Best Hospitals In Nigeria 2024: Top 14 Biggest

Top 14 Best Hospitals In Nigeria: The health sector is one of the highly regulated sectors. It ought to be one of the sectors most invested in. This calls for the attention of not just the government but the private sector as well. Good enough, both the public and private sector are free to own and operate hospitals as long as the requirements are met. The operation of hospitals needs a lot of funds and adequate facilities.

The call for utmost concern towards the health sector is for the fact that it is the hope of the nation; since the sector squarely deals with the sustenance of human lives. Hospitals are rated based on their capacity which includes; the availability of health facilities and technologies, policies and management system, availability, quality and efficiency of the man power (health practitioners and other aids), infrastructural adequacy and development, public reports, and other relevant considerations.

Every hospital knows its perceived worth and capacity as well as the general public. But upon specific evaluation and assessment, just like in every field, there are Nigerian hospitals that have distinguished themselves in the health sector.

The quality of services they render, the adequacy of facilities and man power, and their policy of management, has drawn people’s trust and attention towards them at a very high regard.

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Top 14 Government and Private Hospitals in Nigeria 2024

1. Primus International Super Specialty Hospital: Primus hospital is an internationally established hospital having its branches in Nigeria, India, and Benin Republic. The Nigerian Branch located in Karu, Abuja was established by its branch in India. The hospital’s pharmacy is one of the largest in Nigeria, being well equipped and specifically regulated.

best hospitals in Nigeria and their costs
best hospitals in Nigeria and their costs

The pharmacy has technologies for the conduct of drug test in ascertainment of its quality. Both the pharmacy and the medical centres run a 24 hour system. Primus hospital specializes on Surgery, and has advanced medical facilities, quality and adequate infrastructure, save and conducive environment.

The hospital employs world class surgeons that render quality health care services. The motto of the hospital is, “Health to all”. They operate standard, well equipped and advanced ambulances which are capable of managing complex emergencies. The ambulances are manned by specially trained experts. Primus hospital also operates satellite clinics round the globe.

The severe cases, the management makes arrangement for referral to their Indian branch, thereby making visa and travel easy for health purposes. The security system in Primus hospital is a tight one. The hospital has an advantage of large parking space for vehicles. They offer additionally, interpreter services, foreign currency exchange, and free WIFI. They have a special centre for sterilizing instruments.

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2. St Nicholas: St Nicholas hospital is located at Lagos Island, Lagos State. It is a privately owned and funded hospital in Nigeria, founded by Moses Majekodumi in the year 1968. The hospital has other branches at Maryland, Lekki, Free Trade Zone and at Etim Inyang Street, Victoria Island.

Biggest hospital in Nigeria
Biggest hospital in Nigeria

It is a 50 bed facility hospital, having conducted 80 percent successful kidney transplant in Africa. St Nicholas hospital is notable for rendering quality health care, for having quality medical practitioners, nurses, medical aids, and other health professionals. Their head office is located at 57 Campbell Street, Lagos Island. The hospital’s pharmacy is also specialists in conduct of drug testing and monitoring.

The hospital has Echocardiogram and other cardiology equipment. They render ultra sound and other radiography services.

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3. Eko Hospital: This is another privately owned and funded hospital located at Ikeja, Lagos State, having 130 bed facilities. The hospital was established in 1982. It was formerly Mercy Specialist Clinic which started in 2970. Eko hospital has an annex at Surulere having 40 bed facility and another annex at Ikoyi.

Best government hospital in Nigeria
Best government hospital in Nigeria

The hospital was formed by three medical doctors. The doctors used the first letter of their surnames to arrive at the name, “Eko”. They are; Alexander, Eneli, Sunday Kalu and Augustine Obiora. The Ikeja branch is their private teaching hospital.

4. Lagoon Hospital: Lagoon is an award winning, general, surgery, and teaching hospital located at Ikeja, Lagos State. The hospital was established in the year 1986, and was founded by Prof. Emmanuel and Prof. Oyin Elebute. Their current Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Olujimi Cokor. Lagoon hospital has branches at Apapa, Ikeja, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi. It was the first private hospital in Nigeria to perform an open-heart surgery successfully.

Best Hospitals in Nigeria in 2022
Best Hospitals in Nigeria in 2022

The hospital operates an advanced Information and Communication Technology which extends to making use of electronic record system. It is the first hospital in sub-Saharan Africa to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), and the only hospital so accredited by JCI in Nigeria. Lagoon was the first African hospital that performed the replacement of arm bone and joint with metal.

They offer quality and advanced medical services with their advanced and sophisticated medical technologies. Doctors can be engaged for home services, having over 200 experienced medical doctors. The hospital administration also ensures cost effectiveness.

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5. Reddington Hospital: Dr. Adeyemi Onabowale is the president/CEO and founder of Reddington hospital. It is a privately owned, award winning hospital which began as health care provider in 2001, and fully became a hospital in 2006.

Which is the best hospital in Nigeria
Which is the best hospital in Nigeria

The hospital is in affiliation with Cromwell Hospital, London. Reddington hospital has one of the best patient rooms in Nigeria. The hospital has over 75 consultants both full and part-time employment.

They specialize on renal dialysis, ophthalmology, radiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, pediatrics, obstetrics and genecology, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery.

6. University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan: Here is a public funded hospital in the list. University College Hospital is a publicly funded hospital located at Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Best Hospitals In Nigeria- Their African and World Ranking
Best Hospitals In Nigeria- Their African and World Ranking

It is a research and teaching hospital, established in the year 1957, having about 1000 bed facility.

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7. Evercare Hospital Lekki: The hospital is located at Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1, Lekki, Lagos. It is a 165 bed space facility hospital, privately owned and funded. They offer medical and surgical services.

The hospital operate 28 hospitals, 16 clinics, 75 diagnostic centre, having about 10,500 employees in 6 countries which are, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Kenya, and Bangladesh. The facilities of Evercare hospital contributes significantly to the society as they provide quality health care services to the people, employment opportunities while maintaining the standard of professional expertise.

They have well equipped ICU and dialysis lab, efficient laboratory department and other basis and advanced equipment for the various hospital departments.

8. First Consultant Hospital (First Consultant Medical Centre): This is another award winning, privately owned and funded hospital, located at Lagos Island, Lagos. This was the hospital where Patrick Sawyer of Liberia, the first Ebola Virus victim was diagnosed and hospitalized in 2014.

FCMC was founded in 1982. Its specialties includes; internal medicine, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatology. They are notable for their advanced medical technologies.

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9. Cedarcrest Hospitals: Cedarcrest hospitals are medical and surgical hospitals located at Gudu District, Apo, Abuja, Vcitoria Island, Lagos and Jebba, Niger State. The FCT branch was established in 3008 and incorporated in 2009. The hospitals are notable for having expert doctors, adequate, available and advanced facilities.

They have up to 500 employees, locally and internationally trained doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. Cedarcrest hospitals specialize on plastics surgery, orthopedic, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, neurosurgery, and other fields.

10. Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre: The hospital has its location in Abuja and was established in the year 2011. They are nephrology and cardiology specialists, extending their area of specialization to urology, radiology, general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, intensive care, and physiotherapy.

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11. The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH): The University of Port Harcourt was created by legislation in 1985, and it has a responsibility to provide the Nigerian public with specialized (tertiary) health services as well as engage in health and medical research to advance human understanding and the practice of medicine.

Most equipped hospital in nigeria
Most equipped hospital in nigeria

One of the most significant tertiary healthcare facilities in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta region is the University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital. The company thinks that if it didn’t offer medical care that was up to pace with worldwide best practices, there would be a lot of capital flight and a waste of our hard-earned money for medical treatment elsewhere.

The hospital’s objective is to provide top-notch healthcare services, research, and human resources while leveraging the finest possible modern technology, a well-trained and motivated personnel, and a patient-friendly culture. Its aim is to become the top-rated hospital in the world.

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12. Nisa Premier Hospital: The Nisa premier hospital is situated in Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria, at 5 to 17 Alex Ekwueme Street. The hospital is renowned for providing the greatest and most elite medical care services. The health and wellness of its patients are the Nisa premier hospital’s top priorities.

Which state has the best hospital in Nigeria
Which state has the best hospital in Nigeria

The hospital is set up to provide comprehensive exams, and the medical staff creates and administers precise diagnoses and treatments.

The hospital manages and conducts many tests, including cytology, immunology, histology, chemical pathology, hormone assay, and hematological investigations. A fertility facility is also administered by the hospital.

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13. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH): Situated in Kano, AKTH is a well-known tertiary healthcare facility that offers first-rate medical care. It provides specialized divisions with cutting-edge facilities, including cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and orthopedics. Because of its dedication to patient care and research, AKTH is regarded as one of Nigeria’s best hospitals.

Best hospital in Lagos, Nigeria
Best hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

The hospital was established to offer top-notch services with a committed staff that is committed to making wise, effective, and efficient use of the resources at hand in a setting that treats patients with the highest care and welcomes community involvement in its advancement. Additionally, AKTH maintains an HIV clinic supported by PEPFAR that offers Nigerian nationals several chances to participate in research studies.

14. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH): Lagos University Teaching Hospital is a well-known referral facility in Lagos that provides extensive medical care in a range of specializations. It is well known for its proficiency in emergency medicine, cardiology, and cancer. Due to its dedication to offering top-notch medical treatment, LUTH is a top option for both patients and healthcare providers.

Best private hospital in Nigeria
Best private hospital in Nigeria

Leading tertiary hospital Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) was founded to offer top-notch, globally recognized patient care, training, and research services. LUTH offers more than 950 admissions beds. Over 2,000 employees work at the hospital currently, including consultants, nurses, chemists, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists, nutritionists, hospital administrators, engineers and other staff members.

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Just as evidenced, private hospitals are more likely to make the list, especially when they have international affiliation. In Nigeria, it seems that private hospitals have more tendencies to be at the top for the reason of it being driven by private interests. Having more of Lagos and Abuja on the list is also not a surprise.

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