How to Read/Study At Night Without Sleeping: Top 11 Techniques

How to read at night without sleeping: I was once a student so I understand how it feels like to go for night classes to read, but end up sleeping throughout the night. In those days, I used to get angry at myself for not being able to read at night. But the truth is that I couldn’t stop myself from sleeping. It was a big problem for me during my university days because I was usually occupied with one or two administrative duties in the day. It continued this way until a friend of mind recommended a book by Silverus O. Ogbewey. That book changed my ability to utilize the power of night reading.

After remembering the book last week, I decided to share some of the tips I learned from it in my blog. Basically, we will be looking at the 10 tips to read at night without sleeping in this article. So, if you are finding it difficult to read for long at night, or you can’t even wake up to read at night at all, I strongly recommend that you read and share this article. This work contains proven techniques to read throughout the night without feeling sleepy at all.

Don’t think it is impossible to do it because know many students that stay up all night to read without sleeping. Besides, Theron Oumont, the author of “power of concentration” said that, the mysterious power of the night can put one in a concentrating, reposeful, receptive and acquiring frame of mind for quick understanding, recall, retain and concentration more than the day time.

From the above quote, you can see that it is possible to read at night with full concentration and without feeling sleepy.

How to Read at night without sleeping and full concentration
How to Read at night without sleeping and full concentration

Now lets quickly look at the 10 proven ways read and night without sleeping. Here we go!

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How to Read/Study at Night With Full Concentration Without Sleeping

Below are tips to read at night with full concentration and without feeling sleepy:

1. Avoid stressful activities during the day: Stress is any activity that can injure the muscles of the body and brain which would be in the form of extreme trekking, standing, exercising etc. Biologically, any strenuous or stressful activity, you embark on during the day can affect your night studies negatively. As a matter of fact, your ability as a student to make good use of the night for 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration depends on the kind of activity you underwent during the day.

The less the work load and strenuous activity in the day hours, the more efficient and alert you will be at the night in studying at length with a high comprehension rate, concentration and mental power of reasoning.

Moreover, studies has also shown that, chronic stress can cause your body to secret chemicals that can destroy brain cells and impede mental performance, to working at its peak level.

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2. Take a siesta or nap: Siesta is another memory booster tactics, for improving mental alartness and sharpness. This gives the body adequate rest and you can make good use of it at night for effective studies and adequate preparation. It eliminates negative effects or pain of the body cased by extreme stress which may hinder early wake up.

Siesta is a short sleep or rest taken during the day or after lunch or work. It is one of the secrets of all academic genius.

According to neurology and behavior, nap is the only time for putting the body and mental chemistry into relaxation for creative thinking, day-dreaming and brainstorming, thus creating rooms for intuitive knowledge and retaining and recalling power.

Science has shown that 40 minutes nap improves body performance by 34% and ability, to retain, think it increases memory power by 25% and helps to control bad feelings or emotions which can serve as mental blockage, that decreases IQ and creative thinking during studies.

Siesta can help one to be positive, in thinking intuitive (I.e thinking from the heart) which is the best form of thinking not intellectually (I.e thinking from the head) and when you think intuitive, you become a master controller of your life. By being responsible and creative by thinking interlectually, everything around you will tend to controlling your life, because you want to gain acceptance and at the same time, please them.

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3. Don’t eat too much but moderately: This is another brain booster and stay awake tactics which can improve your IQ or make mental and body chemistry, more efficient and alert, towards making effective use of the night for studies and brainstorming.

Eating moderately is the best form or habit of eating which is common to all geniuses, who had made it and want to make it academically with good grades. It involves knowing when and what to eat I.e eating to satisfy hunger only. Science has proven that, the activity level or the peak condition of the brain can be controlled be “when” and “what” we eat.

Moreover, the ability of the brain to work magnificently, at its peak condition depends on good nutrition. According to dietitians and tactics, it is a proven fact that most academic geniuses and gurus that ever lived with IQ such as Albert Einstein, sir Isaac Newton etc were men who lived on moderate and balanced diet, that is they eat only when they are hungry, not when they feel like.

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4. Take a cool bath and stay cool: As a matter of convenience, cool bath or air is another brain booster and stay awake tactics that can stimulate any student, to make good use of his or her early hours (AM) and late hours of the 24 hour period (That is, PM immediately when awake and going to bed) for 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

One main reason why you can read and understand with ease at the early (AM) and late hours of the day (Pm) is that the atmosphere condition, at this time is always calm, cool and conducive for learning.

The rate at which you recall and retain, depend on the temperature of the environment at that time. Besides, it is advisable, to always take cool bath after lectures and before going to bed at night.

Discoveries had revealed that, taking cool bath or air at late hours and early hours of the day, particularly, when feeling hot and tired, decreases the body temperature and increase mental alertness, sharpness, comprehension and concentration, toward length studies without drowsiness. In addition, cool bath or atmosphere helps to stimulate and energized the body and mental chemistry hence making them to work in unison.

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5. Brush before going to bed and when awake: This is another stimulating and energizing instrument of change, that can make the brain to work at its peak interlectual level and with a high level of mental alertness and sharpness. It is one of the important tips to read at night without sleeping.

Biologically speaking, the mouth is one of the part of the human body which contain the tongue, teste buds of the tougue, teeth and saliva. Besides, it has a direct link to the brain and contain sensory cells called taste bud of the tongue, which relay information to the brain of interpretation.

Experience and research had shown that, brushing your mouth with good toothpaste, before going to bed and when awake for studies, increases one’s rate of concentration, comprehension, mental alartness and sharpness. This, acts as a stimulants in awaken you up early, for studies, if you decide to sleep after dinner and intend to make good use of the early hours of the day.

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6. Go early to bed with obsess mind: Another way to read with full concentration without sleeping is to go early to bed with obsess mind. By going to bed early, after a light (moderate) diet, having a cool bath and brushing your mouth and with an obsession for study gives you control in accessing the night hours easily. These practices reprogramed your subconscious mind for early rising and studies at night and before going to bed.

As a matter of convenience, your sleep time is indirectly put to use by deliberately giving your subconscious mind complex task which pose problems to you, for solution before falling asleep. Be rest assured, your subconscious mind, will always provide the correct answers. The subconscious mind will is where all our impressions, thought and actions are registered. But what is more fascinating about it, is that, it has access that we don’t know about.

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7. Use bright light: Scripturally speaking, when God created the world: a good and bright light was the first thing he created with spoken works. This does not mean that he was blind, but because he needed a bright light for creative. And as a student, who wants to take his or her generation or department academically by storm, you must understand that you have been created for creativity to give light. So give studies a good and a bright light, if you must make good grades.

From this definition, light is a form of “energy” that is radiated outward from a source. This means that light has energy, and energy is the ability to do work which could be studying on the table for length hours at early and late hours of the day besides creating room for mental alertness and sharpness.

The quality and type of light used in studying counts on every individual’s mental performance to work at its peak level either negatively or positively.

Neurological studies have shown that bright and white light brightens the memory system of the brain and energizes the brain cells or mental circuitry, to operate at a high level at which it can do anything such as high mental retention, comprehension, concentration, alertness and sharpness, hence, suppressing the brain hormones, that promotes drowsiness and mental weakness.

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8. Listen to soft music with inspiration overtone: Music is any sound that please the ear. It is a form of wave energy that is regular or periodic in nature. It is one stay awake technique or means, you can apply to boost your IQ and faculty of creative imagination; particularly, soft musicals with no or low overtone and and wording which are inspiring as well as motivation to the body and mental chemistry.

As a matter of fact, studies had shown that, music or sound of any kind has influence (which could be negative or positive) on every individual, particularly young people or college students who want to make good use of the inspiration and 99% perspiration.

The rate or ability at which any student can be motivated or inspired to read and understand at lengthy hours, without being drowsy or falling asleep and still mentally concentrate, comprehend, be creative in thinking, retain, recall, solve complex problems, be mentally alert and sharp with ease, depends on the kind of music or musicals played at that time of studies.

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8. Take little water (Hydration): Hydration is another stay away technique in overcoming sleep when reading at night. It simply means taking in water little by little and with time (sipping) to renew and refresh your body and mental energy. It is not advisable to be eating, at early and late hours (I.e at night) during studies to avoid digestion override or constipation.

Owning to this fact, the hardest work in life is brain work, the brain draws up water and food nutrition above normal, from all parts of the body during studies, thereby causing dehydration.

Dehydration in high or low level can cause tiredness, drowsiness besides, it reduces mental alertness and sharpness. This is why sleep experts recommend sipping water, as an effective stay awake tactics. If nothing else, staying well hydrated will keep you running to the bathroom and that get you out of your chair.

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10. Take a walk or be a social animal: The last tip to help you read for long hour at night without falling asleep is by taking a walk. It involves engaging your mental and body chemistry physically hence doing something such as taking a break after reading, embarking on a social conversation, writing, walking around etc. This practice improves your memory system and stimulate your mental alartness and sharpness.

Remember, there is an adage that says “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In other words, works comes before play. Don’t over do it or extremely stress yourself mentally. Academic, success is not in the length of time you read, but the depth it is not “how far” but “how well“. It is knowing and doing the right thing and at the right time, in the right way.

How to Read for long hours without sleeping
How to Read for long hours without sleeping

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11. Make A Timetable For Reading And Keep To It: This is the first step you must take if you really want to engage in night reading (whether you are a student or not). If you are a student, you must have your own reading plan which you must follow strictly on daily basis. However, you can make it a weekly timetable or a daily one.

How can I read all night without falling asleep?
How can I read all night without falling asleep?

But it is better to create a reading timetable for the whole week so that you will know what to read on each day of the week. So, you do not have to contemplate the subject to read at night during the day or by extempore because it is already written down in your timetable.

Again, when you create a timetable, it creates a sense of purpose in your brain and helps to make the whole of your body to work together in order to achieve a goal. As a student, your personal timetable will always help you plan your day before time. The timetable must be created to contain the night hours that can help you achieve your daily purposes.

This is because if it does not suit your daily activities (for instance, you usually sleep at 11pm, but you fixed a subject to read at that time), it is not well-organised and will not help you achieve your reading goals. However, some readers usually assign a particular subject for each day. Even though they may have to study other subjects, they know that they have a core subject fixed for that day. Again, you must follow that timetable on daily basis. So, you must not do some other things in your reading hours.

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So far, i have mentioned and explained some tentative tips to help students who are finding it difficult to read with full concentration at night and students who can even wake at night to read.

Trust me; if you make good use of the tips shared here, you will be surprised at the result. It work really for me and I am sure it will work for you too. I hope that after reading this work, you want ask how to read without sleeping again.

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