Which Is More Important, Appearance or Personality? Answered

Which Is More Important, Appearance or Personality: Although some individuals believe that personality traits such as being pleasant, compassionate, and so on are more significant, the world, unfortunately, views a person’s physical appearance first and then learns about their personality. Who doesn’t wish to be born beautiful? Personality is something we can work on later. A gorgeous look does not always imply an unattractive disposition. As a result, I believe that appearance is more essential. Physical characteristics can help one become more socially acceptable and provide them more possibilities to communicate with others.

Quinn Fabray a popular character from the tv show Glee is an example of a gorgeous cheerleader who, despite her cruel statements, is socially acceptable in the society because she is attractive and many people adore her attractiveness. This is absolutely correct. People seek to adhere to conventional beauty standards in order to avoid being judged and alienated. People who are deemed unattractive will undoubtedly face discrimination; for example, youngsters may begin to choose their playmates based on their visual appearance. Having a good-looking appearance boosts your self-confidence.

On the other hand, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” according to a popular proverb. It eloquently demonstrates that whether or not you appear appealing to the person with whom you are interacting is entirely dependent on the person with whom you are dealing. Not everyone will assess you just on your appearance; some will still think you’re attractive, even if you’re not, because of your personality.

Why personality is important Essay
Why personality is important Essay

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Which is more important, Appearance vs Personality?

People who are not attractive tend to be unhappy and envious, whereas handsome people are generally confident and cheerful. People with high self-esteem think positively. This is because self-esteem is simply the ability to think favorably about oneself, practicing positive thinking in general will increase your chances of having a favorable attitude about yourself. People with strong self-esteem frequently grin and laugh. They have a more optimistic view of themselves and their life when they are pleased.

Which Is More Important, Appearance or Personality
Which Is More Important, Appearance or Personality

They continuously try to seek ways to improve their livelihood. They are not scared to confront their dark parts, and they are continually trying to understand themselves. They have a solid trust and confidence foundation. They pay attention to others, are courteous, compassionate, and truly concerned about others’ well-being. People who have strong self-esteem also hope for the best. People who are attractive have better self-esteem and are more likely to be happy. They are also not frightened to try new things or to fall apart.

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People with attractive faces have stronger self-esteem, which leads to better performance than those who are unconfident and unattractive. A nice look also contributes to a cheerful personality, since it encourages people to think positively about themselves and others. At work, beautiful people might profit from a variety of perks.

First and foremost, according to spring.org.uk, they may receive higher beginning salary, maybe because their qualifications are seen as more stable and their potential as bigger.

Then, due of their attractive look, they have an edge in advertising as promotional models. According to studies, handsome people are employed more quickly, promoted more rapidly, and paid more than their less attractive peers.

Looks or personality in a relationship
Looks or personality in a relationship

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According to Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas at Austin, attractive people earn 3 to 4% more than persons with below-average features. According to the poll and expert opinions, beautiful people can earn more money while working. Because I believe others like to contact with them, to spend time with them, to converse with them, to purchase insurance from them, and to recruit them as workers.

They draw others because of their attractiveness, and as a result, they might earn more money than those who don’t have a better appearance. We have a propensity to assume that handsome individuals are humorous, more sociable, more clever, more intriguing, have greater social skills, are more entertaining, poised, and even more assertive when we look at them.

This is a fantastic illustration of the halo effect. The ‘halo effect’ is the concept that general judgements about a person (e.g., she is pleasant) leak over into particular qualities judgments (e. g. she is brilliant). The halo effect is perfectly demonstrated by Hollywood stars. We instinctively think they are bright, sociable, and have good judgment since they are frequently handsome and charming.

Similarly, politicians take use of the ‘halo effect‘ by attempting to look nice and welcoming while expressing nothing of substance. Because the individual looks to be decent, others tend to assume their policies are good. That’s all there is to it. When we see attractive individuals, we begin to judge them based on their characteristics, assuming that they are pleasant, fascinating, intellectual, and so on, which may or may not be true.

Politicians try to look nice, sympathetic, and so on, but the truth is that they are taking advantage of the ‘halo effect.’ People who are attractive give a better first impression.

What is more important, looks or personality?
What is more important, looks or personality?

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According to a recent University of British Columbia study published in the December edition of Psychological Science, if you believe the individual is handsome, you pay greater attention while determining their personality features. UBC psychology professor Jeremy Biesanz, who co-authored the study with PhD student Lauren Human and undergraduate student Genevieve Lorenzo, talked with the Straight in December 2012 about the findings.

More than 75 men and women were divided into small groups for three minute one-on-one chats as part of the study. Each participant assessed the individual they spoke with on physical appearance and five important personality attributes after each contact. The study, according to Biesanz, proved what most people already know: gorgeous people have it fairly good. “We know that more beautiful people get more attention and spend more time gazing at them,” he added. “They also have a better understanding of their personality traits.”

What is more important physical appearance or personality in relationship?
What is more important physical appearance or personality in relationship?

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This demonstrates that attractive people make a positive impact on us and cause us to pay more attention to them. Because people are so judgemental, initial impressions are extremely crucial. Our thoughts are continually examining everything around us, even when we aren’t aware of it. We come to the conclusion that I like this but not that. This individual appeals to me, but other one does not.

Appearance is more essential than personality; this is not to say that personality is unimportant; rather, attractive individuals tend to have more benefits, such as business or employment opportunities, and are more socially acceptable in the community. They are also more self-assured and optimistic. We can alter our personalities if we have the desire to be a better person and develop them, but we cannot change our looks (which is why several people have cosmetic surgery). As a result, while personality is vital, physical attractiveness is more so.

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Finally, I believe that a person’s personality should be the center of his or her efforts. He or she must ensure that their actions and attitudes do not cause harm to others, and that others see him as smart and compassionate. You won’t be regarded a lovely person if you don’t obtain moral satisfaction and psychological comfort at the close of the day from doing right by everyone you encountered. And it is the blessings of others that provide this moral satisfaction.