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Most Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study: Top 8

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Most Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study: When something is said to be lucrative, it simply has the capacity or tendency to produce a surplus. Simply put; it is such that is profitable. Thus, a lucrative course is one that is economically beneficial, having the capacity to yield profit.

When something is said to be marketable, it suggests that it is such that is suitable for sale or employable. A lucrative and marketable course therefore is such that has greater opportunity for generating income in the labour market. When students choose their courses of study, one of the factors being considered is the lucrative marketable nature of the course. This raises a question as to the extent of available profit-making opportunities for a graduate of that course.

How do then you determine a lucrative and marketable course? Lucrative and marketable courses usually have high demand. This is the rate at which the services of the field or profession are needed in the labour market. Also a lucrative and marketable course is always competitive.

Its competitiveness implicates in its actual study of the course as well as in the labour market. Another determining factor is that the salary range is always worthwhile in the case of an employable field, and in other cases, the chances of generating income are high, and there are more employment opportunities and high employment rates.

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Top 8 Most Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study

Below are the most lucrative and marketable courses to study:

1. Pharmacy: The field of pharmacy is highly lucrative. The field is concerned with the production, distribution and prescription of drugs, cosmetics and other health related prescriptions. The health sector is an indispensable one, and this contributes to the lucrative and marketable nature of the pharmacy field.

What is the most profitable course in the world?

What is the most profitable course in the world?

Pharmacists have a lot of employment opportunities. Their services are well needed in every location of the state. There can never be enough pharmacists. Their opportunity extends to even abroad.

Pharmacists can either be employed or self-employed. They can as well be both, since the profession affords them the ample opportunity to have multiple engagements. They are well paid. Those in the industrial field of pharmacy and other employment field within the sector are not precluded from owning a pharmacy shop.

The field creates a multiple way power for its professionals, and they are well revered in the society. The study of pharmacy takes five years for a B. Pharm, and six to seven years for a Pharm. D. Lately, some institution no longer offer B. Pharm distinctly but instead, integrate it in their Pharm. D program, hence the reason for its extension to six to seven years. In such case, upon graduation, the student is ascribed with a Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy). The study of pharmacy is not an easy undertaking, but with eyes on the end point, they are never short of opportunities in the labour market.

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2. Medicine and Surgery: This is a very competitive and highly demanding course of study. The study of medicine and surgery takes six academic years. Upon graduation, the person is ascribed with MBBS (Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Surgery). The high demand in the study of medicine worth it, since the field just like pharmacy, is technical and deals with human lives. But upon graduation, doctors enjoys quantum of opportunities for money making.

Most Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study

Most Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study

Their attention is also drawn at even outside the country. There are so many fields one can specialize on under medicine and surgery, and while specializing, the learning process continues. Because the nature of medical services is a sensitive one, doctors are ordinarily not subjected to pressure.

They work on shifts, and this affords them an ample time to multi-task and by multitasking, they earn more. The services of medical doctors are always needed by the society. It is not even a matter of choice. The medical profession is a well revered one too.

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3. Law: This is the most competitive field under arts. It is in this field that lawyers are trained. Engaging the services of a lawyer is also not always by choice. Basically, lawyers by their status as ministers in the temple of justice protect and help to enforce the rights and obligation of the citizens. This establishes the relevance and indispensability of lawyers in the society, and this too adds to their lucrative and marketable nature.

Marketable Courses in The World

Marketable Courses in The World

The study of law takes four to six years depending on the country, including the additional compulsory law school studies. Thus, to become a lawyer, two degrees are to be acquired; the undergraduate degree (LLB) and the Law School degree (BL).

Other countries may have a different title for the degrees. The study of law has a very intensive demand. This demand continues even after graduation and during law practice. The field is nonetheless a very lucrative and marketable one, having so many opportunities for money making which includes; soliciting, advocacy, property management, lecturing, employment in financial and other institutions, and so on.

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4. Nursing: The field of nursing being an indispensable specialization in the health sector, is a highly lucrative one. Nurses are positioned on an imaginary level immediately after the doctors.

Most In Demand Degrees

Most In Demand Degrees

Just like doctors, they have more employment opportunities, since their services are always needed by the society. They are open to opportunities outside the country. They also have the chance to multi-task in the course of their employment. They can be self-employed and be employed as well.

5. Engineering: Almost all the engineering fields are lucrative and marketable. Engineering permeates all sectors of the society. Their products and services are well needed in the society. In fact, their services make the world a better place.

 Marketable Careers in the World

Marketable Careers in the World

Specifically, fields such as electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum, civil, marine, agricultural engineering, and so on, are highly lucrative.

Think of petroleum engineering that deals on the most viable state resources. The most interesting thing is that one can always be self-employed and independent in most of the engineering fields. Aides being self-employed, they are also availed with employment opportunities and they can relevant in almost any field. The study of engineering takes up to 5 years.

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6. Agriculture: Agricultural studies are another lucrative and marketable area of study. It is generally a four to five years course. The field of agriculture is highly profitable, although the startup stage may be faced with some expected challenges such as availability of lands and other resources.

Lucrative Degree Subjects

Lucrative Degree Subjects

This notwithstanding, agricultural products have no choice than be saleable. It may require a lot of investment but the demand and its indispensability is what fosters its lucrative and marketable nature.

7. Accounting and Economics Relate Courses: The field of accounting is a flexible one in the sense that accountants are highly needed and can fit into any field of practice. This makes them to have more job opportunities.

 lucrative and marketable courses

lucrative and marketable courses

The same applies to other economics related fields such as, Economics, Statistics, Business Management, etc. their study takes up to four years of intensive and specialized learning.

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8. Computer Science: We currently live in a jet age, consequently the use and applicability of computer has become the order of the day. This makes the field of computer science a lot lucrative. Computer science deals with the study of computers, their languages, architecture, and its application in all aspects.

Most lucrative courses in the university

Most lucrative courses in the university

The study of computer science takes up to four years and may take less for polytechnics. A computer scientist can be relevant in any field, since the use and application of computer now permeates all sectors of the economy. A computer scientist can as well be self-employed.

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A field is lucrative and marketable because it provides more opportunity for profit-making than others. One thing common with lucrative course of study is that they are usually competitive, and in the labour market, their services are usually not a matter of choice but a matter of necessity.

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