Countries With The Worst Prisons In The World: Top 10

Countries With The Worst Prisons: Prisons are establishments designed to house and punish criminals. While some of these facilities are appropriate for correctional settings, the conditions are appalling. Some of these facilities frequently experience diseases, riots, harassment, and violations of human rights. It’s terrifying enough to consider being in any kind of prison. When it comes to breaking the law, this ought to be sufficient to discourage you from ever doing so. Imagine being severely restricted in your movement while imprisoned in a cell.

There won’t be any friends and family, no freedom, and no hope for the future. There is more to it, though, and the suffering goes on. There are prisons throughout the world that will force you to regret every bad choice you have ever made. Just wait until you learn about the terrible prisons in the world if you think that prisons in movies are depressing. To keep yourself out of any of these situations, you may find yourself doing everything you can to be good.

Overcrowding in prisons leads to extremely bad living conditions, an increase in violence among the inmates, and tensions between the guards and the inmates in many prisons across the world. The majority of the worst prisons are located in nations with subpar legal systems. Nonetheless, some nations continue to have some of the worst prison systems despite having excellent legal systems. As a result, we will examine these nations with the worst prison systems in the world in this article.

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Top 10 of the Countries With The Worst Prisons

1. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda: With over 7,000 inmates living in a building designed to house only 400, Gitarama is the world’s most crowded prison. Suspects of the 1994 Rwandan genocide make up the majority of the prisoners.

What Makes These the Worst Prisons in the World opit_1698456506509
What Makes These the Worst Prisons in the World

The men and women living here are forced to spend all hours of the day barefoot on the dirty ground due to the extreme overcrowding, which causes their feet to rot. Many eventually need amputations, but because there is only one full-time physician assigned to the prison, most inmates are unable to get the care they require, which leads to almost daily deaths.

2. Gldani Prison, Georgia: Hearing about fights and assaults between prisoners is commonplace. In the Gldani prison, however, things are not the same. Its ranking among the worst prisons globally has a rationale. The security personnel there are the ones who torture, assault, and even rape inmates, rather than maintaining law and order.

Worst Countries for Prison Overcrowding
Worst Countries for Prison Overcrowding

These inmates have no defense at all, and the jail staff has complete control over their lives. The world was made aware of the atrocities behind these prison walls when a video clip was made available to the public in 2012. To top it all off, Gldani Prison struggles with inadequate medical care, filthy surroundings, and overcrowding.

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3. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey: Turkey’s record regarding human rights is well-known. However, you have to wait to see what’s inside their jail cells. Diyarbakır Prison, located in the southeast of Turkey and opened in the 1980s, is an absolute hell for inmates.

Inside World's Toughest Prisons fake
Inside World’s Toughest Prisons fake

Even the nation’s most lawless criminals attempted to address the incredibly depressing and inhumane conditions of the prisoners. To raise awareness and demonstrate their urgent need for assistance, prisoners have attempted to go on hunger strikes. To stop the horrors they were going through, some prisoners even attempted to set themselves on fire.

4. Mendoza Prison, Argentina: Torture, death, and appalling conditions are all associated with Mendoza Prison. There are 1,600 prisoners housed in the facility, which can only accommodate 600 people. Amnesty International denounced the conditions inside the facility in 2005.

Most dangerous jail in India
Most dangerous jail in India

According to them, prisoners who have not yet received a sentence or who are worn out could emerge from prison even worse than the moment they arrived. Since prison guards are known for abusing both prisoners and their families, they are also a contributing factor to the problems.

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5. Guantanamo Bay Prison, Cuba: The administration of Bush opened the facility in 2002 to house the detainees from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Given that the majority of the prisoners are al-Qaeda members, they can anticipate suffering from every imaginable form of psychological and physical suffering.

Craziest prisons in the world
Craziest prisons in the world

The people who were able to escape the prison described being confined in cold cells, being beaten, being sexually humiliated, and not getting enough sleep. The worst conditions have resulted in a high rate of suicide attempts among the minors housed in the facility.

6. Pyatak Prison, Russia: The most dangerous offenders in Russia are housed within the walls of Alcatraz prison. If they managed to escape the terrible conditions of Pyatak’s prison, it would be a far cry from their original state. An inmate’s hope and self are destroyed in prison. Inmates start to acclimate to the psychological torture and isolation during their first nine months of incarceration. An inmate’s personality begins to deteriorate after four or five years. A person stuck there for twenty-five years can never survive.

Worst prisons in the world 2023
Worst prisons in the world 2023

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7. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Kenya: Kenyan prisons are known for having harsh conditions, and Kamiti Maximum Security jail, which is situated in the Roysambu Constituency, is thought to have the worst.

Worst Prisons In the World You Want To Avoid
Worst Prisons In the World You Want To Avoid

The prison’s official capacity is 1,200, but reports indicate there are around 1,800 and 2,500 inmates jammed inside. It is well known for its extreme overcrowding and filthy conditions. Serious illnesses are common, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and dysentery.

8. Black Beach Prison, Equatorial Guinea: If you are one of the unlucky ones who will serve your time in Black Beach Prison, you should be prepared for what lies ahead. Inmates suffer from torture, abuse by guards, chronic illness, malnourishment, and overcrowding.

Which countries have the most comfortable prisons?
Which countries have the most comfortable prisons?

Furthermore, rat infestations are rife. Equatorial Guinea is recognized as having the most awful prisons in the world because of this prison, which is among the worst in the world.

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9. Camp 22, North Korea: It’s among the world’s political prisons. A concentration camp is not at all like Camp 22. The inmates are imprisoned for life and are cut off from the outside world. The facility is large, covering an area of more than 87 square miles. It is fenced with electric fencing and manned by armed guards.

Which countries have worst jails?
Which countries have worst jails?

There are 50,000 or so prisoners, and the majority of their cases stem from their criticism of the government. For the remainder of their lives, most of them of these prisoners will live in abject poverty. All inmates are required to labor, performing manual labor with crude implements. In addition, prisoners endure severe brutality.

10. United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX), USA: This prison, which is the highest level of maximum security in the country, is also referred to as ADX Florence, Florence ADX, Supermax, or the Alcatraz of the Rockies. Constructed in 1994, this establishment harbors a number of the most dangerous criminals globally. The convicts at this facility are housed in 7-by-12-foot concrete cells for 23 hours daily in solitary confinement.

Which are the world's toughest prisons?
Which are the world’s toughest prisons?

Meals are fed through tiny openings in the metal doors of the cells, and the windows are small. During the hour-long recreation period, when prisoners are free to leave their cells, they are led to a tiny outdoor cage by numerous guards while wearing various restraints. There was a time when the prison was called “a clean version of hell.”

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Although imprisonment is a necessary component of the legal system, it is one of the most dreaded experiences. Some of these prisons are so terrifying that the conditions there have traumatized even the staff members who work there. Typical problems include disease, physical and mental abuse, overcrowding, and even fatalities. These are a few of the most awful prisons you want to avoid being a part of.