AAU School Fees: AAU Ekpoma 2024/2025 School Fees For All Courses

In the past two weeks, students have been calling me from Nigeria and other parts of the world seeking to know the school fee paid by students of Ambrose Alli University (AAU ekpoma). Apparently, this is an essential information that every aspirant of the prestigious Ambrose Alli University must know before applying for admission in the University.

How much is AAU school fee?
How much is AAU school fee?

You will agree with me that not knowing the school fee in the institution you wish to study is very fatal to your graduating from that school. The reason is because, most of the popular universities in Nigeria collect very high amount of money from students as school fees. So, in other not to dropout of school as a result of your lack of money to pay your fees, you are strongly advised to go through this post to assertain the amount paid as school fee in AAU ekpoma.

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Is AAU school fee for 2024/2025 out?

Yes! The management of Ambrose Alli University (AAU) has finally release her 2024/2025 school fee for students to start paying online. On this notice, old and new students of the university are advised to proceed to pay their school fee as early as possible.

If you do not know the exact amount to be paid for your course in the school, kindly scroll down this page to see the school fee for all the courses in the Ambrose Alli University.

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AAU School Fees for 2024/2025 

It is no longer news that AAU don’t publicly release her school fees for all department and courses again. The school fees below are those of previous years. Currently, the best way to check your school fees is to go to the university’s school fees payment portal generate remita for payment and the exact amount to be paid as school fees will be contained in your remita.

Also note that the school fees for old and new students are not the same. New students are additionally required to pay for clearance, hostel fee etc. It advisable to avoid paying your fees through someone you meet online because there are many scammers trying to steal money from students.

1Art, Social Sciences and Fine and Applied ArtsN34,500.00N97,750.00N49,625.00N48,125.00
2Economics, Public Administration, Business Administration and Banking & FinanceN40,000.00N111,500.00N56,500.00N55,000.00
3Natural Sciences, Agriculture and Education, physiologyN41,000.00N113,500.00N57,500.00N56,000.00
4Engineering, Natural Sciences (Microbiology and Computer Science), Architecture and BuildingN45,000.00N124,000.00N62,750.00N61,250.00
6Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anatomy, Nursing, Law and AccountingN47,000.00N129,000.0N65,250.00N63,750.00
7Institute of EducationN40,000.00N111,500.00N56,500.00N55,000.00
8Concessional FeeN10,000.00

How to Pay AAU School Fee 

Kindly follow the instructions below to pay your AAU school fee without mistake:

Step 1. Login to your profile in AAU portal with your USERNAME and PASSWORD using the link below: https://aaue.waeup.org/login

Notice: User names, Ids and passwords are case sensitive.

How to pay AAU school fee for 2019, 2020, 2021 academic session
How to pay AAU school fee for 2019, 2020, 2021 academic session

Step 2. At the top of your profile page, click MY DATA

Step 3. Next is to click on the payments button.

Step 4. Now you have to generate a payment ticket by selecting the appropriate payment item. Make sure you select SCHOOL FEE.

Step 5. After add your payment ticket, simply go the the bank assigned to your course for payment.

If you do not know the exact bank assigned to your course, please scroll down this page to check.

  • Faculty of Arts – First Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology – Eco Bank Plc
  • Faculty of Law – Keystone Bank Plc
  • Social Sciences – UBA Plc
  • Faculty of Education and Agriculture – Fidelity Bank Plc
  • Natural Sciences and College of Medicine and Management Sciences – Zenith Bank Plc
  • Environmental Studies – Union Bank Plc

Note: Please make sure that you pay to the bank assigned to your course. If you fail to comply with this instruction, you will face the consequences for your action.

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How Much is AAU Ekpoma Acceptance Fee 

AAU ekpoma acceptance fee for all courses and departments is N65,000 (Sixty five thousand Naira only). This money should be paid by every newly admitted students of the University as failure to pay the stipulated amount may lead to the forfeiture of the admission entirely.

When is the deadline for payment of AAU acceptance fee?

As at the time this topic was posted, there is no deadline for the payment of acceptance fee. Nonetheless, it is advised to pay your acceptance fee before the 3rd week after the fees was announced to avoid problems from the school.

How to pay AAU acceptance fee online

To pay your AAU acceptance fee, simply follow the steps I below:

Step 1: Login to AAU portal using your USERNAME and PASSWORD using the link below: https://aaue.waeup.org/login

Step 2. At the top of your profile page, click MY DATA.

Step 3. Click on the payments button.

Step 4. Now you have to generate a payment ticket by selecting the appropriate payment item. Make sure you select ACCEPTANCE FEE.

Step 5. After add your payment ticket, simply go the the bank assigned to your course for payment.

The same bank assigned to AAU school fees is also assigned for acceptance fee too. So you can check the bank above to know which bank was assigned to your course.

Other fees paid by students of AAU

  • AAU Student Welfare Assurance – N500.00
  • Library ID Card – N500.00
  • Use of Library / Library Guide Handbook – N500.00
  • AAU Lapel/File – N800.00
  • Matriculation Gown Fee – N2,000.00
  • Students’ Union dues – N1,000.00
  • Others – N60,000.00

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Interesting Things About Ambrose Alli University (AAU) You Should Know

1. The university is divided into many faculties, which are as follows: the College of Medicine, the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts, Education, Engineering and Technology, Law, Management Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences; and the Engineering and Technology Faculty.

Her candidates are guaranteed excellent and appealing programmes as a result of the availability of a variety of programmes. It provides a wonderful chance for students and candidates to get entry to the most prestigious degree available in the field of their choosing.

2. Research and new product development are two of AAU’s primary focuses. There are research centres and institutions devoted to a wide variety of fields, including biotechnology, energy studies, gender studies, environmental studies, and more.

Ambrose Alli University should be particularly pleased with itself for having achieved such a high level of distinction in the field of research. AAU is still considered one of the nation’s best universities, and it has a strong focus on research that makes extensive use of cutting-edge facilities and equipment that is up to worldwide standards.

3. There are a lot of students attending this institution, and they come not just from Nigeria but also from a variety of other nations. On campus, it offers student housing in the form of dormitories and hostels. Having a big student body at the university that comes from a variety of different backgrounds may help to create an atmosphere on campus that is alive and active.

There will be a diverse array of cultures, languages, and customs represented on campus as a result of the fact that students are coming from all over the nation as well as other areas of the world. Because of this diversity, students are able to connect and engage with classmates who come from a variety of backgrounds, which may enrich their learning experience and extend their viewpoints.

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AAU School Scholarships and Grants

To help outstanding students, AAU provides a range of grants and scholarships. These financial aid initiatives lessen the financial burden of school while enabling students to get high-quality education.

How much is Ekpoma school fees for freshers?
How much is Ekpoma school fees for freshers?

Merit-based scholarships are awarded by AAU following students’ results in the UTME, post-UTME performance, and pre-admission screening activities. Students who have demonstrated outstanding performance or promise in their particular field of study may also be eligible for departmental scholarships from several AAU academic departments. The usual criteria for awarding these scholarships are departmental recommendations and academic success. Talented athletes who have represented the University in a variety of sports tournaments and attained noteworthy achievements are given sports scholarships by the institution, which values sports and supports student-athletes. Additionally, students who demonstrate academic success are eligible to apply for the AAU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

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Okay! This is actually all I have for now on AAU school fee for 2024/2025 academic session. In a recap, I meticulously mentioned all the courses in the Ambrose Alli University (AAU) and their different school fees. Coupled with that, I carefully explained how you can pay AAU school fee without any problem.

Hope this topic was helpful to both New and Old students who have not paid their school fee yet? If you still have questions or contributions to make to this topic, kindly use the comment section below this post.

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