How To Make A Guy/Man Obsessed With You: 10 Tips

How To Make A Guy Obsessed With You: Humans are emotional beings as much as they are political in nature. The very fact that they do not enjoy living in isolation engenders the common phenomenon of interpersonal relationships. Communication has been the driving force of unions and friendships.

Men and women are believed to love differently and so, some characteristics defines the extent at which each of the gender is actually in love with the other. A man in most cases show stronger desire for the woman in which case, one might regard it an obsession (but in a positive light).  Woman are always concerned about the level or degree of affection felt by the man.

How does an obsessed man behave?
How does an obsessed man behave?

This is because, men are or can be very reserved in terms of emotional expression. So, the woman wants to understand whether or not the man is actually obsessed with her. In a situation where he is obsessed with her, it gives her more confidence about the mutuality of the love however, where the obsession is not there she might want to ignite the passion or increase the level. So we are going to consider some of the ways a girl can actually make a guy get obsessed with her in love.

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10 Tips On How To Make a Guy Obsessed With You

1. Be obsessed with him: It has been mentioned earlier that love is a mutual feeling between a man and a woman who feels strong emotional affection for each other. So, if it is mutual, it also means that each of them should be reasonably obsessed with the other person and vice versa.

How to make your crush obsessed with you
How to make your crush obsessed with you

It shouldn’t be left for the guy alone to feel obsessed about the girl as it would be an unequal affection. Such feeling get weakened over time and fade. Where it is mutual, both parties feel thesame level of romantic energy and encourage each other. So, in other to make a guy get obsessed about you, you need to first; get obsessed about him.

2. Make him feel loved: Love is an affection, an intagible quality and so cannot be seen but felt and experienced. In order to achieve a global relationship where the guy gets obsessed about you and don’t want to lose you, you need to love him and show him how much you truly love him.

Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You Using Psychology
Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You Using Psychology

Professing your love for him is great but not enough. Words should be matched with actions. Show him that you truly care for him by sharing in his moments, making him feel he has someone who truly cares about him and want the best for him. This is one of the surest ways to get a guy obsessed about you.

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3. Make him feel valued: In love and affection, one thing is important, it is always advised that the couples don’t lose their values. Their self respect and pride should be sustained and preserved. Where a guy is in love with you, you need not reduce his worth and see him from the point of his weakness or emotional vulnerability but from the place of strength and respect. Show him how much you value and respect him and his opinions.

How To Make A Guy Obsessed With You
How To Make A Guy Obsessed With You

Every man loves respect especially from those they love and this is a subject of concern because, the place of love is the place of truth and vulnerability and so, it’s easy to see the other party from their weakest point but where you want the man to love you and be obsessed about you, you need to show him respect and make him feel valued.

4. Balance the relationship: Being in a relationship can be very challenging. It poses a lot of differences that requires patient and understanding. This means that there are or will be times when things might become rough and less cozy, and in such situation, the relationship is being tested. It is more atuned to the men due to the fact that they are seen as the stronger vessel and so, has more life obligations.

How to make a guy obsessed with you online
How to make a guy obsessed with you online

To have the man obsessed about you, you need to be his balance. Be the balance in the relationship and not add to the list of the things that would disorganize the relationship. This way, he sees you as a strong woman with great understanding and positive intent who wants the best for him and the relationship. It will be rare to accomplish this and not have the man all over you.

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5. Be smart: Being smart is relative. One can be educated and smart, one can also be less educated and Smart or completely lacking in understanding. This makes the point very important in any relationship. Being smart in a relationship goes to the kind of decisions you take and the way you respond to challenges that comes your way.

Ways to Make a Guy Crazy About You
Ways to Make a Guy Crazy About You

Your temperament and level of intelligence in handling situations. This is something every reasonable guy would be proud of. Having a woman that is smart and knows how to manage conflicts. The man begins to see you as his safe place and that makes you indispensable and invariably, makes him obsessed about you.

6. Have fun: Love and relationship is not a job or a hard but and so, should be easy going and flexible. One should be more atuned to fun and having fun from time to time. Learn how to spice up the relationship and make yourselves more comfortable. It should be less serious sometimes.

Don’t be reserved or timid. Don’t be shy to opt for fun activities. This is one of the things that would make the guy get used to having you around and never want to let you go. He will eventually get obsessed about you and how much fun you bring to the table.

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7. Allow yourself to be vulnerable: Love and affection in a relationship is a position of weakness and great vulnerability. Couples gets to learn intimate and personal matters about each other and they is a lot of exposure. To have a guy get obsessed about you; you need to show your true color to him (even if that means being vulnerable and weak).

This is a way to initiate trust and engender an affectionate bond and that is one of the ways to have him get obsessed about you.

8. Take care yourself: The way men are created and configured makes it implicit that they are attracted to good looks and charms. This is a foundational secret. Most guys want a woman who is always on point with her looks and always exquisite in her appearance.

They want a girl that leaves a lasting impression or image in their minds and so, it becomes easy to Identify their weakness and use it to a positive advantage. Always take care of yourself, look and smell nice, wear a smile and be caring. That is one of the strongest tool of getting a man obsessed about you.

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9. Sexual compatibility: Sex is one of the most topical issues in any romantic relationship. It is one of the bedrock of many relationship conflicts and that is because, the couples failed to understand and work on their sexual compatibility. Sexual compatibility addresses the couples sexual interest and their disposition to sex. What they want and how they want it. It is something most people pay less attention to, however, it still remains a very important aspect of a relationship.

To be sure to achieve a healthy and enjoyable relationship, be sure to fit into the fantasies of your spouse sexually and where you have reservations, be sure to discuss them with him. It suffices to state that where you are sexually compatible with your man, you easily get him obsessed about you.

10. Empathy: Everyone has his or her problems and moments of sad memories, emotional breakdown and confusions. In as much as the man is biologically built to be tough and strong emotionally, there are times when he will need an emotional companion and support from his partner.

You need to be there to show him empathy and genuine concern. Try to understand his situation and share in his sadness. Encourage and support him emotionally. He will be delighted at it and considers you an asset. By this, he won’t want to lose you for whatever reason.

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Conclusively, it is more interesting to be in a relationship with someone who truly loves and cares for you. It is easier to get them to do things for you. They understand you and other times, they try to put themselves in your position to understand you better. Love is mutual and sould be enjoyed and not endured. It takes collective effort to get it working.