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In this page, you will find all the latest case on the Law of contract, Tort law, commercial law, constitutional law, criminal, company law, land law and other areas of law.

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2024 Cases/Court Judgments for free
2024 Cases/Court Judgments for free

Note that both foreign and local cases are reported in this page. Cases reported here are for FREE. You are not expected to pay any money to read them.

Leading court judgments and cases you should know

Leading cases on contract law

As a lawyer/law student, it is important to know the leading cases and landmark judgment on the law of contract. Check here to read the 21 Leading cases on the Law of contract that every lawyer/law student must know.

Note that the article above contains both foreign and local cases/judgments on the Law of contract with different citations. It is a must for every lawyer and law student.

Cases on women inheritance right in Africa

There are hundreds of cases on the inheritance right of women in Africa. In Nigeria particularly, the case of Mojekwu v Mojekwu, Mojekwu v Iwuchukwu, Ukeje v Ukeje and Anekwe v Nweke are the major cases.

These cases are related to customary law. If you need more cases on the inheritance right of women in Africa, kindly scroll below this page. You may also want to see the characteristics of customary law HERE.

Cases on constitutional law

Constitutional law is another essential part of law. If you are searching for latest cases on constructional law, make sure you read my recently updated constitutional law cases below this page.

Some of our leading constructional law cases include; National Assembly v President of the federal republic of Nigeria, AG Bendel v AG federation, Awolowo v Minister of Internal affairs, Agbai v Okogbue and many others. Kindly scroll below to read our latest cases on constitutional law.

Leading cases on Evidence law

The law of evidence is concerned with the act of proving and disproving evidence during litigation. It is a very important part of law that should not be joked with. This is essentially why you you must know the latest and leading cases on the Law of evidence. Below are some of the leading cases on the Law of evidence:

  1. Benjamin v Kalio
  2. Afolabi v Governor of Osun State
  3. Afolabi v COP
  4. Sussex Peerage case
  5. R v Lawani
  6. Okoro v State
  7. Ojagbamila v Lejuwa and many others

For more cases on the Law of evidence, kindly scroll down this page to read cases with full citations.

Above are just some of our most Read cases and Court Judgments. If you want to read more 2024 Cases/Court Judgments for free, make sure you scroll below this page.