How To Know If a Person Is Trustworthy: 10 Signs

How To Know If a Person Is Trustworthy: Humans are known to be one of the most complex and complicated living beings. Aside from being gregarious in nature humans are known to have other unique traits that is quite remarkable. One of such trait or characteristics is trust. Trust is a firm conviction and belief in the reliability, truth or honesty, or in the ability of someone or something based on a previous performance or self conviction.

Trust they say is not easy to come by as it is considered one of the priceless human qualities. Trust is a strong reliant virtue and a solemn foundation upon which most of human interpersonal relationships are built. The essence of trust can not be overemphasized. Communication they say; is key to sustaining relationships but trust is the foundation upon which such relationship can be strongly built. Human existence is full of engagements. Whether it is official or unofficial in a domestic contexts, honesty is required and honesty brings or grooms trust. Knowing that someone is trustworthy or not can be a challenge sometimes. This is primarily because, most people want and would prefer to deal or have a meaningful relationship with trustworthy people.

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Dealing with a trustworthy person or people can be very advantageous because, you are assured of a reliant and and honest interactions with them that wouldn’t turn out different from what is expected. People who are considered not to be trustworthy are also known to breach contract agreement, betray their friends and do things that are quite unpredictable. This create unsettled disposition in the mind of the other party or parties involved. A major disadvantage of not being reliable or trustworthy is that, once people discover that you cannot be trusted, they often avoid you and having meaningful relationship with you for fear if betrayal.

Signs of Trust Issues & How to Get Over Them
Signs of Trust Issues & How to Get Over Them

Just like mentioned above, it is not so easy to discover one’s innate abilities and traits unless they overtly display them, in that case, the other party might have had a bad emotional experience. This article will help you discover and know whether a person is trustworthy or not by highlighting some of the basic pointers that shows or identifes that a person is trustworthy.

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How To Know If A Person Is Trustworthy

1. They Keep To Time: When it comes to punctuality, not everyone takes it seriously. Keeping to time is a personal decision and goes a long way to show a person’s personality and resilience. Keeping to time also shows respect for others and respecting agreed proposals. It is a way of showing that you can be trusted with serious matters having been able to take matters, as simple as time, very seriously.

How to Determine if Someone Is Trustworthy
How to Determine if Someone Is Trustworthy

Although not everyone that keeps to time that is trustworthy as punctuality is not the only standard of ascertaining a trustworthy individual, however, it speaks alot about the person’s commitment to things, tasks and engagements which also speaks about the person’s trustworthiness. So, in a nutshell, a person that is committed to punctuality is capable of being trusted.

2. They are consistent: Consistency can be challenging to some people. Being consistent is being able to maintain your proven standard anytime the the opportunity presents itself. Being consistent is not as easy because, as human, you might be tempted at some point to take a short cut or an easy way out and compromise standard.

Signs a man is trustworthy
Signs a man is trustworthy

A person that is trustworthy doesn’t always consider undue compromise to standard, they try to maintain standard by being consistent with what they do and how they relate with others. That way, they assure the people around them that they can be relief upon.

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3. They respect boundaries: People love to have and enjoy their space, some level of privacy and self-respect, they find it either uncomfortable or rude having other pry or intrude in their personal space. This is one of the things trustworthy people are committed to doing. They respect other people’s privacy and boundaries with the knowledge that, they have the right to release or share the amount of information they are comfortable sharing.

How to know if you can trust someone with a secret
How to know if you can trust someone with a secret

They don’t take undue advantage of their position and closeness to others to breach their space and boundaries so, when someone maintains the habit of respecting other people’s boundaries, chances are that they are trustworthy.

4. They keep to their promises: People consistently make promises practically on daily basis and in different occasions. Be it formal and corporate or informal and domestic environment, it is quite a habit to always keep to one’s promises and sustain the confidence reposed in them by others. People who are not trustworthy don’t hesitate to let others down by not keeping to their promises, they find it to be insignificant and inconsequential.

What are the traits of a trustworthy person?
What are the traits of a trustworthy person?

On the contrary, trustworthy people are always concerned about how others see them and work hard in protecting their image and personality, they always try to keep to their promise and in that regard, reassure those around them that they can be trusted.

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5. They make you feel safe: Trustworthy people understand that it is necessary to make others feel safe and they do this by not lcasting doubt in your mind at any particular point in time. They ensure that they don’t give you reason(s) to doubt them.

Signs a man is trustworthy
Signs a man is trustworthy

They always reassure you in words and through their actions that you’re safe or should feel safe and secured while dealing with them. Subtle ways of doing this could be by ensuring that every agreement reached which are meant to be confidential are held and kept in confidence. They ensure the seamless execution of agreements reached without persuasion.

6. They are humble: Arrogance is a language of the mean. Very reliable individuals are quite humble in character and in words. They are easy to understand and calm to be with. People who are not trustworthy may not have the patient to exhibit humility and so, they tend to be very arrogant.

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How To Know If a Person Is Trustworthy
How To Know If a Person Is Trustworthy

7. They compromise when necessary: A person that is trustworthy always considers the circumstances surrounding events and carefully adjust in other to accommodate others and not sticking to his or her personal principles when it would affect others negatively.

They considerably adjust or compromise to a certain reasonable degree in other to achieve relative peace and progress when dealing with other people.

8. They are truthful: No matter what the situation is and how difficult or hurtful it may sound, they don’t fail to tell the truth. This is a trait that exudes intergrity. People who are not trustworthy don’t always confirm to to the right side of intergrity test, they are often swayed by their own selfish interest.

So, being truthful at all times shows to a great extent that someone is trustworthy.

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9. They confide in others: People who are trustworthy are easily penetrable and so, they are good listeners and show affection for other people’s concerns.

In like manner, they also share their personality with others, they confide in them because they are simple and humble and so, have an open heart that is void of distrust.

10. They create time for others: Trustworthiness also implies being caring and caring entails creating time to understand what other people have to say or share. They make out quality time for others and so not self-centered.

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In conclusion, one of the major characteristics of trustworthy people is that, they have great personality and exudes a sense of genuine reputation and friendship. They are strong committed to building a good interpersonal relationships than being selfish and uncompromising.

Once a person is known or discovered to be trustworthy, he or she gains the attention if like minded people and those with strong will and desire to have meaningful interactions with strong and committed people.