100+ Happy Birthday Prayers For Your Friends & Loved Ones

Happy Birthday Prayers For Your Friends And Loved Ones: Birthdays are opportunity to commend and send heart-warming and sweet messages to your friends, family and loved ones. It is the best time of the year to send gifts and tell your friends, family and loved ones how much you love them, why you love them and why you will always want to be with them.

Happy Birthday Prayers & Wishes for your Friends and Loved Ones

Though, sometimes it can be very difficult to sit down and compose a birthday prayer for someone you really love, especially when you are not really good in writing down what you feel about someone. Sometimes, the job can be too much that you won’t be able to say anything.

In light of that, I have been able to gather some of the best and short happy birthday prayers and wishes you can send to your friends, family and loved ones to make them feel happy. All you have to do is to copy them and probably edit them if necessary. Trust me; anyone you receives the happy birthday prayers below will love it.

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100+ Short And Beautiful Happy Birthday Prayers For Your Friends and Family

Below are some short but powerful birthday prayers that can make the person you are sending it to encouraged. Be it a friend a family member or someone you admire, these are some of the short birthday prayers you can send to them. Some of the prayers here actually have biblical backups. Kindly scroll down below this page and pick anyone that interest you more.

1. Happy birthday to you my friend. You are the man God used to bring positive transformation into my mindset. I pray that as you walk into this new age greatness will continue to abide and multiply in you. Your goals will continue to align and and manifest. May this new year be bless.

2. Happy birthday my dear friend. You have been a good friend. You deserve everything good. May your quest for true knowledge and answers to some certain questions pertaining to life and other facet of life not quench. I pray for you, may your rising be like the rising of the sun, steady and never going down. May your paths shine, brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Keep rising under the wings of the spirit and God’s mercy.

3. I pray that your life becomes a wonder and that people would see the goodness of God over you. May evil be far from you and God’s protection surround you. May you have every reason to smile and confess the faithfulness of God. May you always walk in the will and purpose of God concerning your life. Sons and daughters shall come to your rising. I pray that you shall be great and do exploits for God. May lines fall in pleasant places for you. I wish you long life, good health and prosperity Darling.

Inspirational Birthday Prayers for Friends & Family
Inspirational Birthday Prayers for Friends & Family

4. Birthday blessings to my simple, hardworking, smart and illustrious friend. May God continue to be your strength and may he bless and favour you in all you do and grant your good heart desires. Amen. Continue to enjoy.

5. Happy Birthday my dear friend. You have consistently support me in the little I do with all love and prayers. May the goodness and mercy of God keep following you all the days of your life and lines keep falling pleasantly in places for you.

6. I would have made a lot of mistakes growing up without you. You played several roles in my life: first as an elder brother, next my best friend, thereafter as a mentor, father and guardian. May God bless you and bless the work of your hand. Belated birthday wishes, friend.

7. Happy birthday to you my dear friend! May His grace abide bountifuly in your life and may all the deepest desires of your heart come to pass.

8. Happy birthday to you my dear friend. I pray that you will continue to grow spiritually and physically. May God’s blessings never cease in your life. Anything that is meant to pull you down will definitely announce you for good instead. God’s unmerited favor shall continue to follow you. In Jesus name, Amen.

What is the best prayer for birthday?
What is the best prayer for birthday?

9. You are a personification of selfishness in service. Your commitment to the things of God is phenomenal. I pray that God shower you with love in abundance.

10. May be dreams be inspired, your aspirations be illuminated and your steps ordered even as the lord grants you grace and wisdom to help excel. Happy birthday my dear friend.

11. Happy birthday my dear. A lot of times i am amazed at your strength and resilience. Thank you for the way you inspire me to be better and the times you have come through for me. May this be your best year ever.

12. You are one of the most inspiring persons i have ever seen. May this birthday smile not cease from your beautiful face. I pray that ABBA will grant all your heart desires today and forever.

13. Your passion and commitment towards all you do is examplary. Your sacrifices will never go unrewarded. Have an amazing year. Happy birthday.

14. Happy birthday my dear. Your new age is greatly blessed. As you pass this new age you shall mount up on wings like eagles. Thanks for all you do. I pray that transformation shall never cease in your like and you shall grow from glory to glory.

15. Here’s to wishing my younger brother long life and prosperity. May your path be smooth and may you always celebrate grace. Keep working hard.

16. Super birthday to you my brother. On this very day i am wishing you all you have ever prayed for. Success in all your endeavors.

17. Happy birthday brother. May God’s blessings overwhelm you this new season. You are so special and I can’t wait to see where God is taking you! Best wishes.

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18. God’s glory will radiate bright through your life this new season henceforth. Have a lovely new age. Happy birthday, beautiful lady.

19. Happy birthday to you my dearest friend and sister. I remember yesterday and I am glad of the woman you are becoming. Of a truth, you are a helper from God to me. May this day usher you into more realms. I love you.

20. To someone I am proud of in the Lord. May you never abort the process. A sustained growth in grace and character are my wishes for you! May Yahweh satisfy you with His fullness. You are loved!

21. Happy birthday my friend! I pray that God’s grace will be abundant in your life. I pray you will continue in the path that you have chosen and where you are lacking that God makes up!

22. May God make your life be a living wonder and a testimony of what he can with anyone who faithful and sincerely follow him. Rise and shine for the glory of God is upon you , Many more fruitful years. Happy birthday!

23. Happy birthday my dear brother. May the Love of God keep burning inside you. May you never grow cold. You are indeed a priest of God. Keep soaring!

24. May you keep soaring like an amazon you are. Heaven will hold you to her breast, you will never fail God and your generation. Hitherto has the Lord helped you.. He will help you even more. Flourish like a plant tree planted by the water side. You are loved. Happy birthday!

25. You are rare gem. I love your passion for God and his kingdom. Keep the fire burning. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday dear!

26. Happy birthday daughter of Zion. You are a tool in God’s hands and he won’t drop you until he’s done with you. Cheers to new age.

27. Happy birthday to you my friend. May your silent prayers be made public testimony. Keep being AMAZING, keep being AWESOME, keep LIVING. DON’T EVER Change, you are blessed.

28. My prayer for you is that God will not give up on His dealings with You. You shall end well! God’s grace shall be so evident in your life that even the blessed shall call you blessing, Amen. Congratulations to my Heartbeat Bae.

29. My prayer for you is that God who has called you to this ministry, will surely give you abundant grace. Believe it or not, people are yet to drink from you. Get prepared, a journey just started. Happy birthday.

30. So many things to say about this great mind. A friend extraordinare. Today is your special day my dear, i pray for God’s blessings today and always. Thank you for always letting me disturb you.

31. Happy birthday my dear friend. For always checking up on me, for showing care when i act stupid. May this birthday bring joy and happiness into your life, and may all your dreams come through. Once again, Happy Birthday, i wish you all the goodies life has to offer and may you live long to enjoy them.

32. Happy birthday my friend. You are a supportive friend and brother. On this day, may the good Lord show you a multi-measure of the goodness you always show to people, may he lengthen your day and bless you with perfect health.

33. Happy Birthday brother of the Most High God, One of God’s beloved I know. You have grown in all ramifications in the past years into Glory. This new age is Amazing Grace for you. You shall soar high like an eagle. Overcoming every thing that stands like an obstacle. I wish you an age of Signs and Wonders.

34. Happy birthday my friend. You have been a good friend with a good heart. Knowing you is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thank you for always helping out and being there for me. Remain forever lifted.

35. There is alot to say about you my sister. You are humble, calm and full of wisdom. Your level of understanding is superb. Thank you for yielding yourself. I have been blessed by your lifestyle and i pray thag God bless you abundantly.

36. Happy birthday my friend. Your dedication and commitment towards everything you do is worth emulating. I wish you groundbreaking testimonies in this new age of yours.

37. Happy birthday my friend! May a your dreams and aspirations start working in your favor in this your new age and beyond.

38. Happy birthday to my first love. The amazing one who thought me all i know and made me understand that this world has beautiful souls. I pray that God will bless you and keep you for me. Amen!

39. I have quite encountered some amazing hearts and in all you standout amazing. Happy birthday dear. I wish you more of God’s blessings.

40. Happy Birthday Senior Friend. Your days are blessed. May Yahweh direct you. He will be your guide in all things. Your page will continue to shine brighter and brighter. God’s choicest blessings. I celebrate you, friend.

41. It’s with great joy I celebrate this day with you. You have been nothing short of a blessing to me friend. I met you when my life was turned upside down by the enemy and God used you in bringing restoration to me. I thank God for the level he has bought you to. I pray that you will continue to be a vessel of honour in God’s hands, the anointing of God upon you would never dry up. Happy birthday to you.

42. To my friend and brother, it is not coincidental that you were born on this day. It is a providential proof that you are destined for greatness. Please bask in the euphoria of the celebrations. Happy birthday to you.

43. You have a heart valuable as gold and pure as a sparkling white. Today is your day and I join the host of creations to wish you a blissful celebration. As you have never stopped trusting God, may his blessings never cease in your life. Amen!

44. Happy birthday my dear friend. May God bless your new age. Your labour of love sha continue to be celebrated in heaven and on earth. God’s favour and mercies shall never cease in you.

45. You have been a great support and help since I met you. Your time for unveiling and lavishing success is here. You are helped, loved and favoured by God. Lines are failing in pleasant places for you. God’s choicest blessings immediately you brother.

46. You are one friend that truly want my growth and will give everything to support my pursuits. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend. I can’t express how grateful I am that we met. You have been a blessing to me since our first year. Always looking out for me. Thank you for your encouragement and your friendship. It is my prayer that you keep excelling in all you do. You are deeply loved and highly valued.

47. Happy birthday to the girl with the amazing personality. On this special day of your life, I wish you long life and prosperity and many more years to come. I pray for God’s grace and mercy in whatever you do on the face of this earth. May His light continue to shine upon you and Grant you your heart desires. Enjoy your day. God bless you.

48. You are such an amazing friend. I’ve seen you evolve to a better you. I remember my first contact with you. I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT keeps calling you for more this season. Happy Birthday King’s Beloved.

49. I can’t even start writing how much you’ve influenced my life. God choose you this fourth year to be an instrument of motivation to me. You are a sister and a friend to me. Happy birthday Esther, may God bless you, grant you long life, good health and prosperity.

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50. Happy birthday Damsel. This is a significant day the Lord hath made to
mark the beginning of new journeys ahead, the Lord bless and keep you in this new phase. Cheers to a new age!

51. Happy birthday my love, Omo we’ve come a long way, I wish you a very smooth path in your life’s journey, I love you and I wish you everything good, may this smile on your face remain permanent. God bless you my baby.

53. Happy birthday my friend. You are lifted and exalted like the horn of a unicorn. Your path will keep shining brighter and brighter until the perfect day. You are loved.

54. You are a well watered garden; you bear fruits in every season. Whatever you do prospers! God is within you, you cannot fall! Enjoy God’s love, speed, grace, joy, peace and FIRE! You are a blessed blessing. Soar! Thrive! Love! Love! Behold! Become! And Shine.

55. Happy birthday brother. Soar with wings of eagles and grow in favour before God/men. God’s Choicest And Ceaseless Blessings Immediately Bro.

56. Happiest birthday once again girllll. God bless you this new year, you have clarity, you have precision. Jesus commands your destiny now and always. Keep basking in the love, peace and joy of the Lord. I love you.

57. Happy happiest birthday Sister. Indeed you are an amiable person. Your humility and team spirit is enviable. You are one of the few people who made me learn and understand service to the people and I’m really grateful. I cannot write all I have in my heart to say to you but know for sure you have a friend that got your back always. I’m wishing you happiness, prosperity, joy, peace, love, and most importantly perfect health to make wealth. Cheers to a wonderful year.

58. Happy birthday Anita. You’ve grown marvelously in different spheres of your life. Safe to say I’ve seen the transformation and I’m so glad to have been there. God’s hands are mighty upon you. You shall do all God has set out for you to do. God is within you, you can’t fail(even if you wanted to). Blessings and Peace I pray you, by all means.

59. Happy birthday to a sweet and kind soul a vibe on vibe type of person thank you very much for all u do I pray that God answers all your heart desires.

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60. A friend, sister and more. I’m excited to have witnessed your growth so far. And this is still the beginning. God bless your new age my love.

61. Happy birthday Victoria darling. I have never for once regretted having you as my friend. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for. I love you so so much my darling. Thank you for always being available for me.

62. I wish you many many more years, good health, prosperity, good husband and God’s blessings. May your days on earth be directed by God. I pray that joy and happiness will never cease in your life.

63. Happy Birthday dear friend. You are every shade of amazing. Thank you for always showing up when I need you, thank you for being so good at what you do. I pray that this new year brings nothing but untold joy and blessings your way.

What is the best prayer birthday message?
What is the best prayer birthday message?

64. My friend, you are on the right path, I tell you, and I can’t wait for the future where you are enjoying with all that you deserve, and your wisdom is well celebrated all around the world. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

65. Here is the man who goes all out for his friends, the forgiving man, the man who wants everything to be bubbling with love peace and love, the man who gives so much, even when he receives little or make nothing in return. The lord sees and is blessing you with abundance. Happy birthday to you!

66. Here is the man of the people. Always in front of solving problems. It’s how you always volunteer for me, sometimes even without thinking. Please keep doing what you do. You are a problem solver (big time), a great team player, and anyone would be lucky to have you on their side. Happy birthday to you my friend.

67. Happy birthday to the man who lifts spirits using just words. The man who makes all your worries dissipate, and makes you feel you can do anything just through speech. I don’t know how you do it – saying just the right things at the right times. Your well of wisdom overflows, and everyone you interact with testifies 100. God took his time, and blessed you with all the qualities of a powerful man.

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68. Happy birthday to this amiable Amazon, philanthropist and humanitarian per excellence. Her name is eponymous to her hallowed personality. Many more years to you.

69. Happy Birthday friend. You are such a great man, and I don’t take what you do for me for granted. God bless you as you celebrate this new age and cause more blessings to unfold for you. You are the best and I celebrate you.

70. Happy birthday my friend. I can’t forget how you treated me with so much love and care during my internship. You’re an epitome of beauty. God bless you for the lives you transform and love you extend to people.

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71. My friend, you are a man who is beyond limitations, when you decide to put in the work. It’s been a pleasure the few times I have got to work with you. You are a reader and as such a competent leader. As you add a new age, it is trite we celebrate as well as imitate your alluring qualities. Cheers to a new age!

72. Hard work personified!! You’ve really taught me a whole lot, and we’ve learnt from each other. Thank God for meeting you at the university. May more of this day continue to come, with you ready to celebrate.

73. Working with you has been so easy and delightful. I so much admire your dedication towards the things that matter. Dear friend, do have a blissful new year.

74. I love how your birthday coincides with today cause that is who you are, the best girlfriend I have ever had. You are the definition of love, kindness, selflessness and awesomeness. I sometimes wonder what my life would be without you in it and the image is not pretty.

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75. Happy birthday my sister, from the early days at I knew you, God allowed our paths to meet again and I am forever grateful to God. Thanks for being a sister. A woman filled with wisdom and knowledge, “Mouth Power” She’s ready to sit with you for hours making qualitative discussions and submissions. My prayers for you is that all that God intends for this new age will manifest in full measures.

76. Happy birthday my friend, A mixture of Beauty, Brains, Elegance and Godliness. I have had the opportunity of walking with you to fulfill a project and I testify of Chi’s diligence. A phenomenal human hungry for Christ and impact. I wish you many more years of God’s abundant grace and glory.

77. Happy birthday my friend, this new age is special for you. It will also bear fruitfulness of different kinds. Many more years in God’s purpose Padre.

78. Happy birthday my dear friend. I could remember how timid you were when we first met. You are no longer a teen, as you fully step into adulthood. I wish you love, peace of mind, academic excellence, and a smooth journey of life. You are a nice guy, and you deserve everything good.

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79. You are my Angel, the world has to know how much you are of a treasure to me. Thank you for loving me beyond more than I can think of. If there’s someone who has shown me unconditional love excessively it’s you and it’s no exaggeration. Everyday my sister calls me just to know if I am fine. She would do anything humanly possibly to make sure I am happy and okay. I wish you happy birthday on this day and I pray that God continue to bless you for me.

80. The absolute love of my life Count down to the birthday of one of the most amazing persons in my life. If there was a better way to show how much I love you I would have done that. But I love you from the bottom of my heart (the bottomless part of my heart).

81. Wishing a Happy Birthday to you my friend. A true gem who made my journey through school effortless. May your days continue to be brimming with immense joy and fulfillment.

82. Happy belated birthday dear . I value you so much as my friend. I pray for God’s abundant blessings upon you. I wish you many more years, joy, happiness and Favour. You will fulfill all that God has written concerning you.

83. Happy birthday to this amazing human. She is literally a walking raw energy. Your life just got richer. I see amazing possibilities with you. The world ain’t ready! In this season you grow. In this season you know. In this season you come into the fullness of your identity. You are blessed already. Happy birthday special one.

Sweet Happy Birthday Prayers
Sweet Happy Birthday Prayers

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Brother

1. Happy birthday to my amazing brother! May God uplift you beyond your expectations. I wish you all the Good things life can offer. Your path is continually blessed.

2. God has really blessed me with wonderful kid brother. I so much admire your sincere passion for God. Truly, you’re a big inspiration to me and also a blessing. I really honour and celebrate what God is doing in and with your life. More strength, more grace, more fire and more hunger for God. That’s what I pray for you.

3. A literal beauty in every sense of word. You are amazing, smart, funny, witty and most definitely sassy person and that is what i love about you. Your take on life and personal happiness is really admirable and i aspire to your level of zero fuckery. Happy birthday my dear brother! Lines have always fallen in place and you strut them well! Cheers to many more year!

4. Happy birthday brother. You are a wonderful man with a good sense of humor. Your love for God remains undiscribable. Your commitment to learning is phenomenal. Here’s wishing you the very best today and forever. I celebrate you my brother and good friend.

5. Happy birthday to my one and only brother! I don’t need to talk to much but just know it today that i got respect for you. I say a big amen to all your heart desires and prayers. You are indeed blessed. Here’s to a great year

6. Happy birthday to my mother’s son! Wishing you long life, good health, God’s favor and blessings. Happy birthday once more bro. You are loved!

7. Happy birthday to my main man and brother. You are an amazing being, with so much composure, brilliance and humble character. In this new year i wish you heaven’s best. Doors are open to you.

8. Happy birthday my beloved brother! I pray for the fulfillment of all your heart desires. May God give you Joy infallible and a real and lasting smile.

9. Thank you for being a good example and a lover of God. I wish you all the happiness life can give, joy that comes from God and peace that passes all understanding. I celebrate you greatly!

10. Welcome to your year of divine lifting and fruition. Today, I pray for you; may God’s blessings continue to shower upon you. May his grace continue to speak for you and may your heart desires be accomplished. Happy birthday brother!

11. Dear brother! I love and respect you so much. You have are a perfect definition of a loving and caring brother. You are also the most trusted and reliable person I know. Happy birthday bro. Truely you are God’s sent to our family and I appreciate you for all you do.

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Powerful Happy Birthday Prayers And Messages for your sister

It’s your obligation to make sure that your sister is happy on her birthday. For this reason we have gathered some loving birthday messages and prayers you can send to your sister and make her love you more.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings to Inspire Your Loved Ones
Beautiful Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings to Inspire Your Loved Ones

1. Happy birthday my dear sister! I pray that you fulfill all that has been written of you in volumes of books. I pray that you will run and not get weary. May your days be filled with lovely people, the gift of men, favor from God and men, grace and God’s mercy. Thank for the girft of friendship. Cheers to greater days ahead and a glorious future.

2. How could your birthday have escaped my mind. Happy birthday to my dear beautiful sister. God bless you and cause kings and nations to come to your rising. Big brother loves you.

3. Happiest birthday to my fierce sister! I am so blessed to cross paths with someone so special, unique, beautiful, outstanding and sweet as you for always being there for me. I pray that your happiness never cease. Blessings upon blessings shall continue to follow you. Favour will speak for you and everything you ever wish for shall fall in place my lovely sister. I love you to the moon.

4. Happy birthday my dear sister! God bless you richly for all you do (did). May this new year bring you lots of God’s favor and may you flourish in all you do.

5. I can’t get started and hope to finish on your matter my dear sister. You are something; something rare. God bless you today and forever. You are loved. Happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday to my mother’s daughter! You have been so industrious, cheerful and a good fellow. I honestly wish you the best in life, money, opportunities, blessings and love. God’s choicest blessing immediately my dear sister.

7. Happy birthday my sis! God is definitely taking you places baby girl. Your gift is making way for you. You are blessed and full of glory. Shine on. It’s a new dawn.

8. Happy birthday sister! May this birthday bring you joy and happiness. I pray that the doors of heaven be open to you from today henceforth, Amen.

9. Your personality is beautiful. You exude wisdom and you are a lady of substance. I pray for God’s blessings upon you. Live and grow. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday my dear sister. Your heart is as beautiful as your smile. In this new age of yours, all your heart desires are granted. Have an amazing year!

11. Happy birthday to my father’s baby! Sis I love the way you carry God, I admire the way you worship him. Thank you for being a blessing to our entire family. God’s grace on you will never wax cold. I celebrate you now and always.

12. Happy birthday to you my dear sister. I wish you growth, all round success and fulfillment in all you do. Cheers to more good works and greatness.

13. You are an amazing lady with good heart. Your humility in the place of leadership is exceptional. Here’s wishing you God’s choicest blessings today and always.

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happy birthday prayer for friends and family
happy birthday prayer for friends and family

Inspirational Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Father

If you love your father/daddy so much and you want to make him happy on his birthday, below are some Heart-warming messages and prayers that can make him happy with you. In addition to the messages you can buy him a gift too.

1. Happy birthday to my father! Truly you have been an great inspiration to me. I just want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for all you have done for me and our family. As you add one more year to your stay here on earth, may God strengthen and grant all your heart desires today. Happy birthday once again sir.

2. I can’t explain how thankful i am to you sir for the fatherly love and help. I know one thing that drives you is the love of God and i know it won’t lame for any reason. It’s your new year and i join the host of heavens to celebrate a star and a leader per excellent. Happy birthday Daddy.

3. Happy Birthday Daddy, you have spurred so much inside of me. A friend, shepherd really willing to pour out all of himself to see people around and beyond blessed. Thank you Sir.

4. Happiest birthday to you my loving father! May this new year be filled with treasure that will soon be evolved. I pray that all your secret prayers be answered.

5. Happy birthday dad. I pray that God will perfect all that concerns you. May this new year bring forth blessings, wisdom and greater achievements to you. Amen.

6. Indeed words failed me today.. Where should i start from? Is it the meekness or the ever cheerful disposition you display. Thank you for being you daddy. I thank God everyday for making me your daughter. Happy birthday daddy!

7. Happy birthday to a great man, my own father! His passion for education and love for God are contagious. May blessings come after you in Jesus name. May your path be straight and successful. May your name be mentioned in rooms of opportunities sir. Happy birthday once again daddy!

8. Happiest birthday to you Daddy! I acknowledge your invaluable assistance in my life, teachings, grace and support. Thank you fro being a great teacher, mentor and a friend to me. God bless you today and always!

9. Time and again you have proven to be a man of capacity. A man of good character and integrity. A man that loves and knows God and humanity. A man with audacity for what is just and true. Thank you for the rare privilege of friendship. May your heart desires come true in this new age and forever remain blessed.

10. I lack words to express my joy today as you celebrate this year’s birthday Dad. You are a perfect example of a good father. I pray God whom you serve fervently, to continually bless your learge and kind heart and to protect you in all you do!

11. On this special day of yours, i just want to give thanks to the almighty God for the gift of life and happiness. I pray that he continues to bless you throughout the year.

12. This is the best month of the year and you can’t tell me otherwise. Its my love’s birthday today. My baby boo. Happy birthday dad! I promise to always make you proud.

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Inspirational Birthday Prayers for Friends & Family
Inspirational Birthday Prayers for Friends & Family

Heart-warming Happy Birthday Prayers For Your Loved Ones

These are some of the emotional birthday prayers that can really make the receiver cry. Actually, this is a compilation of from some of the heart felt prayers I have even heard. Painstakingly go through them and pick anyone you love.

Best Happy birthday prayers for your loved ones and friends
Best Happy birthday prayers for your loved ones and friends

1. Happy birthday Mummy of the house. May you be blessed beyond measures, Ma. Your reward for the labours of love in our house will never be contained, imagined nor fathomed by the heart/mind of any man. It will serve as an unending memorial in the sight of God, everyday. May you never lack favour, God’s abundant Grace, mercy and His Divine help. Your new age is blessed. I celebrate a woman who has laboured with her whole heart for God and still labouring. I celebrate sacrifice. Thank you mum.

2. Happy birthday to you my friend. May the heaven interceded on your behalf, May the lord send helpers to you, and open doors of divine revelation to you,and also grant unto u the mystery of the kingdom.

3. I’m always glad that my knowing you and being part of your fam is actually going to last for a lifetime for there’s a friend that sticketh more than a brother. I really honour and celebrate your life. Thank you Jesus for your son, for he’s such a big gift and a blessing to our generation. Happy birthday friend!

4. To a praying woman of God, may the lord help, strengthen and grace you with joy and peace. May He grant you speed in every sphere of your life. May you keep on basking in His light. Enjoy your day my dear.

5. May your life keep getting better and may you days shine brighter. You shall Grow geometrically in the grace & knowledge of God. Happy birthday dear!

6. Happy birthday dear. May you Excel above your equals and may the gracious hands of God never depart from you. Happy birthday once more.

7. Happy birthday to my one and only friend. May God bless your new age. You will continue to increase in strength, grace and d mercies of God will continue to say NO to every ills in your life. Amen.

8. In your life ahead, may all your dreams come true. May your worries all fade away. Happiness shall embrace you each day. May you always get love and peace of mind and joy. Happy birthday dear.

9. What God has written of you can not be thwarted; for you will fulfil all that has been written of you in the book of the volume. More fire on your altar. I love the way you care. I love the way you are always happy.
Happy birthday dear one.

10. I don’t know were to start from my dear. You are such a wonderful person, always putting smiles on one’s face. the Lord is taking u places. Happy birthday dear. Enjoy your day.

11. As you celebrate today, I wish you the blessings of heaven, fruitfulness of the earth and every good thing you desire. Happy birthday dear friend!

12. I know I’ve had my worst days with you but yet you didn’t give up. Always on my neck. I don’t know why my heart tightened right now. The love I have for you is enormous.

13. You are a great woman, you are a woman of great substance. My heart is heavy as I type this. God bless you dear.

14. My prayers for you this day is that God uphold you and never let you go.
May God uplift you, may his blessings never elude you.

15. You are a Gift from God to me. Your name has been marked in heaven as a partaker in my story. You will never leave that path God has purposed for you! Happy birthday!

16. Happy birthday to someone I respect so much. The maturity you play out is quite overwhelming. God will keep and preserve you for the kingdom in Jesus name. Stay blessed beloved.

17. I wish you all the good things of life. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You inspire me in so many ways. I pray that your love for God will never grow cold. Thank you for being you. I love you so much. Happy birthday dear.

18. Happy birthday to my Sister. I didn’t say it often, but you are the best big sister i could ever ask for and i love you. May your life be seasoned with God’s goodness and grace. Amen.

19. Happiest birthday my friend. Today, my wish for you is growth and abundance. You will excel in whatever you do. Stay blessed.

20. You are a brother from another mother. May God continue to increase you. You are blessed sir. Enjoy your day.

Blessings from the Heart
Blessings from the Heart

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