How to Introduce a Guest Speaker: 8 Tips to Properly Introduce Someone

How To Introduce a Guest Speaker: There are situations when we are in attendance of a public event and we are called upon to introduce a guest speaker. In situations where this is done abruptly, we become deeply confused and unsure how to go about it.

When called upon to introduce a guest speaker, there are a few things we must bear in mind and consider closely. This article gives a general overview on how to introduce a guest speaker in any occasion.

How To Introduce a Guest Speaker
How To Introduce a Guest Speaker

There are instances where introductions of this nature come to our knowledge before the occasion. In such situations, we can undergo the requisite preparation to ensure that we ace our introduction. Conversely, there are also instances where we are not given any prerequisite knowledge of the fact that we will be introducing a guest speaker. This article provides adequately for any of the two situations above.

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Who is a Guest Speaker

A guest speaker is a person who is required to give a speech in any public occasion. Such individual in most situations are given knowledge of the fact that they will be required to give the said speech.

Creative ways to introduce someone in a speech sample
Creative ways to introduce someone in a speech sample

A guest speaker may be required to present a speech on an industry, professional knowledge, academic knowledge, societal knowledge, political issues and contemporary issues.

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Tips on How to Introduce a Guest Speaker

The following tips should be considered closely when introducing a guest speaker:

1. Have good Knowledge of the Occasion: A person who is obligated with introducing the guest speaker must have a proper understanding of the nature of the occasion in question. A good understanding of the persons in attendance of the occasion, and their level of specialty or qualifications will gona long way to ensure a proper Introduction is given.

Creative ways to introduce someone in a speech sample
Creative ways to introduce someone in a speech sample

Where the audience in question is made up of Professionals, the Introduction must be done in a way that is professionally pleasing. Where alternatively, the audience consists of sports persons chiefly, that most also be put into consideration. So for instance, when introducing a person to professionals, it would be fine to begin with a formal greeting and acknowledgment of the professionals. Also, care most also be taken to respect the hierarchy of individuals present therein.

2. Have good Knowledge of the Person being introduced: There can be no great Introduction given without a good knowledge of the person being introduced. Knowledge of the professional life, and career development of the person as well. If it is possible to have a copy of the person’s resumé before the occasion, it’s best to study it properly before the occasion.

It is even better in some situations to have a written summary of the person’s qualifications and career development on paper. Where there is no adequate time to prepare before being called upon to do the Introduction, it’s best to keep it short and simple. Just give a brief introduction of either what you know about the person or what the person will be speaking about.

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3. Speak briefly on the topic and its importance: A good knowledge of the topic to be presented should be given. The audience should have the topic impressed on their minds and their expectations on the speaker should be as high as possible.

The audience should be given the opportunity of having to be told briefly about the topic the presenter will be speaking on. An introduction of this topic should be brief. It can be done thus: “Ladies and Gentlemen, our speaker, Mr. Smith, is a leading figure in the Nigerian Maritime industry, and he will be speaking to us today about ship financing in Nigeria. Finance continues to be an issue bedeviling the industry and Mr. Smith is here to guide us through the hurdles associated with it in the Maritime industry.”

4. Make the speaker feel welcomed: The guest speaker must be made to feel very welcome in the presence and the audience. Whatever that can be said to lighten the mood of the audience and put the audience in high spirits should be said.

How to introduce a speaker in a seminar
How to introduce a speaker in a seminar

The speaker should be made to feel that the audience is particularly interested about the topic he will be presenting on, and also willing to given him the attention he desires. The speaker’s task ought to be made easy by the person doing the Introduction. It is therefore imperative to give a good Introduction.

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5. Speak clearly and audibly: For a person to be able to perfectly control an audience, such person must be willing to speak very clearly and audibly. There should be a good control of the audience with the manner of speaking and the tone of voice.

It is easier to get an audience to listen when a person is speaking audibly and clearly than when he is not. Knowing a topic or world-view that unites the audience and capable of seizing the attention of the audience will go a long way to help the speaker.

6. Be conservative with time: Most occasions are slated for a particular time frame. It is always best to keep this time frame in mind. Where a minute has been allocated for making Introduction about the speaker, staying within this time specification goes a long way to aid the speaker.

Speaking too much during the Introduction may lead to a situation where the time of the speaker is eaten into. This must be avoided as much as possible.

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There is no single best way for giving an introduction about a speaker. But it is important to have a few things in mind. The nature of the audience, the qualifications of the speaker, the topic being presented on among others. Knowledge of these will go a long way in influencing the the quality of speech to be given by the speaker and also impress rightly on the minds of the audience.

There are instances where s person would be required to give an introduction of a speaker on a very short notice. There is also no need to be scared or feel fraustrated about this. Speaking with a high pitch both about the topic being presented and the person making the presentation, no matter how brief will go a long way in influencing the introductory speech.

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