How To Change Name/Date of Birth in WAEC Result

How to change name/date of birth in WAEC result: WAEC understands that we are all human beings and we make mistakes sometimes. That is why they made it possible for students who entered wrong names/date of birth during WAEC registration to change those wrong details. More so, you will agree with me that having a wrong name or date of birth in any of your certificate is capable of rendering that certificate useless. For instance, it is probably impossible to gain admission in any national or foreign institution where your name in both your certificate of birth and your WAEC certificate does not tally.

Not only is it important that the names in your certificate must be correct. It is also very important that they follow the same sequence. So you see, the chances of making mistake is very high. However, thank God that WAEC now allow for correction of results. In this short tutorial, i will be showing you how to change your name/date of birth in WAEC certificate. This applies to both WAEC GCE results and school results.

How To Change Name/Date of Birth in WAEC Result

How To Change Name/Date of Birth in WAEC Result

Note that i am not trying to brainstorm a solution for students who have wrong names and date of birth in this post. Everything here has been certified by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). To be frank, i got this solution from the Twitter handle of WAEC when they where answering questions of students.

So don’t panic. This is the best and most reliable solution if you have wrong name/date of birth in your WAEC certificate. Now here we go!

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Can i change my date of birth in waec result

The answer is yes. According to the West Africa Examination council (WAEC), candidates who made mistakes in their date of birth and names during WAEC registration can change their names and date of birth by following the requirements stipulated by the examination body. Below are the requirements for changing names and date of birth in WAEC result.

Requirements for changing name/Date of birth in WAEC result

Below are the things you need to change your name/date of birth in WAEC result:

How To Change Name/Date of Birth in WAEC certificate

How To Change Name/Date of Birth in WAEC certificate

Birth Certificate (Original must be sighted by a WAEC Staff when submitting your request): First and most importantly, you need to get your certificate of birth showing your name (s) clearly. It is very important because you cannot do without it. In fact, it is the first thing they will ask from you.

Administrative Fee of N10,000: Whether you are applying for a change of name or date of birth, you will be expected to pay an administrative fee of N10,000 only. Don’t worry if you want to do both change of name and date of birth. You only need to pay once.

A Letter of Application: You have to write a formal letter to WAEC, requesting for a change of name or date of birth (as the case may be). Remember, it must be a formal letter or else, your application will be rejected.

An Affidavit: You will also need an Affidavit from any high court in Nigeria. Just go to the high court in your state and apply to a for an affidavit of a change of name.

Original WAEC certificate to be corrected: Lastly, you need to submit the certificate you want them to correct. If possible, get your original WAEC certificate.

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How long does change name/date of birth in WAEC result take?

It will take about 6 months or more for WAEC to change your name or date of birth in your WAEC result or certificate. After following the steps given below, you will be asked to come back later. It is advisable to subsequently check their office to know when the result will be ready.

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How to change name/date of birth in WAEC results

Follow the instructions below to change your name/date of birth in your WAEC result or certificate:

First and foremost, it is important to note that the steps to take if you want to change your name/date of birth in WAEC result depends on whether you are a private candidate or school candidate. But don’t worry, i will show you the procedure for both cases in this post.

If you are a private candidate (GCE), WAEC requires that you send your request for an amendment to WAEC directly. To do this;

  • Go to the biggest WAEC office near you.
  • Inform any of the staff that you want to correct an error in your WAEC certificate.
  • Submit your original birth certificate, affidavit, WAEC certificate, Letter of Application and your N10,000 to them.
  • Now you will be told to come back later and get the corrected result.

Usually, when you ask them when the certificate will be ready, they tell you one year or more. But don’t worry because it may not take up to that time. Just make sure that you check up on them always.

Now, for school candidate. The process of changing your name/date of birth is very different from that of private candidates. In my view, it is alot more easier but will cost more money.

  • Candidates are required to submit their documents to their school principal who will make the request on their behalf.
  • Simply go to the school where you took your WAEC exam
  • Inform the school principal that a mistake was made in your WAEC result and that you wish to rectify the problem.
  • Provide all the requirements mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial.
  • The school principal might ask you to pay some money. Pay the required sum and that is all.

What to do if you want to use the result for something very quickly

If you wany to apply for admission or anything very important to you and don’t want to wait for one year because that opportunity will elapse, i recommend that you request for WAEC attestation of result.

What you need to do is to tell them that you lost your WAEC certificate and you need an attestation of result. During the application, tell them the correct name or date of birth you want to be on the result.

READ MY POST on how to retrieve lost WAEC certificate and get an attestation of result here.

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In conclusion, i must also state that you can’t successfully change your name/date of birth in WAEC result/certificate without any of the requirements mentioned above.

I hope you were able to change your change your name and date of birth after following the instructions given here. Kindly send your questions using the comment section below. I will also be glad if you make your contributions and share your experience with others here.

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