Smallest countries in Africa: Top 10

Smallest countries in Africa: Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, although also contains some of the world’s smallest countries. Most of these tiny African countries are not located on the continent, with the bulk of them distributed throughout the oceans of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In fact, all of Africa’s top five smallest countries are island states, with the Gambia in West Africa being the smallest on the continent.

Top 10 Smallest Countries in Africa by Area
Top 10 Smallest Countries in Africa by Area

None of the nations are as well-known or tourist-friendly as Africa’s richest, but they all have their own charms that are waiting to be found.

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Top 10 Smallest Countries in Africa by Area

1. Seychelles:

Seychelles 451 km2 (174 sq mi)

Smallest country in West Africa
Smallest country in West Africa

Seychelles is Africa’s tiniest country, measuring only 451 square kilometers. It is located northeast of Madagascar and roughly 1,600 kilometers east of Kenya in the Somali Sea region of the larger Indian Ocean. It consists of a 115-island archipelago with rich tropical foliage, a gorgeous shoreline, and a varied marine life.

Victoria, on the island of Mahe, is the capital and largest city of the Seychelles. Seychelles is not only Africa’s smallest country, but also among the world’s smallest and a famous tourist attraction.

2. São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe 964 km2 (372 sq mi)

It is well-known for being among  Africa’s smallest countries and another island locale. Geographically, Sao Tome and Principe is located in central Africa, near the Gulf of Guinea, along the Equator. Sao Tome and Principe are the two main islands, including Rolas, Pedras, Caroco, and Tinhosas as well.

What is the Smallest Country in Africa
What is the Smallest Country in Africa

For connoisseurs and nature lovers, Sao Tome is a tropical paradise. Beautiful tropical beaches, stunning coral reefs, jungles, and lovely villages from Portuguese colonial periods may all be found here.

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3. Mauritius

Mauritius 2,040 km2 (788 sq mi)

List of African countries by area
List of African countries by area

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. The island was constructed several months ago as a consequence of a volcanic explosion. Mauritius attracts a large number of visitors each year and is known for its beautiful beaches, blue seas, and luxury resorts.

Mauritius is among those destinations for tourists that rewards even the smallest attempts at exploration; you don’t have to go all out into the woods or to the beach to have a good time. Mauritius is completely encircled by coral reefs, with plateaus dominating the mainland. Mauritius is also unique in that it is the only African country where Hinduism is the predominant religion.

4. Comoros

Comoros 2,235 km2 (863 sq mi)

Comoros is among the world’s smallest island nations, lying several miles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is made up of three islands, with the fourth currently being administered by France.

What are Africa's 10 smallest countries
What are Africa’s 10 smallest countries

These volcanic islands are noted for their breathtaking terrain and natural beauty, earning the nickname “perfumed islands” due to their aromatic plant life. Inspired by the old Indian Ocean commerce between Asian and East African ports, the islands feature the right combination of Arabic, African, French, and Malagasy influences. The Comoros has a tropical climate with two seasons: a cooler and a warmer season. Moroni, the island’s biggest city, is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean’s Grande Comore Island.

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5. Cape Verde

Cape Verde 4,033 km2 (1,557 sq mi)

Smallest countries in Africa
Smallest countries in Africa

Cape Verde, commonly known as Cabo Verde, is among Africa’s smallest countries. It is located in the western of the continent. The nation, named after Africa’s westernmost coast, is made up of 10 volcanic islands covering 4,033 square kilometers. Despite its location at the continent’s westernmost tip, Cape Verde is more accessible than most people believe.

Direct flights are available from foreign locations such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, and France to Praia, the capital. The weather in Cape Verde is among the country’s biggest draws, with an average of five to nine hours of sunshine each day all year.

6. Gambia

Gambia 10,380 km2 (4,008 sq mi)

small African countries
small African countries

The smallest mainland country in the African Continent is Gambia. It is bordered by Senegal on three sides and with its western shore on the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia River, which drains into the Atlantic Ocean, divides the nation.

Because it is located in West Africa, the Gambia shares many similarities with other West African countries, particularly in terms of the slave trade’s history.

Banjul is the Gambia’s main metropolitan region, with Brikama and Serekunda being the largest cities. Banjul is the country’s capital and the country’s fourth biggest city.

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7. Eswatini

Eswatini (Swaziland) 17,364 km2 (6,704 sq mi)

Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, is the smallest country on the African continent. South Africa and Mozambique encircle the nation. It officially changed from Swaziland to eSwatini in 2018 to entirely disassociate itself from its colonial past and to erase decades of worldwide misunderstanding between Swaziland and Switzerland.

Eswatini, along with Botswana and Lesotho, were British Protectorates in the 1800s to prevent the Boer republics from rapidly expanding into their borders.

8. Djibouti

Djibouti 23,200 km2 (8,958 sq mi)

Djibouti is the third-smallest nation on continental Africa. It is located in the Horn of Africa and surrounded by Ethiopia in the southwest, Somaliland in the south, Eritrea in the north, and the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea in the east.

Djibouti, along with Eritrea, Somaliland, and Ethiopia, was a member of the Land of Punt before becoming an independent state.

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9. Rwanda

Rwanda 26,798 km2 (10,347 sq mi)

Rwanda is a landlocked nation in east-central Africa, located south of the Equator. It is one of Africa’s smallest countries. It is known for its many hills, earning it the nickname “country of a thousand hills.” Rwanda is among Africa’s most densely populated countries due to its size and population.

Since the terrible Rwandan genocide in 1994, much has changed, and the focus today is on restoration and ethnic reconciliation.

10. Burundi

Burundi 27,830 km2 (10,745 sq mi)

Burundi, like its neighbor Rwanda, is among Africa’s smallest countries, and the two countries have a long history of monarchical governance. It is also in the same geographical region as Rwanda, being in east-central Africa and south of the Equator. It’s a landlocked nation. Bujumbura, the country’s capital, sits on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, while Gitega, the country’s second-largest city, is near the Nile’s source.

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11. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea 28,051 km2 (10,831 sq mi)

Equatorial Guinea is among Africa’s smallest countries, with only 28,051 square kilometers. It was once known as Spanish Guinea and is located on the west coast of Central Africa. After independence, however, it altered its name to reflect its proximity to the Gulf of Guinea and the Equator.

The country is split into two divisions, one on the mainland and the other on the islands. The insula is made up of Bioko and Gulf of Guinea islands, as well as Annobon, a tiny volcanic island. Malabo, the country’s capital, is located between Annobon and another of Africa’s smallest nations, Sao Tome and Principe, on the island of Bioko.

12. Lesotho

Lesotho 30,355 km2 (11,720 sq mi)

Lesotho, together with Vatican City and San Marino, is the largest of the world’s only three autonomous governments totally surrounded by the territory of another country.

Lesotho must rely on another country for access to the outside world due to its position within South Africa.

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All five of Africa’s smallest countries are located on islands. The Seychelles, So Tomé and Prncipe, Mauritius, Comoros, and Cape Verde are among them. Gambia is the smallest country on Africa’s continental landmass.

In terms of GDP per capita, several of Africa’s tiniest countries are also among the continent’s wealthiest. The Seychelles and Mauritius are both included among Africa’s 10 wealthiest countries. In reality, in terms of GDP per capita, these countries are ranked second and third in Africa.

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