Cost Of Travelling To UK From Nigeria 2023 And How To Apply

Cost Of Travelling To UK From Nigeria: Nigeria and UK are two countries which shares a deep relationship arising from the past wherein Britain colonialized Nigeria and their continued relationship in the present. This has massively contributed to making UK a desired travel location for Nigerians, it was reported in 2015 that every year around 110,000 Nigerians travel to UK for purposes such Business, Work, Living or Leisure.

How much is flight from Lagos to UK?
How much is flight from Lagos to UK?

This figure seems to be increasing over the years as UK seems a comfortable place for Nigerians as they share similar culture, language, offer lucrative job opportunities, affordable accommodation, great institutions for Nigerian students to further their studies,  and wonderful arenas and places for vacation both in terms of unique places, Art, Sports, entertainment and football as UK is the home to the biggest Football League in the World; the Premier League.

These are the primary reasons why lots of Nigerians desires to travel to UK and in case you are amongst those who wishes to travel to UK from Nigeria, this Article is going to give you a guide on how you can travel to U.K as well as the expenses which such travel could incur.

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Types of Visa For Travelling To the United Kingdom (UK)

The procedure of travelling to UK from Nigeria is not so stringent as is the case with travelling to other countries from Nigeria. To travel to UK from Nigeria all you need is your Visa. There are various types of Visa depending on the reason which you intend to travel to UK, these types of Visa are:

1. Standard Visitor Visa: A Standard Visitor Visa is the most common type of Visa Application for Nigerians who wishes to travel to UK for Vacation, Tourism, Conferences, Sporting Events, Programs, Medical Treatment, Short time school study, and visiting their family or friends  in UK.

To be eligible for a Standard Visitor Visa which permits you to travel to UK, you must:

a. Possess a Valid Passport

b. Submit your introduction letter

c. Submit your Bank Statement gotten from your Bank

d. Show the Invitation letter from your host if you are being invited to visit UK. This Letter shall include the name of your host, their passport number, status in UK and the purpose of your visit.

e. Evidence of Utility bills of your host and their resident permit

f. Proof of your accommodation during the duration of your stay in UK.

g. Proof of the financial means to cover your cost of living while you are in UK

h. Your Previous travel history and detailed Travel Itinerary

i. Biometrics information

j. Submit your proof of Criminal history, Medical condition, and

k. Your Payment of the UK Student Visitor Visa application fees.

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2. Spouse Visa: Spouse Visa also referred to as U.K marriage Visa is a Visa which allows married partners of U.K citizens to immigrate to U.K. So therefore if you are married to someone in UK either as a citizen or someone settled there, you may apply for a UK Spouse Visa which will enable you to travel to UK to live with your partner provided that you meet the following requirements:

a. Submitting Evidence that you and your Partner are at least 18 years.

b. Submitting Evidence that your Marriage is recognized in UK.

c. Submitting Proof that your Partner is a British Citizen or a person settled in UK.

d. Submitting sufficient proof that you and your partner have met personally at least once getting married and you both have been living together for the past two years.

Best way to travel from Nigeria to England in 2022
Best way to travel from Nigeria to England in 2022

If you meet these requirements and provide the necessary documents and evidence to this effect in addition to paying the requisite Visa Application fee, you will be granted a Spouse Visa permitting you to travel from Nigeria to UK.

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3. Fiancé Visa: Alternatively If you and your Partner are yet to get married, but you wish to do the wedding in UK or relocate to UK, you may apply for Fiancé visa. This Fiancé Visa is designated to allow Nigerians to enter UK to Marry with their UK based Partner.

To get this Fiancé Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

a. Submit proof that both you and your partner are at least 18 years old

b. That you are planning to get married to your partner within the 6 months validity period of the Fiancé Visa

d. Your Partner must be a UK citizen or a person settled in UK

e. You must show that you have the intention to live with your partner in UK once you are married

f. You must show that you have a suitable accommodation to live with your partner in UK

g. You must show that you have the financial means to support yourself and your Partner as a couple and that you won’t be a Financial burden on the State

h. You must provide the requisite documents for processing your Visa such as Personal details, Passport, Information about your relationship, Nationality of your parents, countries you have visited outside UK, details of any Criminal conviction, Information about the relationship between you and your Partner, Reference letter from your Family and friends vouching to the genuine relationship which exists between you and your partner.

Fulfilling these requirements will enable you to travel to UK and subsequently permanently reside there after your Marriage if you so desire.

Cost Of Travelling To UK From Nigeria
Cost Of Travelling To UK From Nigeria

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4. Skilled Worker Visa: Skilled Worker Visa is a Visa which permits you to travel to UK from Nigeria in order to work in an eligible job position with an approved employer or sponsor.

A United Kingdom skilled Worker Visa enables you to work at UK for a longer period, save money and come back to Nigeria wealthier or to choose to stay and live in UK permanently if you so desire.
To get a UK skilled Worker Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

a. Your Job offer must be an eligible occupation of job for skilled Worker Visa

b. Your job description must match with your skills

c. You must provide details about your job title, occupation and salary and this salary  must not be less than the eligible salary rate.

d. You must possess proficiency in English Language

e. You must pay the requisite Visa Application fee

f. You must have the financial ability to support yourself in UK.

g. You must provide a Certificate of Sponsorship from your Employer.

h. You must provide details as to the name of the employer and their sponsorship license number.

i. You should have a valid Passport and other documents signifying your identity, Personal details and Nationality.

j. Submit your Criminal record certificate.

k. Submit your Tuberculosis test result and Medical examination of your health conditions.

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5. Student Visa: Another way to travel to UK from Nigeria is by getting a Student Visa which permits you to travel to UK for educational purposes and to further your studies.

To get a UK student Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

a. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your course provider

b. Provide your current passport and other valid travel documents

c. Provide proof of Parental consent if you are below 18 years

d. Written consent for your application from your financial sponsor for your studies cost and living Costs in UK.

e. Biometrics and a few other documents which you will required to provide for your Visa to be processed.

These are the various kinds of Visa which you can attain and this will consequently permit you to relocate to UK. If you meet all these specified requirements for these varying kinds of Visa depending on your purpose of travelling to UK, you will attain your desired Visa which will enable you to travel to UK.

Moving from Nigeria to the UK
Moving from Nigeria to the UK

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Cost Of Travelling To UK From Nigeria in 2023

The cost of travelling to UK from Nigeria varies depending on the kind of Visa which you need to travel to U.K. The cost of these various kinds of Visa are:

1. Student Visa: If you are applying for a student Visa, the Visa application costs €348 which is equivalent to 177,000 Naira. The additional cost for processing your Visa costs up to 50,000 Naira, your flight ticket to UK from Nigeria costs 200, 000 Naira at it’s barest minimum. So therefore the cost of travelling to UK with a Student Visa will amount to 500,000 Naira.

2. Standard Visitor Visa:  The Application fee for a 6 months standard Visitor Visa is 55,000 Naira for 6 months. For up to 2 years a Standard Visitor Application fee is 209,000 Naira. So therefore depending on your travelling purpose and plan, travelling to UK with a standard Visitor Visa will cost over 300, 000 Naira.

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3. Spouse Visa: Getting a Visa to permanently join your spouse, partner or proposed partner in UK usually costs 890,000 Naira and for a family relocating to UK from Nigeria, the cost will even be more. So therefore the cost of attaining a Spouse Visa and subsequently travelling to UK could rise above 1 million Naira.

4. Skilled Worker Visa: The application fee for a 1st tier investor is 940,000 Naira. For a Tier 1 entrepreneur this Visa application fee is 590,000 Naira, for a graduate entrepreneur the application fee is 210,000 Naira. Thus, this skilled Worker Visa Application fee could differ depending on the kind of job which you are going to do in UK, but generally travelling from Nigeria to UK for this purpose usually costs 1,000, 0000 Naira or more.

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In totality, the cost of travelling from Nigeria to UK depends on your purpose of travelling, the kind of Visa which you need and the cost of processing such Visa Application, but in general irrespective of the kind of Visa and process of Application, travelling from Nigeria to UK does not cost below 300,000 Naira. So therefore if you are seeking to travel from Nigeria to UK you must budget above 300,000 Naira for this purpose.

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Step By Step Process On How to Travel From Nigeria to the United Kingdom (UK)

1. OBTAIN A NIGERIAN PASSPORT: The first step to traveling to UK from Nigeria is getting your Nigerian’s passport up and ready. Make sure your Nigerian passport is up to date before starting your journey to the UK. Start your application procedure well in advance if you don’t already have one.

Application forms must be completed, supporting documentation, including birth certificates and photos, must be provided, and costs must be paid. Starting early is advised to prevent any last-minute problems because processing times for passports can vary.

Cost Of Relocating Alone Or With Your Family From Nigeria To Uk/ Student Route
Cost Of Relocating Alone Or With Your Family From Nigeria To Uk/ Student Route

Steps in obtaining a Nigerian passport 

a. Check Requirements: Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service’s official website to review the prerequisites for applying for a passport. Birth certificates, citizenship documentation, and passport-sized photos are typical prerequisites.

b. Complete the Application Form: Download the passport application form, then completely fill it out. Before submitting, double-check that the information you have provided is accurate

C. Submit Documents: Gather the required paperwork, such as birth certificates, identity documents, and passport-sized photos. Send these records to a specified passport office together with the application form.

d. Pay Fees: Pay the passport application fees. You will need the payment receipt to track the status of your application, so keep it secure.

e. Processing Time: Passport processing times can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance to avoid any travel disruptions.

2. APPLY FOR A UK VISA: Unless you’re a citizen of a country exempt from UK visa requirements, you’ll need a valid visa to enter the UK. The application process typically involves submitting an online application, scheduling an appointment at the visa application center, and attending an interview. You’ll need to provide documents such as your passport, passport-sized photographs, proof of financial means, and an invitation letter if applicable. It’s crucial to follow the guidelines and provide accurate information to increase your chances of obtaining the visa.

How much will it cost to relocate to UK from Nigeria
How much will it cost to relocate to UK from Nigeria

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Steps to apply for a UK visa:

A. Select the Visa Type: Decide which visa category, such as a tourist, business, or student visa, is most appropriate for your visit based on your travel objectives.

B. Online Application: For online visa applications, complete the online visa application form found on the UK government’s official website. You must provide truthful and precise information.

C. Book an Appointment: Arrange an appointment at a Nigerian Visa Application Centre (VAC). Make sure the day you select fits in with your travel schedule.

D. Attend Biometrics Appointment: Attend the VAC biometrics appointment when it is arranged. You will have your fingerprints and a photo taken at this appointment.

E. Obtain Supporting Documents: Compile the necessary papers, which may include your passport, the visa application form, two passport-sized photos, financial documentation, travel itinerary, hotel information, and an invitation letter (if applicable).

F. Interview: If necessary, some applicants may be requested to participate in an interview. Be prepared to go into great depth about your vacation intents and plans.

G. Visa Processing Time: Because the time it takes to obtain a UK visa can vary, you should submit your application well before the date you expect to depart.

3. BOOK A FLIGHT: After receiving your visa, it’s time to book your flight. Many different airlines operate flights between Nigeria and the UK, with a variety of pricing, layover, and travel date possibilities.

Compare prices, flight schedules, and amenities offered to determine which choice best suits your needs. Booking a flight well in advance is frequently a good way to save money and ensure availability, especially during the busiest travel periods.

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4. ARRANGE ACCOMMODATION: Before you arrive in the UK, it’s essential to have your accommodation arranged. Whether you’re staying in a hotel, Airbnb, or with friends or family, make sure you have a confirmed reservation.

Research the location, facilities, and reviews to ensure a comfortable stay. Having a place to stay upon arrival can help reduce stress and make your initial days in the UK more enjoyable.

5. PACK YOUR BELONGINGS: Pack your belongings efficiently by considering the weather in the UK during your travel dates. Include appropriate clothing, accessories, toiletries, and any special items you might need.

Check the baggage allowance of your chosen airline to avoid excess baggage fees. Additionally, remember to pack important documents such as your passport, visa, travel itinerary, and contact information for emergency situations.

6. PREPARE ALL YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Before leaving for the airport, double-check that you have all your necessary travel documents in a secure and easily accessible place. These documents include your passport, UK visa, flight itinerary, accommodation details, travel insurance, and any other relevant paperwork. Organizing your documents beforehand can save you time and stress during the check-in and immigration processes.

7. BOARD YOUR FLIGHT: On the day of your departure, arrive at the airport well in advance to allow for check-in procedures, security checks, and potential delays. Ensure that you have all your travel documents readily available. Follow the airline’s guidelines for baggage check-in and security procedures. Once on board, settle in and enjoy the flight. Familiarize yourself with the in-flight amenities and entertainment options to make the journey more pleasant.