13 Traits/Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend

Signs of A Bad Boyfriend: You may have thought your guy was the perfect boyfriend in the universe when you initially fell madly in love with him. He charmed, astonished, and impressed you. However, as the days progressed into months, something began to shift. He appeared more distant, or even worse, he seemed to have lost interest in you. When we initially meet someone, we’re on our best behavior. That first few months can’t be taken at face value.

Signs of A Bad Boyfriend
Signs of A Bad Boyfriend

Whether you’ve reached this point in your relationship, it’s important to dig further and see if he’s exhibiting any of these indicators of a poor partner.

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How to Know a Bad Boyfriend: 13 Signs

1. He is more self-centered than thoughtful: Selfishness is among the most typical characteristics of a lousy lover, which he wears proudly. He prioritizes his own interests over everyone else’s, and he doesn’t give a damn if he hurts anyone’s feelings in the process.

Traits Of A Bad Boyfriend
Traits Of A Bad Boyfriend

To him, this indicates he’s brave enough to face life on his own terms, but in fact, he’s a selfish jerk who crushes other people’s hopes. So, if your boyfriend is always battling for his own wants and appears as if he doesn’t care whether yours are satisfied as well, you’re dealing with a horrible boyfriend situation.

2. He makes reasons for his absences the majority of the time: To make a relationship succeed, both the boyfriend and the girlfriend must be equally accessible. However, if you have a guy who is always away for one reason or another, this will not be possible.

Signs Your Boyfriend is Totally Wrong for You
Signs Your Boyfriend is Totally Wrong for You

For instance, if your partner often fails to show up for dates that he had promised to, and he never has a solid explanation, he is a lousy lover. If he then tries to bribe you with presents and flowers rather than giving you a reasonable explanation, it’s an indication that you don’t matter to him.

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3. He does not promptly reply your calls or SMS: While it is true that partners have life outside of their relationships, this does not negate the need of giving their wives quality time regardless of their other commitments. Regardless matter how busy a man’s schedule is, he will make time for the female he loves.

How do you know if your boyfriend isn't treating you right?
How do you know if your boyfriend isn’t treating you right?

When a man exhibits the characteristics of a lousy lover, though, he will see nothing wrong with not answering your calls or texts. There’s an issue with your relationship if your guy takes a long time to communicate with you and doesn’t take any steps to change his conduct.

4. He is too concerned about his physical appearance: There’s nothing wrong with a man having pride in his appearance, in what he wears, or in how he smells. Women like it when their husbands are well-dressed. The issue arises when he is more concerned with his appearance than with his attitude toward you and other people.

Warning Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend Material
Warning Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend Material

Another of the warning signals that it’s time to move on is if he has bad attributes and you’ve frequently pointed them out to him, but he still doesn’t see anything wrong with his conduct.

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5. He frequently attempts to make you unhappy: Some guys are innately pessimistic, and their demeanors tend to spread to others around them.You will experience the anguish of a sad man if you are unfortunate enough to be in love with him.

What makes a bad boyfriend?
What makes a bad boyfriend?

Discontentment, persistent sad eyes, and constant complaint are some of the indications that betray his sorrow tendencies. He will pull you in with him if you don’t break away from these horrible partner qualities. Most of the time, such guys attempt to improve themselves, but the melancholy that hangs over them is an inextricable element of their life.

6. His quips come out as deliberate jabs at you: It’s fantastic if your guy makes you laugh. If your lover, on the other hand, makes jokes about you and laughs at you, it is an unhealthy situation to be in. There’s a distinction to be made between innocuous and harmful humor. The former provides stress relief, whereas the latter might make you feel bad about yourself.

If you believe your boyfriend is attempting to make you feel miserable on purpose, this is one of several symptoms that he is a horrible boyfriend for you, and you should avoid him.

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7. He’s a two-minute person: Sex is an element of your love life that provides you a sense of how serious your relationship is. He’s a lousy boyfriend if your partner is a two-minute man who doesn’t care if the sex was good for you or not.

 Signs You Have A Shitty Boyfriend
Signs You Have A Shitty Boyfriend

Being a two-minute guy doesn’t necessarily imply that your lover has problems delaying sexual enjoyment; it might also indicate that he is solely interested in his own pleasure, leaving you high and dry.

8. He is never there while you are with him: Do you ever feel that he’s so far away from you, even while you’re in the same room? Is there no difference between his presence and his absence? You’re witnessing firsthand the characteristics of a lousy partner who is present but not truly present with you.

How to Know A Bad Boyfriend
How to Know A Bad Boyfriend

You’re chatting to him, but his mind is lost in faraway ideas or he’s too absorbed in his devices to pay attention to you. If you stay up with such a man, you’ll continue to make errors that you’ll come to regret later.

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9. He is basically unconcerned with your plans: Girls in love are always ready to communicate their plans and ambitions with their partners, but their egos are deflated if their boyfriends look uninterested in what she reveals. You should leave your lousy partner with his apathetic attitude behind rather than continue in a relationship with guys who will undermine your self-esteem and make you lose confidence in your life ambitions.

Good Boyfriend vs. Bad Boyfriend
Good Boyfriend vs. Bad Boyfriend

If you ignore the indicators that he’ll stifle your development, you’ll come to regret tolerating his obnoxious behavior to the point of sabotaging your goals.

10. He is always in need of a ‘break’ from the relationship: Relationships aren’t like TV programs, where there’s always a commercial break or technical difficulties. Even when there is a conflict in a relationship, partners should work things out without putting too much gap between them.

Traits Of A Bad Boyfriend
Traits Of A Bad Boyfriend

If your partner constantly requests a timeout or a break whenever there is a minor issue, he is giving you a preview of what a long-term relationship with him will be like.

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11. He dismisses your distress: To make a relationship work, your lover must not only declare his undying love for you, but also his commitment to ensuring your safety rather than hurting you. He is a lousy lover if he does not keep his promise to be your cheerleader on your bad days and ignores your hurt feelings.

Even if you recognize that he is the source of your pain, he will dismiss it as an error. Yes, mistakes happen, but when something happens too frequently, it ceases to be a mistake.

12. He maintains contact with his ex-girlfriend: There is no necessity for both parties to maintain frequent touch once a relationship has ended. Don’t believe your guy if he’s still chummy with his ex and keeps claiming you there’s nothing between them.

Even though they are coworkers, there should be a distinct line between them when it comes to communication. Your partner has no obligation to his ex, thus he has no right to contact her late at night or send her texts at weird hours.

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13. He enjoys manipulating and controlling you: Many young women are taken in by men who disguise their manipulative actions as manly confidence. Unfortunately, such females would have taken such a person too far before realizing he has a dangerous control streak.

If you notice that your partner is continuously keeping you on your toes by monitoring and dictating what you should do, you are in an unhealthy relationship. You will become a shadow of yourself if you are not cautious, while he continues to enjoy his finest life.

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Because we are all humans, our imperfections will sometimes be more expressive than the things we get right, there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend. You don’t have to put up with someone, even your lover, who is content with being a horrible person when he might work on being a better person.

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