Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria 2022: Top 12

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Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria: Starting up a business is never a day event. It is something that demands upmost meticulous measures, leaving no factor and circumstance unconsidered. One of the necessary things to consider is the nature of the business coupled with the threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses likely to have an impact on the intended business.

Opportunities includes factors and existing circumstances which when considered, gives a hope that an intended business would be viable, whereas threats are existing circumstances which poses as a challenge to the viability of a business. The end point of every business is the making of profits. No one desires to start up a business which is not essentially lucrative.

One million naira is a super start up boost for a business. Here are super cool lucrative and workable businesses to start with your one million naira in Nigeria.

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Most profitable and lucrative Businesses to start with 1 million naira in Nigeria

1. Eatery/Restaurant Business: Eatery or restaurant is an eating establishment where people purchase and eat food. This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, although not without challenges. With one million naira, one can secure or rent a place and get it properly equipped for restaurant business. Items such as table and chairs must of course be bought and positioned.

Best Business ideas for 1M in Nigeria
Best Business ideas for 1M in Nigeria

Then to get a taste of a class, the room needs to wear an attractive paint or be designed with attractive wallpapers, the floors are to be tied, and most importantly, a reasonable portion of the money should be mapped out as a working capital. The money also should cover for kitchen expenses and all cooking equipment.

From one million naira, the eatery can be made as comfortable as it should be. The money should also carter for fans, television, sound system, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. generator is also a necessity as an alternative power supply.

Having got your restaurant well packaged, people would troop in as long as the quality of the food and services suits in. in addition, there could be a section of the restaurant mapped out for table reservation, and maybe also a bar at a corner of the surrounding. One million naira can comfortably cater for these expenditures and still have a working capital left.

2. Cybercafé and Computer Business Center: Cybercafé is an establishment where the public can access the internet at a charged fee.

How to invest 1 million naira in your business
How to invest 1 million naira in your business

Starting up a Cybercafé business requires computers, not necessarily laptops; desktop computers may suffice which are relatively cheaper than laptops. Generator is absolutely needed. Network devices such as WI-FI, router, etc are definitely needed for internet connection. There certainly should be desks for the number of computers, chairs, and other devices such as printers, scanner, laminator, etc. CCTV is also needed for security purposes.

This is necessary for the purpose of taking coverage of customers who come in to use the computers, in case a customer uses the computer to perpetuate fraud. Fan is also necessary for adequate ventilation in a computer environment. Having spent on the necessary things required for a start, there should remain a considerable amount of money which can be channeled to foster the business proper and cater for mini, contingent and other expenses: data subscription, papers, inks and other tools.

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3. Fish Farming: This is an agricultural and commercial activity of raising fishes and other seafood for sale. One million naira is more than adequate to startup fish farming. This first important thing to do is to invest on information about the intricacies of fish farming.

Profitable & lucrative businesses you can start with 1Million Naira
Profitable & lucrative businesses you can start with 1Million Naira

This is because it is a delicate business and therefore seems to require certain degree of expertise and mastery. Another thing is to build a pond. The bulk of expenditure in fish farming is not in its startup but in its sustenance of which of course, a million naira can see through.

4. Poultry Farming: This is the rearing of domestic fowl such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese. One million naira can be safely channeled into poultry business in Nigeria. All you are required to do is to build a poultry house, get the necessary feeding equipment and then start ordering your specie and make sales.

1 million naira investment
1 million naira investment

The bulk of the expenditure here also seems to be in sustenance of the business.

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5. Logistic Business: Logistic business is like agency. They basically undertake to go errands for people at a charge, mostly delivery of goods. They make use of dispatch riders.

how to start a business with 1Million naira in Nigeria
how to start a business with 1Million naira in Nigeria

Here, the bulk of the startup expenses in on buying of motorcycles to be used by dispatch riders, and then getting the necessary registration and certification from the appropriate authorities.

6. Supermarket: One million naira can start up a middleclass supermarket. The funds can carter so securing a place and doing the necessary partitioning and beautification, and equipment of tools such as counters, table and chairs, lightening, CCTV, barcode readers, computer, etc. then get the counters equipped with the goods to be sold.

Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria
Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria

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7. Printing Press: Starting up a printing press business requires equipment such as computer, laminator, cutting system, binding machines like comb binders, thermal binders, wire binders, and then graphic design software, printers, embossing machines, flexographic printing machine, letterpress printing machine, engravers, scorers, etc. generator is also needed.

which business can i start with 1M in Nigeria this year
which business can i start with 1M in Nigeria this year

A million naira can carter for the totality of the equipment for a startup.

8. Photography: Photography is another business in Nigeria which can be comfortably started with one million naira. A starter would be needing equipment such as camera (an outstanding one), camera bag, tripod, backdrops, editing software, external hard drive, photo printer, computer, memory cards, etc. photography business also needs a studio or workshop for obvious purposes.

Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria
Best Businesses To Start With 1 Million Naira in Nigeria

An alternative means of power supply is also a necessity. Then for the studio, there should be a studio space for studio shots, chairs, mirrors, fans, adequate lightening, desks, etc. these in all can be catered for with one million naira.

9. Beauty Salon: This is another business to invest your one million naira in. it can incorporate variety of services that is concerned with maintaining human beauty. Ranging from hair keep ups, barbing, facial makeup, fixtures, styling, skin treatment, manicures, etc.

You need not necessarily have all the skills or even any. Skilled persons may be employed on a salary basis. The beauty salon may be unisex or otherwise.

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10. Pharmacy: Are you a licensed pharmacist and have one million naira for a business, you should consider starting a pharmacy shop. Pharmacy shop just like supermarket will require partitioning of the hall, devices such as computer, barcode readers, CCTV, proper lightening, alternative power supply, etc. and of course, basic health facilities such as sphygmomanometer, thermometer. The bulk of the expenses should then go to getting drugs from most trusted suppliers.

People who are not pharmacists can also start up pharmacy business but under the license of a licensed pharmacist.

11. Wholesale of soft drinks: Sale of soft drinks is a very lucrative business which one million naira can comfortably start up. Rent a spacious store, order from the producers. Your business is set. If bottle drinks are involved, you may need to acquire your own crates and bottles.

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12. Trades and Importation: This covers every other type of business which involves buying and selling of commodities. With one million naira, one can rent a shop and start up any business of buying and selling of commodities of one’s choice. This could be clothing, accessories, gadgets, provision stores, furnitures, agricultural produce, building materials.

The list is endless. If it is such that requires importation, one million naira can comfortably cover the cost. Nowadays importers need not travel to the countries which they are to import from. Technology has made this feasible, the risk regardless.

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Having successfully started a business with one million naira, a newly started business remains so newly started until after sometime. One may discover that through the early years of a business, there is usually little or no profit. Rather, several other expenditures and investments are still made. Therefore it is important to map out a working capital for furthering and sustaining the business while it remains less profitable for the mean time.

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