Dumbest Countries In The World 2024: Top 9

Dumbest Countries In The World: Some countries suffer from extreme poverty and debt despite producing some of the brightest minds on the planet in every field. We question whether human intellect as a whole plays a role in the wide variations between nations when it comes to economic and technological capabilities. Intelligence Quotient is shortened to IQ. A person’s comprehension and interpretation of everything around them are measured by this score.

IQ tests are used to assess an individual’s level of intelligence and determine whether they possess any unique talents or abilities. Even though it can be difficult to gauge a person’s level of intellect across national boundaries, there are several indicators we can look at, such as average IQ levels, internet availability, patent applications, and the caliber of schooling. For a variety of reasons, one could argue that some countries are more intelligent than others.

First off, variations in educational possibilities and access to high-quality training can result in knowledge and skill gaps across national boundaries. For instance, students in underfunded educational systems or those with few resources may perform worse on tests because they received insufficient training and teaching. Furthermore, cultural norms in some countries may hinder curiosity and discovery, which may also lead to a general decline in intelligence. Here’s a quick list of some of the world’s most dumb nations.

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Top 9 Countries With The Stupidest People In The World

1. Nepal: With an average IQ of 42.99, Nepal is the dumbest nation on Earth. Nepal’s low average IQ to other nations can be attributed to several factors. Among these are being among the world’s poorest countries, underdeveloped, and deficient in resources. With a GDP (gross domestic product) per capita of $1,181, people in Nepal are not wealthy enough to afford basic schooling, which would significantly raise average IQ levels.

Nepal’s political unrest and natural disasters, such as the 2015 earthquake that ravaged the country and severely damaged most of its infrastructure, are further factors contributing to the country’s low average IQ.

2. Liberia: Liberia’s battle with underdevelopment and poverty stems from several issues, chief among them being the catastrophic civil conflicts that tore apart infrastructure and interfered with schooling between 1989 and 2003. Economic vulnerabilities are exacerbated by political unrest and reliance on scarce resources like iron ore and rubber.

Top 10 dumbest countries in Europe
Top 10 dumbest countries in Europe

Inadequate roads and electrical infrastructure put up a barrier to progress. Because of the lack of resources, which results in low levels of literacy that limit career prospects, education is a critical issue. Development has been further complicated by health difficulties, resulting in a shorter lifespan and workforce productivity. Malnutrition, restricted access to high-quality education, and ongoing stress brought on by poverty all impede cognitive development, which may be why Liberians have lower IQs.

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3. Sierra Leone: There are many reasons why Sierra Leone is among the world’s poorest and least developed nations. A weaker economy and food inflation are two economic issues that make poverty rates even higher. Natural resource scarcity prevents diversification. Growth and access to essential services are impeded by inadequate infrastructure, which includes transportation, water, and energy.

Stupidest country names
Stupidest country names

Both historical political unrest and a track record of public corruption impeding investment have impeded progress. While democratic development is a good thing, it will need coordinated and multifaceted measures to build resilience to overcome such deeply rooted poverty and the negative effects it has on the standard of living, health, and education.

4. Gambia: Due to many interrelated circumstances, the Gambia experienced substantial development hurdles. Economic issues compound high rates of poverty. Diversification is impeded by finite natural resources. Campers’ expansion and access to services are hindered by inadequate infrastructure.

Dumbest country in Africa
Dumbest country in Africa

Threats to the economy from climate change include intensifying droughts and floods. The health, way of life, and development of the people of Gambia are particularly susceptible to these combined pressures because it is a small, agriculturally dependent nation.

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5. Mali: The low-income economy of Mali, a sizable nation in the Sahel, is undiversified and susceptible to changes in commodity prices. Livestock and food security are in danger due to the country’s fast population increase and changing climate. Because of the pandemic’s combined effects with the security problem, extreme poverty rose quickly.

Dumbest country in Southeast Asia
Dumbest country in Southeast Asia

Due to rising consumer prices and sluggish economic growth, the most vulnerable people’s purchasing power continued to erode in 2022, contributing to an increase in extreme poverty. Following the military takeover in 2012 and the armed groups’ control of the northern areas, Mali has been plagued by instability and violence. Mali is becoming one of the world’s most dumb countries as a result of all these factors impeding its growth and development.

6. Burkina Faso: The Sahelian nation of Burkina Faso is poor and endowed with few natural resources. Although gold exports are increasing, agriculture still accounts for the majority of the country’s GDP. The percentage of people living in poverty is over 40%.

Dumbest Countries In The World
Dumbest Countries In The World

The nation has been the subject of terrorist assaults since 2015, which have caused population displacement. Numerous healthcare institutions are impacted, as well as the education and health sectors. The country’s economy is significantly in danger from climate shocks, political transition-related volatility, and ongoing insecurity.

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7. Guatemala: Compared to the rest of the geographic area, Guatemala dedicates much less of its GDP (2.8 percent) to education. Students’ learning achievements have been hampered by a combination of low internal system efficiency and a lack of finance. In terms of teacher preparation, equity, coverage, and quality of education, the nation still faces significant obstacles.

Just 40% of sixth graders met performance standards in reading, according to the results of the most recent learning evaluation for primary grades, which was carried out in 2014. The problem is made worse by the fact that 41% of teens in Guatemala (aged 13 to 18) do not complete high school. It is hardly shocking that the nation reached our list of the world’s dumbest nations given these difficulties.

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8. Nicaragua: Nicaragua is one of the impoverished countries in Latin America, with a low income and a food shortage. Nearly 64.5 percent of people depend on agriculture, which is the main economic activity and accounts for 8.1 percent of the GDP of the nation. Poverty and food insecurity are closely linked, and the impacts of the climate catastrophe make matters worse.

Over 8% of households in the nation suffer from acute poverty, while almost 25% of families live in poverty. Nicaragua is susceptible to frequent natural disasters, all of which impede efforts to combat food insecurity and poverty. These factors also affect their IQ rate.

9. Ghana: Thousands of youngsters are still prevented from attending school and studying, despite Ghana’s efforts in enhancing access to education for all. Typically, learning does not occur in a school setting. There are too many students in each classroom, poor water and sanitary facilities, a shortage of qualified teachers, and few textbooks.

Which Is Dumbest Country In The World
Which Is Dumbest Country In The World

The outcomes of students demonstrate the low quality of education. In addition to the difficulties already faced by disabled children, teenage girls frequently do not get the opportunity to finish secondary school. Even though the nation has been working to raise educational standards, much more has to be done.

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There you have it on our ranking of the world’s dumbest nations. These nations are considered to be dumb due to their relative backwardness in terms of level of living, infrastructure development, education, and other areas. Although numerous factors contribute to these difficulties, political instability, corruption, and the aftermath of civil wars are the most prevalent ones. Even if it appears that most of these nations are without hope, things can still be improved with coordinated efforts.