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Most Handsome Actors In Nigeria (With Pictures): Top 12

Most Handsome Actors In Nigeria: Nollywood is the official brand name of the Nigeria movie industry, the industry has produced many stars over the years. This does not exclude the fact that it has and is still blessed with lots of the most handsome men in Africa. African men, most especially Nigeria men are very blessed with good looks.

They are famous for being tall, fair, romantically appealing, dark and very handsome. Some of the most handsome men in the industry will be discussed in this article. These men are so handsome that every girl in the country has a crush at least on either of them.

Unfortunately to all these girl lovers and the single ladies in the country, most of these Nollywood sweethearts are married, while some however, are still single. So good luck on your daydreaming. Now let us look into the ten top most handsome actors in Nigeria.

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Top 12 Hottest/Most Handsome Actors In Nigeria

1. Somadina Adinma: Somadina is a Nollywood actor, a television presenter, television personality and a male model.

Most Handsome Actors In Nigeria
Most Handsome Actors In Nigeria

Somadina has always been the ladies’ man and Nollywood sweetheart and also the former boyfriend of Regina Daniels before she married her husband.

He was born and brought up in the city of Lagos, in the south western part of Nigeria. It was in this city that he completed both his primary school education and his secondary education. Originally, he is from Neni, a village situated in the small town of Nnewi Local Government Area of Anambra State which is in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Immediately after completing his primary and secondary school in Lagos, he went further to study in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria for his university education where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts.

2. Fredrick Leonard: Fredrick Leonard the Nigerian ladies sweetheart is a Nollywood actor and a television personality who is popularly known for his romantic roles in most of his movies.

Top 10 Most Handsome Nollywood Actors
Top 10 Most Handsome Nollywood Actors

His parents were blessed with him in 1st May 1976 in Anambra State, in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Currently, he is 46 years old and still single. Therefore, are you a lady wishing to be Mrs. Leonard, well, you might as well shoot your shot.

Since his appearance in movies, he has always been described by the media as one of the most handsome actors in Nigeria and in the movie industry, one would wonder why he is still single with everything he has got.

According to research, he has never been married and has no plans in doing so anytime soon. He a graduate of Biochemistry who rose to fame in 2008 in his Nollywood movie “Indian Doctor”.

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3. Ramsey Nouah: Ramsey Nouah, is a director, a Nollywood actor, and a TV personality who was born on 19th December 1970 in the city of Lagos Nigeria, currently, he is 51 years old.

Young male Nigerian actors
Young male Nigerian actors

He owns a dual citizenship as his father is from Israel while is mother is from Owo, Ondo state located in the south western part of the country (Nigeria). Regardless of his origin, he was brought up in in Surulere, Lagos, where he attended both his primary school and secondary school education.

He also attended the University of Lagos where he got his diploma in Theatre Arts from where he pursued a career in acting after his graduation. Because of his romantic roles in movies, he was nicknamed the “Lover Boy”.

He got married in 2002 to Emelia Philips-Nouah, the marriage is blessed with three children.

4. Ken Erics: Ken Erics with the full name of Ken Erics Ugochukwu, is a Nollywood actor, singer, producer, model, and a television personality.

This Nollywood sweetheart was born in February 28th 1980 in Kano, Nigeria as the sixth child in his family and is currently 42 years old. However being born in Kano, he is from Enugu-Ukwu in Njoka Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria.

At a very tender age, he developed the passion for acting and as a result started acting from his local church. This led him to studying Theatre Arts in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in Anambra State.

5. Mike Ezuruonye: Mike Ezuruonye, is one of the legendary Nollywood actors of our time, he is also a producer, model and a television personality. In September 21st 1982, he was born in the city of Lagos however, he is from Anambra State in Nigeria, and currently he is 40 years old.

Most handsome Igbo actors
Most handsome Igbo actors

Growing up in Lagos, he attended both his primary and secondary education in Lagos. At the university level, he went back to his home town where he studied Accounting in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

His interest in acting grew from primary school and at the same time, he was fond of writing drama. As a result of his physical statue, he is one of the most handsome actors in Nigeria.

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6. Michael Godson: Michael is a Nollywood actor, television personality and model. Originally from Imo State in south eastern Nigeria, he was born in Kano on October 10th 1985 and is currently 37 years old.

New male Nigerian actors
New male Nigerian actors

After his pre-university (primary and secondary school) days, he went to the University of Jos in Plateau State where he studied Theatre and Communication Arts.

He joined the movie industry in the year 2010 and immediately rose to fame after acting in the movie “7 Books of Moses”. This handsome actor has never been married and is currently single, so if you are interested, now is the time.

7. Alex Ekubo: Alex started off as a model then went on to becoming a Nollywood actor and also a television personality.

Most Handsome Richest Guys In Nigeria 2023
Most Handsome Richest Guys In Nigeria 2023

In April 10th 1986, he was born in the big city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State in the South Southern part of Nigeria, however, he is originally from Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria.

Currently, he is 35 years old. Having started off as a model, in the Mr. Nigeria contest 2010, he was the second runner up.

He graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication after studying in the University of Calabar and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

8. Desmond Elliot: Desmond is a producer, Nollywood actor, model, director, investor, politician, television personality and philanthropist. He was born to a Yoruba Father and an Igbo mother in the city of Lagos on the 4th of February 1974.

Most Handsome Yoruba actor In Nigeria
Most Handsome Yoruba actor In Nigeria

He moved to Jos in Plateau State where he got his primary school education from the Air Force Primary School then went on to study in St. John’s college. After his secondary school education, he went on to the University of Lagos where he studied Economics and graduated in 2003.

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9. Yul Edochie: The Son of the Legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie is a Nollywood actor, politician, model, producer, and a television personality.

Top 10 handsome igbo male celebrities
Top 10 handsome igbo male celebrities

He is currently married to two women with kids. Yul was born in Enugu, Nigeria on 7th January 1982. He is the last born in a family of six. He grew up both in Enugu and in Lagos where he got his basic education from.

However being born in Enugu and growing up in both Lagos and Enugu, he is originally from Anambra State. His passion for acting made him study theatre Arts in the University of Port Harcourt where he graduated in 2003.

10. Jim Iyke: James Ikechukwu Esomugha known with his stage name Jim Iyke, is a Nollywood actor, hip hop rapper, producer, director, model, entrepreneur and a television personality.

Handsome Nigerian celebrities
Handsome Nigerian celebrities

Born in 25th September 1976 in Libreville, Gabon, but is originally from Enugu Agidi in Anambra he is also referred to as the Nollywood Bad-boi, this is as a result of all his criminal and dangerous roles in movies. He obtained a diploma in Banking and Finance and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Jos, Plateau State.

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11. Bryan Okwara: Bryan Okwara comes in at number one on our list of the finest actors in Nigeria. He was conceived on November 9, 1985. He is 37 years old and is from Imo State. He competed as a model in 2007, winning the Mr. Nigeria title and making it to the Mr. World 2007 semifinals. Bryan Okwara entered the Nigerian film business, also known as Nollywood, in 2008 following his success in the modeling world.

Pictures of handsome Nigerian actors
Pictures of handsome Nigerian actors

He has long been recognized for his roles in love stories. He received the Best Male Actor honor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2021. Okwara is regarded as one of Nollywood’s most attractive actors. He is also renowned for his fashionable clothing choices.

12. Somto Cody Akanegbu: Anambra state-born Somto Cody Akanegbu is a handsome and muscular Nollywood actor and model. He’s becoming a major player in the entertainment business. We can’t help but notice him after seeing him in Simi’s song video as the love interest, after seeing him sign an endorsement agreement with QUD fragrances with actress Lilian Esoro, and after seeing him on the cover of MediaRoomHub magazine.

Most handsome Nollywood actors 2023
Most handsome Nollywood actors 2023

He enjoys working out, and it shows in his physical appearance. Considering how well he plays his roles in movies, Somto has appeared in many films and left a lasting mark. A lot of female followers of Somto are drawn to him because of his attractiveness.

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In Conclusion they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but these ten actors are no doubt handsome in the eyes of many beholders both in Nigeria and in Africa. Again, who else noticed that all these men are from Igbo decent, or has a root from Igbo land. Phew, what does that tell you about Igbo men? Go get you an Igbo man today

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