,000-pound truck to convey a three-pound item, on the other hand, makes little sense, particularly in heavily populated areas with limited parking. This is projected to be filled by smaller, more streetwise robots.

Jobs That Artificial Intelligence (Robots) will Replace
Jobs That Artificial Intelligence (Robots) will Replace

You can guarantee that if ride-hailing companies can get their robotic cars to drive people around, one of them will be able to deliver pizza. A six-wheeled starship robot cooler that can only be opened by the intended receiver (via a smartphone app) has raised a lot of money, so it’s only natural that it’s been tested at Intuit’s Silicon Valley location. This year, the creators of Starship hope to expand. These wheeled robots will struggle to surpass a human’s capacity to easily mount stairs to deliver to a doorway.

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3. Security Guard: SMP Robotics’ robots with cameras and motion sensors are already roaming about properties, and the company even provides a version with solar panels, similar to the Mars rover, that allows for longer service in isolated regions like golf courses, parks, and farms.

Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace
Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

Better, less expensive cameras that can work in low light are already threatening the role of the mobile security guard inspecting locks (as are locks that can electronically indicate that they are secure). 

4. Reporters and Journalists: Many news organizations and websites are already using software robots to aid with writing and information collecting.

Jobs That'll Soon Be Lost to Automation
Jobs That’ll Soon Be Lost to Automation

If you read news items on the Internet, it’s quite probable that you’ve read a piece written by a machine rather than a human. As software improves, more journalist and reporter jobs will be lost.

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5. Drivers: Uber has disrupted the public transportation business by utilizing technology. Google and Tesla are experimenting with self-driving cars. These two disruptive technologies are coming together. In the United States, Uber has already begun testing a fleet of self-driving cars. You can bet that once the pilot is over, they will begin unleashing self-driving cars all across the world.

Jobs that will be automated
Jobs that will be automated

When it’s cheaper to construct autonomous vehicles, why pay people and deal with them? Taxis and other public transportation will adapt to driverless vehicles as fares fall. This will have an impact on all modes of transportation, as truck drivers, railway operators, and other modes of goods movement will become fully automated.

6. Data analysts: If a robot can figure out what’s meant to be in the shop aisles (and what to do when something isn’t), then sifting through mountains of financial data to discover what’s normal and what’s not should be simple. For example, are you preparing reports for a company filing? Automation Anywhere, Datamatics, and Blue Prism are examples of software that can automate a variety of clerical tasks.

Jobs already replaced by technology
Jobs already replaced by technology

By “watching” a person copy data from an Excel file and paste it into another data processing application, the computers may be educated. Then there’s the examination. Instead of depending on a sample audit, products like PricewaterhouseCoopers‘ Halo can analyze all of a company’s data to look for irregularities. Humans will still be involved in both training and high-level analysis, but repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting, sorting, and reordering will be eliminated.

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7. Tellers and clerks at banks: It used to be customary for a bank to employ a large number of people. ATMs have mostly supplanted human workers as a means of depositing and withdrawing money from a bank at any time of day.

Jobs That Will Be Soon Replaced by AI
Jobs That Will Be Soon Replaced by AI

As more consumers switch to a digital currency like bitcoin and conduct their financial transactions using their smartphones, banks and the financial industry may be further impacted.

8. Pilots: The US military is already employing autonomous drones to perform surveillance and even strike without the need for human intervention. Drones will adapt to various industries as they grow more advanced and capable, such as replacing pilots of cargo planes used by FedEx, UPS, and other such corporations.

Jobs that Will Be Replaced in Future By Robots & AI
Jobs that Will Be Replaced in Future By Robots & AI

Companies are already considering replacing their pilot fleets with computer-supported pilots who could be helped remotely by a few pilots if necessary.

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9. Janitors: Roombas have already grown so common that the idea of a robot cleaning the floor seems very thinkable. These janitorial creatures are now limited to personal tasks (including cat transportation) in people’s homes, but business automated cleaning is on the way. Neo was created by Avidbots as a commercial alternative to a Roomba and functions similarly.

Technology replacing human jobs examples
Technology replacing human jobs examples

It recharges and refills by docking. You may even buy robots that clean windows or mow lawns in addition to cleaning floors. As a result, it is not limited to mopping and vacuuming. There are also challenges with robot cleaners, such as cleaning those pesky corners, so people will be required to keep things clean.

10. Chefs: Moley Robotics, located in London, has already produced a robochef that will be released to the public later this year. Two articulated hands, a range, sink, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator are included with this robot. The device is operated via an app on your phone and is preloaded with a library of hundreds of recipes.

Simply enter the dish you choose, and the robochef will begin preparing it for you. The bot will even clean up after itself. The robot is motion-capture trained, allowing restaurants to send in a chef to teach the system before allowing it to take over the full kitchen crew.

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11. Referees and Umpires: Calls that go wrong will be a thing of the past. The decisions will be made by umpires and referees who are fully neutral and never skip a beat. Evidence suggests that home teams are favored over visiting teams, so this isn’t such a horrible notion. Tennis already uses a device known as Hawk-Eye to assist umpires in making near-line judgments.

Hawk-Eye will show whether the ball was in or out if a player chooses to contest a call. GoalControl, a German business, has devised a technology to determine if a ball has passed the goal line in soccer. During the 2014 World Cup, the system was utilized.

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Artificial intelligence’s effects on human life must not be overlooked. Some scientists believe that such quick advancements in robotics would have disastrous effects on mankind, while others believe the reverse.

Nobody knows what the future of robots holds for future human generations, but given our ability to learn, adapt, and self-educate, it is reasonable to predict that humans will be able to bring about more quick and successful changes in the world.