How To Dress On A First Date For Guys

How To Dress On A First Date For Guys: Dates are social meetings held privately by two persons where they get to know about themselves, eat some food and enjoy each other’s company. How a person dresses goes a long way to determine how the person is perceived, the personality of such person, and in some ways, affect the confidence of a person.

Casual Outfits For Men to Wear on Their First Date
Casual Outfits For Men to Wear on Their First Date

A guy going out on a date has to put into consideration a lot of factors in making sure that the date goes smoothly. One of this involves making due preparation and arrangement for how he will be dressed. Most people will ordinarily form an impression about a person from looking at the way the person is dressed. When going out on a date it is therefore imperative to make a good first impression.

While so many things may be out of our control when we are out on a date, the way we are dressed, and our overall appearance is one within our grasp which we can conveniently control.

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How to Decide on the Best Outfits For Men to Wear on Their First Date

The following are to be put into consideration before reaching a conclusion as to what should be worn on a date;

1. The Personality of the person we are going out on a date with: A date is usually arranged for by two people who are trying to know themselves better or who are desirous of spending some time with each other. As such, the personality of the lady should be considered by the guy before getting dressed for a date. Where the lady is an outgoing and likes to dress exquisitely, the guy must ensure to match this spirit both in his appearance and in the way he speaks.

How to Dress on a First Date for Guys
How to Dress on a First Date for Guys

Conversely, where the lady in question is a quiet and solemn person, the guy must match this attribute in his appearance and conversations. The reason why this is of huge necessity is that where a guy goes out with a lady who likes to be exquisite and such guy is dressed solemnly, he may very likely begin to feel uneasy about his dressing or feel underdressed.

This may in some ways affect his confidence and calm. Where on the other hand, a guy dresses way more exorbitantly than the lady, the lady may very likely begin to feel down about her dressing, and this may affect the overall flow. In situations where the guy is unsure about the preferences of the lady, it is best to lurk around the middle. Moderation in anything can never go wrong.

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2. The type of Date: There are a wide variety of dates people can go for. There is the elegant date involving asking a lady out to a nice/classy venue and giving her a good treat of food and drinks, there is the picnic date involving two people going outdoor for a picnic with food, drinks and enjoying nature together, there is the movie date, which involves seeing a nice movie either in the cinema or any other private venue.

The Men's Guide to Date Night Outfits
The Men’s Guide to Date Night Outfits

There is also the lunch date, travel date, friends date, sports date, walk date, dance date among others. So, the type of date in question will influence what clothing attire will be appropriate. For instance, an elegant date in a classy restaurant in the evening or at night may go perfectly with getting suited up. Most persons attend this date from work, so its fine to appear dressed in corporate work clothes.

Also, this kind of date may go perfectly with wearing a matching native attire and a good leather footwear. This same clothing attire will go perfectly for a lunch date as most people leave work half-way to attend lunch dates. Where the date in question is a movie date, a good jean and polo with a nice pair of snickers may just do the wonder. For a dance, music or live band date on the other hand, the nature of the dance will have to be put into consideration in determining the attire to adorn, as this usually requires something free that can be danced with.

For say a clubbing date, the attire of the guy should be one that is club appropriate and one that allows him to dance and keep the lady entertained in the club. The nature of the date a person has in mind is a big factor in determining what to wear. It is not enough to be dressed properly; a true gentleman must know how to dress properly for every occasion.

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3. The prevailing Custom: One of the hallmarks of a true gentleman is that he knows how to respect the custom of others as well and with as much grace as he respects his own customs and cultures. This makes a gentleman truly distinctive in his manner of dealing with people.

What should a boy wear on his first date
What should a boy wear on his first date

When going out on a date, it is very important to respect the dress cultures of the place where the date is to take place. It would for instance be very odd to go out on a date in London without wearing a coat and a leather glove during winter, similarly, it will be truly strange to go on a date in Nigeria wearing those in the peak of the dry season.

While it is important to maintain our individuality, it is also key that we respect the prevailing custom in the place where we intend to have the date.

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4. Never forget your accessories: What makes an attire stand out most times is the accessories completing the attire. A guy going out on a date should pay some attention to how well his accessories complement his attire. Accessories include anklets, belts, bangles/ bracelets, pins, cuff links / studs, eyeglasses, pocket handkerchief, et cetera.

These accessories must complement the clothes worn. Also, a gentleman must take due care in picking his perfume. The rule is that it should not be one that that easily solicits a comment, whether positive or negative. A man’s cologne should be mild and not excessive. A gentleman should always have his hair properly cut as this makes a person look smart.

The finishing touches cannot be left out, nails looking short and clean, clothes properly laundered, well ironed and footwears well polished or washed. These seemingly small things go a long way to affect the impression a person makes of us.

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As a gentleman, a date is an opportunity to spend some time in the company of someone we like and possibly get to learn a few things about the person. Dressing well is a pivotal consideration in a date going well as such cannot be ignored. When selecting the proper outfit to use for any date, be sure to do all of the above and it the first wonderful impression will be made.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a smile. Its one of the few things we can give without sacrificing anything. If you must wear anything for a date, wear a smile and a good attitude, ready to listen and enjoy the company of the other person.