Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria 2022 and How to Apply

Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria: Opportunities abound for scholars of different levels of education in Nigeria to advance their education at a reduced rate or even free of charge. Research has disclosed that there are over 500 scholarship opportunities for students in the undergraduate and post graduate levels of education every year in Nigeria.

If you are looking to benefit from the numerous scholarship avenues that are available, then congratulations! You’ve struck gold because we have dedicated this blog post to discussing the currently available scholarship opportunities for students in Nigeria. These opportunities are available in public and private universities as well as polytechnics and colleges of education.

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What are Scholarships?

Scholarship as used in this piece, refers to money or grant-in-aid provided by organisations, private individuals or the government in support of students’ education, that is, to help pay for the education of a student or a number of students as the case may be.

Scholarships can either be fully- funded or partly- funded. Fortunately, most of the scholarships that we shall be discussing in this post are of the fully funded variety.

How Do You Apply for Scholarships?

Application for these ongoing scholarship opportunities in Nigeria are quite seamless. You can apply online by filling your details into the requisite online forms and uploading the required documents on the online scholarship application platforms. You may be required, instead, to send the documents via courier to the school or organisation in charge of the scholarship programme.

Keep in mind that the documents that will be required of you for scholarship applications may differ depending on the level of education that you are on or that you are about to get on. It is important that you approach the application process with care and wisdom to avoid expending money and time to no avail. Apply for scholarships that you have after proper research, found yourself to be eligible for. Also ensure that you follow diligently, the instructions and guidelines prescribed for application.a

how to get scholarship abroad
how to get scholarship abroad

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Documents Required for Undergraduate Scholarship Application

The documents usually required for undergraduate scholarship application include the following:

a. Passport photos

b. Student ID card

c. Local Government Identification Certificate


e. UTME Result

f. Certificate of Birth

g. National Identification Number (NIN)

Documents Required for Post- Graduate Scholarship

Usually, the same documents are required for the various post- graduate levels such as masters and PhD degrees. The mandatory documents include the following:

a. Scholarship application form duly completed

b. Copies of Result transcript/diploma from your school

c. Letter of statement of purpose/ motivation

d. Recommendation letters (at least two)

e. Curriculum vitae (CV)/resumé

Other documents may be required of you to submit as part of the application process and they may include:

a. Bachelor’s degree certificate if you are applying for a master’s program

b. Master’s degree certificate and research proposal, if you are looking to obtain a PhD degree.

Note that these documents may differ for international scholarship applications.

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Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria 2022 for undergraduates, postgraduates and Secondary School students

Having looked at the basic requirements for you to be awarded a scholarship in Nigeria, let’s delve into the currently available scholarship opportunities that you can tap into this year.

The first set of scholarships are those sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria:

1. Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship for Undergraduate, NCE, HND and Post- Graduate 2022: The Federal ministry of education offers students in the various institutions of higher learning an opportunity to be a part of the interviews for award of scholarships in different Nigerian institutions.

Scholarship to study abroad for Nigerian students 2022
Scholarship to study abroad for Nigerian students 2022

Applications for postgraduate scholarship program must be by applicants who have at least a second class upper from their first degree. Other applicants who are undergoing various undergraduate programs, are required to be in second year of study and above in any Nigerian university, polytechnic, monotechnic or college of education.

They are also required to have a minimum of 4.0 CGPA on a scale of 5 points or a benchmark of a corresponding value as at the time of application for this scholarship. This requirement is applicable to physically challenged people as well.

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2. PTDF National Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Scholarships in 2022: PTDF stands for the Petroleum Technology Development Fund. This scholarship opportunity offered by this fund is open to all students, whether Nigerian or foreign, who are undergoing any course in a Nigerian university. It is open to undergraduate, master’s degree and PhD degree students.

Postgraduate scholarships in Nigeria
Postgraduate scholarships in Nigeria

The next set of scholarships for Nigerian students are those provided by oil companies.

Nigeria is popular as an oil rich country and it partners with several multinational oil companies to explore its huge oil resources. To show appreciation and as part of their corporate social responsibilities to the host communities where the oil exploration is done, these oil companies, many of which are foreign, award scholarships and provide busaries to students who are indigenes of those oil rich communities.

Some of the scholarships sponsored by oil companies are also of a nationwide flavour, meaning that students from all parts of the country and not just Niger Delta can benefit from them. ExxonMobil, NNPC, Chevron and Addax are some of the oil companies that provide scholarship to students in Nigeria.

Below are some of the ongoing opportunities for scholarship courtesy of oil companies in Nigeria.

3. ExxonMobil Undergraduate Scholarship 2022: In furtherance of its efforts to promote the growth and development of the educational sector of Nigeria, Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) which is the operator of the NNPC/MPN joint venture contract provides scholarship every year to eligible students in the undergraduate level in Nigerian universities. The company believes that investing in education will go a long way in building human capacity.

Scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for Secondary School students
Scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for Secondary School students

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4. NNPC/TOTAL National Merit Scholarships 2022: This scholarship program is available to eligible Nigerian students in institutions of higher learning such as universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education and so on.

NGO scholarship in Nigeria
NGO scholarship in Nigeria

It is made possible by the duo of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria (TUCN) in partnership with other members of their joint venture contract. It is an annual program.

5. Shell Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria 2022: Shell Petroleum Drilling Company (SPDC) popularly known as Shell is in charge of The University Scholarship Scheme. It is a scholarship program managed by Shell in representative capacity for the NNPC/Shell/Elf/Agip Joint Venture. It is a bold statement of the company’s resolute determination to ensure educational growth and consequently, human capacity development in Nigeria.

What are the scholarships available now
What are the scholarships available now

Aptitude tests are conducted every year as part of the screening to qualify students for the scholarship program. Over 4,000 undergraduate students in Nigeria are said to sit for the tests every year for a chance to benefit from the scholarship. To be eligible for the screening process, applicants must first submit copies of their UTME and SSCE results from which the applications with the best results will be notified to go on to the next stage of screening– the aptitude test.

There are also scholarships provided by other organizations that are nongovernmental and not necessarily affiliated to oil companies. These organisations may be profit oriented or non-profit ventures but they are united in their aim: to improve the lot of Nigerian students and build human capital by encouraging educational growth and development.

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6. MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 2022: This scholarship sponsored by the MTN foundation, is open to all undergraduates in their second year in any of Nigeria’s numerous institutions of higher learning. MTN is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in Nigeria and this is part of their corporate social responsibility program. It is an annual award made specifically to students who have proved that they are worth their salt in their chosen academic field of study.

Ongoing scholarship opportunities in Nigeria 2022
Ongoing scholarship opportunities in Nigeria 2022

The awardees are provided with book allowance, tuition and stipends as part of the scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a full time student in any science or technology related course.

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There you have it– the ongoing scholarship opportunities in Nigeria. You can seize the opportunity to win these scholarships and enjoy free education in any school in Nigeria. Most of these scholarships are awarded every year so you get the chance to try your luck as many times as possible as long as you’re still in the year of eligibility. Best of luck!

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