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Best E-book Reader Apps in 2021 (Free & Premium)

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Best E-book Reader Apps in 2021: The world has gone digital, and almost everything can be gotten online or is in screen mode. There has risen the need for quicker, faster means of accessing information in books all over the world, thus, the e- book.

E- book, short form for electronic book can be sent via social media, or through computer to computer device, removing the obstacle of having to receive the books in hardcopy and paying more for printing and other expenses.

The e- book does not stand alone. People need a venue, a meeting point where all they need to do is search for the books, and they are granted access to the information on the books. This need is what e- book reader apps have sought to satisfy. The E- book reader app is an app that aids in providing aid to reading books all over the world, at any time.

Best E-book Reader Apps

Best E-book Reader Apps

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Best E-book Reader Apps (free and premium)

The top ten e- book reader apps are:

1. Light Reader: This app always comes first. Not only does it have on it, millions of books which could be downloaded at just one click, it also has features of reading. That is, you can download books to read on the app, and read it comfortably, still using the app. In instances where the book was not downloading using the app, the app still offers the ability to access the books. There is also the option of ‘last read’, where the reader app helps the reader with reading, by starting at the point where the reader stopped.

free ebook app

free ebook app

The light reader app could be downloaded on Google playstore, or iOS App store, and it is free. It is also worthy of note that the app is available for both android and iphone users.

2. Amazon Kindle App: Kindle is another well- known e- book reader app, known for offering the services of enabling access to e- books to users, wherever they are.

best free ebook apps

best free ebook apps

For kindle, it doesn’t just offer access to books; it offers access to magazines, newspapers, articles etc. The kindle app is available on Google play store for android users, and iOS App store for iphone users. And it is for free.

Kindle app offers a variety of features like;

a. Last read feature: this feature enables to reader to continue at the spot where he/she stopped reading last.

b. Ability to choose font and style: on the kindle app, there is the option of choosing a font you like to read with.

c. Highlighting: you could highlight certain words, or even a whole page, if you want.

d. Screen brightness can be adjusted

e. Lastly, it offers users access to Wikipedia.

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3. WattPad: Wattpad, could be considered the third best e-book reader app.  The app is known for developing writers, and offering them an opportunity to write and have an audience read them, thus promoting their writing skills and also sharpening it.

best apps where you can read books

best apps where you can read books

The app offers certain features like:

Offering a platform where the audience of a book can share ideas with each other

There is also a feature allowing people to share books with each other

There is the brightness feature and so many others

It is worthy of note that this app is free and available for use on both iphone and android phones using either the iOS App store, or the Google play store.

4. Kobo Books: This app offers services based on two options; one, there are books that require payment for access and others that don’t.

The app introduces its readers to the reading community where ideas can be shared, even quotes, and notes. It also the night feature, enabling people reading at night to do so comfortable without affecting their eyes, there is feature of navigating through the audio books, and audio player, offering the ability to read out to the reader.

This app is available for both iphone and android users, on either the Google play store, or the iOS App store.

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5. Libby, by Overdrive: This app is available for free on android phones, using the Google play store app, and on iphone using the Ios App store.

best audio books for free

best audio books for free

Libby, by Overdrive has on it, millions of articles, newspaper, books and magazines, which could either be streamed online or saved to read later. There is also the feature of adjusting the text, altering the book design and even changing the background colour. There is also the ‘explore’ option, giving certain options of books from which the reader is likely to choose whichever sparks his/her interest.

6. FBReader: The great part about this app is that it can be accessed on any device that runs Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Blackberry etc. It can also be accessed by android devices using the Google play store app, and iphone devices using the iOs App store.

The app has plenty of features, few of them include:

Synced reading


Option of altering the font style and size

Option of adjusting the brightness for the reader’s comfort

It also offers cloud based storage

Lastly, there is feature that allows the user, access to over a million of articles and books.

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7. Ebook Reader app: As the name implies this is an app for accessing or reading e- books. It can be accessed for free by iphone users using the iOs App store and by android users, using the Google play store. The Ebook reader app also supports epub files and pdf files.

The app offers a variety of features which include:

a. The option to change font size and style

b. Night mode for reading at night

c. Option to change the background colour

d. Easy navigation through the app

E. Bookshelf feaure, showing on the user’s e – books.

8. Google Play Books: This is an e- book reader app and is available for free on both android and iphone, using either Google play store, or the iOs App store.

Best E-book Reader Apps

Best E-book Reader Apps

The app offers the feature of changing screen settings. That is, the user can change from night mode to normal, change brightness and even change the text.

There is also the option of ‘read out’, where the app allows for the book to be read out to the user. The user ofcourse can change the voice rate; faster or slower, depending on how fast the user can grasp words.

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9. Barnes & Noble Nook: This is an app designed to allow users to access books, magazines and articles. It could be accessed via iphone devices using the iOS App store and on android devices, using the Google play store.

The app allows for the user to change the font size and style, line spacing, and brightness. The user can also highlight words, manage the library and navigate through the books without stress.

10. KYBook: This is an e- book reader app designed for iOS and ipadOS. It offers acess to books, and articles and they could be saved on the device or on the cloud.

It is important to note that the app supports a variety of formats like Epub, pdf, mobi, text and RTF.

There is also the option of changing font style and text, voice feature allowing for the book to be read out to the user and the translating feature. This app is free, but the advanced versions require payment for access.

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How To Use E-Book Apps

1. Search for the name of the book using the search button

2. If the book is available on the app, the book comes up

3. You are required to click on the book and start reading

4. In most e book apps, you can change the reading settings. It could be in book mode or night mode.

5. Some apps have the ‘voice’ feature, that is, the feature allows the book to be read out to you. And there are settings to determine the talk rate; whether it should be fast or slower, depending on how fast you can grab words spoken to you.

6. There is also the ‘brightness’ feature, where the reader is given the option of increasing the brightness, or reducing it; whichever suits them.

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In conclusion, there is no doubt that e-book reader apps make life easier. They save the stress of having to walk around with books. Books, articles and magazines are made accessible at a click, and the fact that there are so many free apps is something to rejoice over.

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