Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria 2024: Top 14 Highest Paying

Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria: Affiliate marketing is unquestionably among the most effective methods to monetize your blog and earn money online in Nigeria, especially if you don’t offer items or services. In Nigeria and other areas of the world, joining an affiliate marketing network may provide you with unique access to fresh material and exclusive promotions for your audience while also allowing you to make money. In Nigeria, you may join a variety of affiliate programs, ranging from online courses to online stores, software-as-a-service (SaaS) organizations, and other business affiliates.

In this article, we’ll look at a list of the top, finest affiliate programs in Nigeria with the biggest earning potential so you may profit from its content.

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Top 14 Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria 2024

1. Jumia Affiliate: In Nigeria, this is among the greatest affiliate programs for novices. Because of its dependability and regularity in paying partners, Jumia Partner is the most popular affiliate marketing network in Nigeria. This program is recommended if you are serious about building a profitable online market in Nigeria.

Hot High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria
Hot High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

As a Jumia affiliate, you earn money when you refer people to their website that convert (buy on Jumia). You’ll need an active website and the commitment to expand your firm to thrive in this industry. Within 30 days, you may earn up to 10% commission on every item sold.

Jumia pays a minimum of N2500 in the first week of the next month by bank transfer. This implies they’ll pay you in the first week of February for your January profits. They allow you to market their items alongside those of other businesses on the same website. Finally, Jumia does not charge affiliates for registration or banners – they are both free.

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2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Do you want to start a dollar-paying internet business? Start earning money as an Amazon affiliate now. Amazon is a multinational that specializes in eCommerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. It is among the major five American tech companies: Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria
Affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria

I regarded the Amazon Associate program to be the largest in the world. Because this service allows you to effectively monetize your traffic. With millions of goods on the site, you can be confident that your visitors will find something to buy.

How To Begin Amazon Affiliate Marketing

a. Join thousands of other creators, publishers, and bloggers by signing up.

b. Make millions of product recommendations to your audience.

c. Associate commissions of up to 10% can be earned on eligible purchases and programs.

3. PiggyVest Referral Program: It is among Nigeria’s greatest financial affiliate programs. PiggyVest (previously PiggyBank) is a web-based platform that makes it simple to save and invest. You may save money towards a specific goal on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or lock it away for a certain amount of time.

Best affiliate programs in Nigeria for 2023
Best affiliate programs in Nigeria for 2023

To attract additional users to the network, they introduced the PiggyVest affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Also, to assist you and me in earning more money online using our cellphones.  This scheme has the advantage of paying both you and the person you refer.

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4. Travelstart Affiliate Marketing: Travelstart is an online travel agency established on the ideas of simplicity and low prices. They started the business in 1999 and now have offices in various nations. With the Travelstart affiliate network in Nigeria, you may earn up to N400,000 every month.

Pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria
Pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria

How does Travelstart Affiliate Marketing work?

a. Sign up for free and receive a response from the staff within 48 hours.

b. With your affiliate tool, you may earn 70% of the airline commission or profit on every paid booking.

c. Additionally, any flights that do not begin in Nigeria earn you a flat charge.

d. They will pay you your commission two to three weeks after the month ends.

e. You may either choose to show the software to your readers in iFrame or text-link solution.

5. CowryWise Referral Program: Cowrywise thinks that all of its consumers should be rewarded. As a result, they created a referral scheme enabling affiliates to earn money by referring users to the website.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria
Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

What is Cowrywise, and what does it do?
Cowrywise, like PiggyVest, is a platform for stress-free saving and investing. They make it simple to do so using their automated platform.

CowryWise Affiliate Program: What You Should Know

a. CowryWise pays you when someone registers through your link and deposits money into their account.

b. For starters, you get N250 every genuine recommendation, and the recipient gets the same amount regardless of your own rank.

c. You earn N350 each recommendation as a campus ambassador. You may also earn N500 each referral as a business ambassador.

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6. Qservers Affiliate Program: There’s never been a better moment to monetize your website’s visitors by endorsing Qservers. They named Qservers as among the finest hosting businesses in Nigeria.

Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

They sell domain registrations, website design, digital marketing services, and more in addition to hosting. You have all of the digital marketing tools you need as a Qservers’ affiliate to turn your existing audience into earnings.

Because they provide you with a variety of unique affiliate identification numbers and distinctive banners and textual links to display on your site.

Their program records user behavior when they click on your links. In the following 24 hours, you may check your dashboard to see how your banners and links are performing. Qservers provide you with N500 for signing up.  You may earn up to a 20% one-time commission on each referral!

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7. Bet9ja Affiliate Marketing: Bet9ja bills itself as Nigeria’s best betting platform with the best odds. It includes major sporting events as well as other important entertainment events.

Top-Paying Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria 2023
Top-Paying Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria 2023

Bet9ja offers an in-house design team that may help you sell more easily. Custom banners and landing pages are available to engage your audience. If you want to collaborate, they’re willing to work with some of the city’s major partners.

How To Become A Bet9ja Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

a. Sign up for the Nigerian affiliate marketing website bet9ja.

b. Document all of the information they require and wait for their approval.

c. Bet9ja charges a 20% monthly net profit commission.

8. Wakanow Affiliate Marketing: It’s Wakanow if you want to work with Nigeria’s first online travel agency. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, they got even more momentum.

What is the highest paying affiliate program
What is the highest paying affiliate program

Their mission is to close the gap and eliminate inefficiencies in the travel business. Wakanow refers to affiliates as the company’s sales representatives.

How To Benefit From Wakanow Affiliate Marketing Website

a. Sign up as an affiliate and look for a confirmation email in your inbox.

b. When your user pays the registration price, you are paid through your referral link.

c. Increase product prices in Wakanow to increase earnings.

d. Discounts on airfares, hotels, airport pickup services, and Visa processing are all available.

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9. WhogoHost Affiliate Program: Whogohost takes pride in being Africa’s largest and most well-known web hosting company. For over 12 years, they have provided services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

You can use your referral link to advertise Whogohost’s services on your website. When a client you refer purchases one of their items, you get paid.

More information on Whogohost’s Nigeria Affiliate Program.

a. You might earn up to 15% commission on each referral.

b. You may use HTML code to show banners from Whogohost on your website.

c. Once your amount reaches $3,000, you can request a withdrawal.

d. The dashboard also displays the amount of visitors and signups you’ve received.

10. 1XBet Affiliate Marketing: 1XBET, an online betting company that debuted in 2011, is today regarded as one of the finest. Being a partner might provide you with additional money. Simply advertise their goods on your website, social media, and other traffic sources.

You will be paid a commission after your referral registers and deposits. You may make up to N300,000 per month with 1XBet, which is a legitimate internet company.

How Does 1XBet Affiliate Marketing Work In Nigeria?

a. Make an affiliate account for yourself.

b. Introduce 1xbet to new users.

c. For suggested consumers, you might earn up to 40% commission.

d. Withdraw your money by bank transfer once a week.

11. KONGA AFFILIATE PROGRAM: In Nigeria’s online industry, the Konga Affiliate Programme offers rich potential. Konga, a Jumia competitor, provides affordable prices and enjoys a high level of confidence from Nigerian consumers. Affiliates can benefit from Konga’s excellent brand recognition by making product recommendations and earning commissions. Affiliates have plenty of room to make money thanks to the regular clearance deals, which include the immensely lucrative Black Friday event. Nigerian affiliates can make up to 10% commission on each sale by signing up for the Konga Affiliate Network, with a monthly revenue potential of up to 20,000.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

A diversified client base is drawn to, a growing online marketplace that offers a wide variety of goods. To increase sales and earnings, affiliates can sign up and then generate interesting content with embedded affiliate links. To sign up for the Konga affiliate programme, just do the following:

a. Enrol in the Konga affiliate programme.

b. Sign in to your Konga affiliate account.

c. Choose the product you want to promote.

d. Copy the affiliate link for the product or goods you wish to advertise

e. Create product-related content for your website, blog, and social media accounts.

f. Integrate the product link into the content you generated.

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12. SHOPIFY AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Located in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is a global e-commerce business. It’s typical for Nigerian affiliate marketers to concentrate on affiliate programmes that allow them to make money, and their programme is accessible to all affiliate marketers globally.

Comparative Analysis of the Top Online Affiliate Programs
Comparative Analysis of the Top Online Affiliate Programs

The Shopify Affiliate programme brings together thousands of content producers, educators, influencers, and review sites from across the world who help their audiences create profitable Shopify businesses while also advancing their own positions as leaders in the field.  With millions of satisfied clients, Shopify gives affiliates the potential to make up to $58 for each new user who registers for a premium plan via their affiliate link.

Experts have the chance to monetize their audience and get commissions through the programme, which is free to join. Shopify affiliates have access to a worldwide creative library, lead magnets, a monthly newsletter, and curated email programming, all of which are intended to enhance content development and conversion rate. Eligible partners have the chance to join Shopify’s invite-only Commerce Coach programme, which offers greater commission rates and a wide range of other exclusive perks, through measurable performance and referral quality. Impact also manages the Shopify affiliate programme, which has a $150 minimum payment requirement for your first commission.

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13. Bluehost Affiliate: When it comes to compensating affiliates for their steadfast efforts, Bluehost has one of the most reliable affiliate programmes.

Best affiliate programs in nigeria for beginners
Best affiliate programs in nigeria for beginners

Leading web hosting and domain registrar Bluehost is situated in the US. Additionally, they have been in existence for more than ten years. In terms of security, speed, customer support, price, server performance, storage, etc., Bluehost is arguably the finest web host in the business. Bluehost provides hosting for more than 2 million websites that are accessible worldwide online. The company has increased its level of innovation in every way. The Bluehost affiliate programme gives you an opportunity to market Bluehost web hosting to your customers and audience while earning a commission. Each new user or client who purchases Bluehost web hosting using your referral link will earn you $65 in commission.

Visit www.Bluehost/affiliates and click “Sign up” to register for the Bluehost Affiliate Programme! Your tracking link and other useful information will be emailed to you to get you started. Bluehost’s affiliate programme is open to everyone worldwide.

14. Payoneer Affiliate Program: Another affiliate programme that compensates you for directing users to their services is this one. Nigerians who use their Payoneer affiliate links to refer customers can profit from this programme by receiving a commission. You get $25 instantly every time someone makes a purchase through the link. The procedures listed below can be used to sign up for the Payoneer affiliate marketing programme;

Richest affiliate marketers in Nigeria
Richest affiliate marketers in Nigeria

1. Join the Payoneer affiliate network.

2. Visit the affiliate website. Copy your Payoneer affiliate URL after finding the recommend a friend banner in step three.

Once you’re finished, you may start promoting by writing blog posts or using social media accounts to create information about their goods and services.

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How to Become a successful Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

1. Selection of a Niche: What exactly is a niche? “it’s A specialized sector of the market for a certain category of goods or service,” according to the Oxford definition. This is the product or service category in which you intend to grow your business.

The niche you choose determines the commissionable products you market. The more specialized your specialty, the easier it will be to control it. As a result, it is critical to make informed decisions. As a result, it’s critical to make well-informed decisions. When it comes to picking a niche, beginners frequently make the following errors:

Many newcomers jump into niches based on current trends that will inevitably shift. Because there is little competition, they choose inches about which they have no prior information. Beginners have a tendency to pick niches that are “more profitable.” However, a newcomer has little chance in such sectors.

It is critical to avoid these blunders while selecting a niche. Instead, focus on niches where you can add value and where there is plenty of it.

By providing a solution to their individual problem and matching them with the goods they require, you can assist your audience in obtaining what they require.Adding value is what will help you gain authority in your chosen sector. As a result, it’s critical to concentrate on it.

Despite the importance of selecting a niche when beginning affiliate marketing, I do not recommend devoting too much time to it. Just keep in mind that the first specialty you pick will not be the last. You can change your niche at any time and for as long as you wish.

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2. Select a Platform: This is a critical stage that can make or break your affiliate marketing venture.I don’t want you to make light of it all. Regardless of the platform you choose to launch your affiliate marketing business on. If you’re planning ahead. I strongly urge you to start a blog.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, your site becomes your own asset (your own platform). Let me explain. You might decide to use social media to promote your offers. Using a site like Instagram, where you may include affiliate links in your profile, is a fantastic example. That isn’t a bad suggestion at all.

However, there is a minor snag.Remember that, despite what you may believe, Facebook Inc. owns your Instagram account.And they decide when and how to amend their policies, which you may or may not be aware of.

And if you accidentally violate their terms or algorithm, or if your account gets hacked (which happens all the time these days), your account is gone. All of your efforts have been wasted. Why develop another person’s platform when you can create your own? Starting a website (or blog) has numerous advantages.

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3. Select An Affiliate Marketing Program: There are numerous affiliate programs available, each with its own set of products to market. Affluent marketing programs can be classified as follows:

Affiliate program for physical products

Affiliate program for digital products

 Affiliate program for in-house products

Affiliate Program for Physical Products

These are well-known marketplaces, similar to an online shopping store, that sell a wide range of useful items. Most platforms also allow external retailers to list things on their sites. JUMIA and Konga are two popular examples.

You can find and market physical products in a variety of niches on this site, including beauty, games, cellphones, clothing & apparels, watches and accessories, and so on…

You can sign up to be an affiliate marketer with them. However, poor commission payouts are a regular issue with companies like this.


These are online digital markets (or websites) where you may find and promote digital products in a variety of categories (such as ebooks, courses, online software, membership programs, video tutorials, and so on). After paying for a digital product, the end-user can access it electronically.

Commissions are typically substantial since, unlike actual products, there are no repeated running cost on products.

Popular digital marketplaces are: (Global) (Global)

Warriorplus (Global)

Sell Health (Global) (Nigeria)


These are independent businesses with their own affiliate program, which allows affiliate marketers to promote their products or services.

The majority of them operate on a B2B (Business to Business) or SaaS (Software as a Service) basis.Commissions might be one-time (high commission) or ongoing (low commission) (but on a recurring basis). Now that you’ve learned about affiliate programs and the various types available, it’s time to pick one to focus on.

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4. Content Creation: It is critical to create high-quality contents in this case. And by writing a high-quality article or blog post, you’re providing actionable and relevant content that your readers want, allowing your affiliate links to blend in without looking shammy.

Consider the following scenario: you want to write a product review (a type of content). Instead of randomly selecting information from the internet. You purchase the item and have firsthand experience with it. When it comes to posting a review for a product like this, you’ll have more helpful information to share with those who are considering purchasing it. Don’t be like the majority of bloggers who review products without understanding how they work.

However, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to buy all of the things you want to review, or that you won’t have enough money to buy everything you advertise. In such a case, Here’s a better way to evaluate products:

Start by going over the things you’re already utilizing (or have used).

Interview close friends who have purchased or utilized things that you haven’t.Then, in a video or blog post, gather their ideas and opinions, remembering to include your affiliate link in the material. This is considerably superior to reviewing someone else’s blog content.

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5. Generating Traffic: In your affiliate marketing business, this stage is critical. By “traffic,” I mean increasing the number of eyes (or readers) who see your material.


You can’t make money without an audience to consume your information, no matter how valuable it is. So, how can you encourage people to read your fantastic content?

Here are three traffic sources from which you can choose or, better yet, use all three for the best results.


This is where you spend money on adverts to attract traffic using social media advertisements and PPC (pay per click) adverts, for example. Alternatively, you can pay to advertise on prominent blogs (with a lot of traffic) to get more people to see your content. Paid traffic has the advantage of providing immediate results (traffic) as long as you have the funds to spend on advertisements.

The disadvantage of paid traffic is that it ends the moment your advertising budget is depleted or you stop paying for it. Plus, it can eat into your profits. As a result, if you are a new affiliate, you are advised  to avoid paying for traffic. Only use it if you have the funds.


You can get free traffic from search engines like Google if you use SEO (search engine optimization). To optimize your content, choose relevant keywords that people look for when researching your specialty or affiliate product.

This traffic source will ensure a consistent reading grade for your selected phrases if done correctly. The benefits will be long-term, even if the outcomes are not instant. If you’re just beginning , you can take advantage of the free traffic sources accessible to you and efficiently market your affiliate links on Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Snapchat or Tiktok.

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6. Content Optimization: A enticing product does not imply that it will sell. That is, people do not simply click links for no apparent reason. As a result, the placement of your affiliate link must be deliberate. As an example:

Put links where readers are more likely to click (Know strategic places to include your affiliate links in your content).

Your material can take the shape of a list or a comparison table (for reviews). Important text is bolded to emphasize important aspects in the document. This will be noticed by skimmers.

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Affiliate marketing isn’t difficult, but it does need knowledge, preparation, and regular work in order to generate considerable revenue.  Your odds of generating money with an affiliate program are likely to be similar to those of any other internet-based business. Your affiliate business plan’s success hinges on how successfully you execute it.

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