Differences Between Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Communication

Differences Between Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Communication: Communication is a key component of human coexistence as we cannot do without relating to other people and expressing ourselves through communication. Essentially, there are two types of communication, namely: Intra personal Communication and Inter Personal Communication.

This Article seeks to examine the meaning of these two types of Communication and explore the differences which exists between them.

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Meaning of Intrapersonal Communication

IntraPersonal Communication is a sort of Communication within yourself. It can be referred to as the internal process of Communication. By way of definition, Intrapersonal Communication is the Communication of an individual within himself or herself through Soliloquy, Internal Monologue, Self thought, Internal discourse or auto Communication.

Meaning and Difference between interpersonal and communication skills
Meaning and Difference between interpersonal and communication skills

I believe that we have all been in situations where you talk to yourself or speak aloud? This right here is what we refer to as Intra Personal Communication, as it happens within yourself with you acting as both the sender and the receiver of your message. Some other examples of Intra personal Communication includes: Singing, Reading aloud, dreaming, Soliloquizing, Thinking, and writing down your thoughts.

Intra personal Communication is a common form of communication amongst ourself due to the advantages associated with indulging in Intra personal communication.

Similarities of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication
Similarities of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication

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Advantages of Intrapersonal Communication

1. Understanding yourself: Through Self Conception; a form of Intrapersonal communication you will be able to understand yourself, your values, behaviour, and ideals.

2. Understanding your Emotions: Intrapersonal communication enables you to realize your emotions and how it makes or mar your thinking and actions.

3. Understanding Others: In addition to understanding yourself, Intrapersonal communication helps you to understand others, as you will often put yourself in their shoes and understand why they acted or behaved in such a way.

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4. Sound analytical skills: Intrapersonal communication improves your analytical skills and thinking. Hence, making it easy for you to analyze problems and proffer solutions through your decision making.

5. Improved Decision making: Intrapersonal communication improves your decision making skills as you think critically, analyze situations, reflect, and once again communicate within yourself before you make a Decision. Continually doing this will have a positive impact on your decision making. Thus, improving your decision making skills.

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Meaning of Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is the interaction, discussion, or exchange of information through Speaking, Writing, Verbal or non-verbal means of communication between two or more people.  There are essentially four forms of Interpersonal communication, namely: Verbal communication, non-verbal, listening and writing. Thus, when you are talking to your friend or to another person, you are indulging in interpersonal communication.

Similarities of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication
Similarities of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is literally inescapable in life as there must be an interaction at every point in life between two or more person’s and interpersonal communication is desirous because of its bountiful advantages.

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Advantages of Interpersonal Communication

1. Interpersonal Communication helps us in accomplishing our goals, as it takes working hand in glove with your team through effective communication to achieve a set out goal. On the flip side, if you are pursuing an individual goal, you still need to communicate with people who will help you accomplish that goal.

2. Interpersonal communication breeds listening skills, as it requires you to listen to what a person has said to you for you to be able to communicate back to such a person.

3. Interpersonal communication builds relationship and friendship as it takes two people constantly communicating with each other to build a bond.

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4. It leads to effective leadership, as proper communication of your ideas, goals, and vision to your team, as well as constantly communicating your actions so far and motivating your team while they are down are the ideals of effective leadership.

5. Interpersonal communication helps us in solving disputes between one and another by coming to a peaceful resolution or compromise.

6. Interpersonal communication enables us to express ourselves and communicate our needs with one another.

7. Interpersonal communication helps us in relating to others and influencing others through our actions, speech, writing, and motivating them.

Now that you understand the meaning and examples of Interpersonal communication and Interpersonal communication, what is the difference between them?

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Differentiate between interpersonal and intrapersonal communication
Differentiate between interpersonal and intrapersonal communication

Differences Between Intrapersonal And Interpersonal Communication

1. Intrapersonal communication occurs within ourselves, while Interpersonal communication occurs between two or more people. Thus, Intrapersonal communication involves only one person while Intrapersonal communication involves more than one person

2. Interpersonal communication occurs only within a person’s senses, but interpersonal communication occurs using Verbal and non-verbal communication.

3. Intrapersonal communication involves thinking and analysis going on within our mind, but interpersonal communication involves expressing yourself, sharing information and ideas with others.

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4. Interpersonal communication is inescapable as we cannot do without communicating with another person or expressing ourselves, but Intrapersonal communication can be escapable to some extent as we can stay a day or more without communicating with our inner self.

5. Intrapersonal communication is reversible, but Interpersonal communication is irreversible. This means that in Intrapersonal communication we can change our mind, thought pattern, final decision, but in interpersonal communication your communication to another person cannot be reversed.

For example, if you write, speak or text something to someone you cannot take it back or reverse that communication afterwards when it has been made already.

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6. Intrapersonal communication helps us to reflect on something, reflect on ourselves, or set a goal and make plans, but interpersonal communication helps us to share ideas, knowledge, feeling, experience or tell a story.

7. Intrapersonal communication is done on our own and within ourselves, while Interpersonal communication is done with the person you are communicating with either verbally or non-verbally through signs, text, letter, or social media.

8. Intrapersonal communication often happens when you want to reflect on something, make a decision, draw a plan, and set a goal, but interpersonal communication usually happens when you speak with other people in our day to day activities, events, social gathering or program.

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9. Interpersonal communication is visible as it is outward in nature, while Intrapersonal communication is invisible as it happens within our minds and hearts. Hence, it cannot be visibly seen by another person.

10. In Interpersonal communication, there is usually physical or virtual response to your communication, however this is not the case in Intrapersonal communication as there is usually no response or feedback to your communication.

11. Interpersonal communication occurs on a regular basis, as you cannot spend a day without indulging in any sort of interpersonal communication, but Intrapersonal communication on the other hand does not occurs as continuous and repeatedly as Interpersonal communication.

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These are the basic differences which exists between Interpersonal communication and Intrapersonal communication. I trust this Article was helpful.