Salary of US Programmers 2021: Programmer’s Salary in the United States

Salary of US programmers 2021: Programming is one of the most sought after profession in Today’s world, especially in the United States of America which boasts of a population of over 3.4 Million Programmers. The Importance of Programmers and their integral role in the United States has made Programming an indispensable profession as we can’t operate most of our electronic devices without the input of Programmers.

Annual salary of US programmers 2021
Annual salary of US programmers 2021

In other words, any time we are making use of our phone, Laptop, or other electronic gadgets to perform a task or run an application, visit a website, amongst others, we are utilizing the works of Programmers. In this article, we will be looking at the salary of programmers in the United States and the factors that affect this salary.

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Who is a programmer?

For clarity and easy reading, it’s important we all understand who a Programmer is. By way of Definition, a Programmer is a person whose job involves writing programs for Computers, preparing and testing programs for devices, preparing an instructional Program, Fixing bugs, programming a Mechanism, and creating Computer or Application Software by giving the Computer specific programming instructions.

Salary of programmers in the United States (US)
Salary of programmers in the United States (US)

A Programmer may translate designs from Software developers and Engineers into instructions that a Computer can follow. These Instructions are coded using one of the many programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C#, PHP, SQL server, JavaScript, and Oracle.

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Types of programmers

There are handful types of Programmers in the United States, they include:

1. Computer Programmers: Computer Programmers write and edit code for Computer Programs, ensuring that they run without errors or encumbrance.

2. Software Developers: A Software Developer designs and create Software Programs for a Variety of Computer Systems. They could either be an Application or System Software Programmers.

3. Computer System Engineer: A Computer System Engineer is responsible for the Maintenance and Security of a Computer System, including Protecting a Company’s Privacy and Data. They work to make sure their Clients Computer System’s are fully functional and efficient.

4. Programmer Analyst: A Programmer Analyst is responsible for designing and creating Computer Software Programs. They also Oversee the Writing of the Code necessary to create and publish the Programs.

5. Web Developer: A Web Developer designs and create Website. They are responsible for how a Site looks and how it functions.

Web Developers could Specialize either as a Front end Developer, Back end Developer, or Full Stack Developer.

6. Mobile App Developer: A Mobile App Developer designs and code Software for Mobile devices like Cell phones and tablets. They develop Software for the Interaction of End users and Applications for IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, et cetera. Hence, Could either Specialize as an Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, or generally as any Mobile App Developer.

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Salary of US Programmers 2021

With respect to the various types of Programmers in the United States mentioned above, their respective average salaries are as follows:

Salary of US computer programmers
Salary of US computer programmers

1. Computer Programmers in U.S earns an average Salary of $87,237 annually.

2. Software Developers earns an average Salary of $112,000 annually

3. A Computer System Engineer earns an Average Salary of $90,000 per year, and could earn more or less depending on their level of experience.

4. A Programmer Analyst earns an Average Salary of $80,000 annually

5. A Web Developer in U.S earns an Average Salary of $75,000 annually

6. A Mobile App Developer earns an Average Salary of $90,000 per year.

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How to become a programmer in US

To become a Programmer in the United States particularly a Computer Programmer, you should obtain a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Information System from a University or College. Alternatively, you may choose to learn Programming Online from the Comfort of your home by enrolling in a top Online School for Computer Science.

In addition to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, you may further your Education by obtaining a Master degree, as it will not only give you a wider array of skills needed as a Programmer, but it will also make you more valuable to a Potential Employer. Thus boasting your Salary.

Asides Degree, to become a Professional Programmer you must undergo online Courses and other sort of learning Programs such as Programming and Software Development, Information System, Database and Web Design, Information Technology, Information Security, Certified Computer Programming Languages, amongst others in order to supplement your Education with additional skills.

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In Conclusion, it is instructive to emphasize that your area of Work, Industry, Company, Experience, and Specialty as a Programmer plays a vital role in determining your definite salary as a Programmer.

While this Article has given an overview of the average Salary structure of Programmers in U.S over the years, your Experience and place of work will determine the exact amount of Money you will earn either Hourly, Monthly or Yearly in U.S. Additionally, experts and highly experienced Programmers in high paying Programming Languages such as Scala, Go, Kotlin, Objective-C usually earn more than others.

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